Google AIY Vision Kit Stories April 16, 2018

Launched last year, Google’s AIY Projects are simple hardware kits for building AI-powered devices like an Assistant speaker and a camera with image recognition capabilities. With a clear use case in schools and STEM, Google is releasing updated 2018 kits that are easier to assemble and more widely available.

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Google releases Android companion app for its DIY AI hardware kits

Last year, Google launched do-it-yourself artificial intelligence hardware kits for both voice and later image recognition. A new Android companion app released today makes it even easier to set up and get the kits online after assembly.

Google AIY Vision Kit Stories November 30, 2017

Back in May, Google announced AIY Projects — do-it-yourself hardware kits for experimenting with artificial intelligence. Today, Google followed up the first Voice Kit with a new Vision Kit for image recognition and TensorFlow development.

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