Whether you’re running a contest and looking for a winner or just need to pick a number between one and 10, having a random number generator can be a handy tool. Thankfully, you no longer need to visit a separate website as Google has a random number generator built into its search results. Here’s how to use it…

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How to generate a random number from Google’s homepage

  1. Ask Google to generate a random number
  2. Input variables

1. Ask Google to generate a random number

As with most Google searches, you can either first head to Google’s website or make sure your web browser’s URL bar is set to use the Google search engine. Next, type in random number or random number generator. You should now have taken to search results for random number generator website with Google’s own built-in tool located at the top of the page.

If you need help, you can jump directly to Google’s random number generator by clicking on this link.

2. Input variables

By default, the random number generator’s minimum variable is set to “1” and the max is set to “10.” If you want to change these, you can just choose either data field and input your own number. Obviously, the minimum number has to be a lesser value than whatever you enter as the max.

When you’re ready, just select the Generate button and Google will handle the rest. Within a second you will have a randomly selected number between your two variables. If that number for some reason doesn’t suit you, you can tap on the Generate button again to get another random number.

Google Random Number Generator

Note: As with other features found on Google’s homepage, this feature might not be available for everyone in select countries outside of the US. For example, we know the search engine’s speed test feature didn’t work in countries such as Nicaragua, Portugal, and more.

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