Just yesterday it was revealed that, because of not following the terms of a court case, ZTE would be banned from using components made in the United States in its various products. Now, things may have escalated even further, with a report claiming that Google will revoke the company’s “Android license.”

Nomad case for Pixel 3

ZTE may not be the biggest or most popular Android OEM today, but it sells a lot of smartphones. Losing access to chipsets or other components may hurt, but the company can still function without them. On the other hand, Android is an irreplaceable core part of ZTE’s devices, and losing it would be a huge deal.

Apparently, ZTE and Alphabet have been in discussions since the ruling on Tuesday, trying to determine whether or not ZTE will be allowed to use Android on its devices following the ban. According to a Reuters report, the ruling may, in fact, end up costing ZTE its Android license.

It’s unclear what exactly this means, as Android is open-source software that anyone can use as they like. However, it could be that this ruling affects ZTE’s deals with Google, specifically in the use of Google Play Services. Regardless, it’s not looking good for ZTE in the Android world…

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