Last year, Google launched do-it-yourself artificial intelligence hardware kits for both voice and later image recognition. A new Android companion app released today makes it even easier to set up and get the kits online after assembly.

The Google AIY Projects app “lets you easily connect your assembled Vision or Voice Kit to a Wi-Fi network right from your mobile device.” It specifically lets you find the IP address to allow for wireless communication with your computer without the need of cables or other peripherals.

Update: Google today also announced updated kits with a focus on education with availability in U.S. Target stores.

From the Play Store listing, the app is only helpful after initial assembly, with users still needing to follow the official Assembly Guides. You are walked through the pairing process afterwards with detailed graphics and descriptions.

Google, through partner retailers, currently offers two AIY Projects. The Voice Kit can connect to the Google Assistant and helps users create a natural language recognizer. Made from cardboard — just like the preceding VR viewers — you will essentially have an Assistant speaker that can be programmed with custom question and answer pairs.

Meanwhile, the Vision Kit uses TensorFlow’s machine learning models to build an image recognition device that can see and identify objects. It consists of a Raspberry Pi Zero W, Raspberry Pi Camera 2, and an SD card. All these kits can be hand-crafted, but the pre-assembled ones offer nice enclosures and all other needed components.

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