These days, it’s hard to find a car manufacturer that doesn’t support Android Auto in at least some of its different models. But one significant holdout is Toyota. Speaking at a Toyota first-drive event, a company representative said this is due to privacy concerns…

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Earlier this year, Toyota announced that it would be implementing Apple’s CarPlay on the Avalon alongside the company’s Entune 3.0 infotainment system. This came as a surprise after the manufacturer made an alliance with Ford in 2017 to keep Apple and Google out of its cars.

But, of course, there was no mention of Toyota bringing Android Auto to the Avalon.

Mark Dejongh, the Toyota Avalon’s Executive Program Manager, gave Motor1 the following statement when asked about the lack of Android Auto:

We’re a conservative company and we wanted to make sure everything was okay. We wanted to protect our customers privacy. We strongly believe in our stance and in what we’re doing.

This privacy concern appears to stem from a 2015 Motor Trend report that states that Google collected unnecessary data from cars when users used Android Auto. While Google refuted most of those claims, it doesn’t seem to be enough for Toyota to trust implementing Android Auto in its cars.

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