Toyota Stories October 7, 2019

Toyota extends Android Auto support to 2020 RAV4 and C-HR

Earlier this year Toyota finally confirmed it would be including Android Auto on some of its vehicles. Now, it’s been confirmed that the Toyota RAV4 will also include Android Auto as a standard feature with the new model year.

Toyota Stories September 16, 2019

Lexus will adopt Android Auto in its cars starting w/ some 2020 models

Android Auto has seen some huge expansion over the past few years, and earlier this year, Toyota finally announced that it would start using Google’s platform. Now, Toyota’s luxury division Lexus is also confirming support for Android Auto.

Toyota Stories February 7, 2019

Toyota has historically been a holdout from offering Android Auto in any of its popular vehicles. However, as rumored last year, the Japanese automaker today announced at the Chicago Auto Show that Google’s in-car dashboard is coming to some current and future vehicles.

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Toyota Stories September 24, 2018

Bloomberg: Toyota agrees to bring Android Auto support to future vehicles

Infotainment systems like Google’s Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay have turned into a major consideration for new car buyers in recent years. Unfortunately for many, though, some car makers have been slow to adopt these options, especially Google’s option. Now, it appears Toyota is finally giving in…

Toyota Stories April 18, 2018

Privacy concerns keeping Toyota from implementing Android Auto

These days, it’s hard to find a car manufacturer that doesn’t support Android Auto in at least some of its different models. But one significant holdout is Toyota. Speaking at a Toyota first-drive event, a company representative said this is due to privacy concerns…

Toyota Stories May 27, 2016


According to a report from Tech Insider today, Google is nearing a deal with Toyota to sell its Boston Dynamics robotics division to the car maker. This follows a report from two months ago suggesting that Alphabet was planning to sell the division known for its super-creepy animal-like and human-like robots due to lack of a ‘marketable product’ in the next few years

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