ZTE Stories April 15, 2021

ZTE Axon 30 Ultra delivers 144Hz display, Snapdragon 888, and it’s coming to the US

ZTE isn’t a big name in the US smartphone market, but the company is bringing its big gun to the country this year. The new ZTE Axon 30 Ultra brings top-tier specs with the Snapdragon 888, a high refresh-rate display, super-fast charging, and more.

ZTE Stories March 14, 2021

Google has updated a support document today, adding references to unreleased devices from seven different Android makers, including the LG Stylo 7 and Samsung A82.

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ZTE Stories December 21, 2020

As the war on bezels continues, plenty of Android OEMs have been trying to find ways to keep the selfie camera functional. The holy grail of that tech has been under-display cameras, and now the first phone with that feature has arrived in the ZTE Axon 20. Unfortunately, it shows the idea has a long way to go.

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ZTE Stories June 1, 2020

The ZTE Axon 11 SE 5G goes official in China w/ MediaTek Dimensity 800 CPU, more

The ZTE Axon 11 SE 5G has now gone official in China, with the device being the first to come with the MediaTek Dimensity 800 chipset.

ZTE Stories March 23, 2020

ZTE Axon 11 goes official w/ 5G, Snapdragon 765, up to 8GB RAM

ZTE has just announced its latest smartphone, the Axon 11 as a mid-range device that still delivers 5G and a pretty well-equipped package for an affordable price, but it’s only in China for now.

ZTE Stories February 7, 2020

The first Snapdragon 865 equipped phone is ‘officially’ the ZTE Axon 10s Pro

Most people would have thought that the first Android phone to come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset would be the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. In fact, ZTE has beaten Samsung to the punch with the release of the ZTE Axon 10s Pro.

ZTE Stories February 4, 2020

The world is watching the spread of a coronavirus from China, and in the lead-up to one of the year’s biggest tech conferences, the GSMA is announcing measures to combat the virus.

Coronavirus won’t stop MWC 2020 in Barcelona itself, but Chinese telecoms equipment company ZTE is pulling the plug on its press conference.

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ZTE Stories August 28, 2019

After a ban in 2018, ZTE is bringing back its first flagship to the United States. The ZTE Axon 10 Pro sits at a price of just $549 and delivers some powerful specs alongside including a Snapdragon 855 and the promise of Android 10.

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ZTE Stories April 29, 2019

Nubia Red Magic 3 gaming phone goes official w/ 90Hz display, Snapdragon 855, internal fan, 12GB RAM

We’ve discussed the growing gaming phone market in-depth and how Google Stadia may affect it, but that hasn’t stopped the Nubia Red Magic 3 from being unveiled at a glitzy gaming event in China.

ZTE Stories March 18, 2019

ZTE’s Axon S and Axon V go all-display with ‘side-slide’ and protruding cameras

Slimming the bezels and avoiding the notch has ushered in some of the most interesting smartphone designs in years. Now, we’re getting a look at two new designs from ZTE in the Axon S and Axon V which try things we’ve never seen before, for better or for worse.

ZTE Stories February 25, 2019

ZTE Axon Pro 5G packs Snapdragon 855 as Blade V10 delivers teardrop notch & 32MP selfie camera

Aside from one carrier launch, we’ve not heard a ton from ZTE since the US slapped the company with an export ban. Now, though, ZTE is bringing a couple of new smartphones to MWC 2019, including its first 5G smartphone. Here’s what you need to know.

ZTE Stories February 13, 2019

It’s amazing to think that gaming smartphones are now a ‘thing’, and that more and more brands are adopting this new, near dedicated device trend. The Red Magic Mars is most definitely a trend-follower rather than a trendsetter, but in all honesty, it really is quite a good phone that’s merely held back by its very gamer-heavy design. expand full story

ZTE Stories February 4, 2019

Verizon’s Visible adds its second Android phone w/ ‘Visible R2’ from ZTE for $99

Just last month, Verizon’s Visible carrier kicked off support for Android smartphones, ending its iPhone exclusivity. Now, the company is launching its second device with a self-branded smartphone, the Visible R2, made by ZTE.

ZTE Stories August 30, 2018

ZTE Axon 9 Pro brings top specs and a notch, heading to Europe for €649

ZTE caught the attention of the industry last October with its unique, foldable Axon M smartphone. Now, the company is going the opposite direction of unique with a new phone that looks like many of the other notch & chin offerings in the Android space today.

ZTE Stories July 11, 2018

ZTE signs deal with US to lift trade restrictions w/ $400 million escrow payment & monitor

It finally might be over… soon. ZTE has been through a lot in the past several weeks following a severe ban on using products from the United States, but now a deal has finally been signed.

ZTE Stories July 4, 2018

US temporarily lifts ZTE ban, company can operate through August 1st

ZTE’s back and forth with the United States government has been going on for quite some time, and now after an attempt to lift the ban failed, ZTE is getting at least a temporary break.

ZTE Stories June 12, 2018

Bipartisan movement in US Senate may reverse ZTE deal and hand over ‘death penalty’

Right as it seemed ZTE was safe, a movement in the US Senate may spell the end of the company according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal.

ZTE Stories June 6, 2018

ZTE’s export ban may soon be lifted w/ US deal [Update: Deal reached]

It’s been a really rough couple of months for ZTE, but according to new reports, the company’s troubles may soon be over as it has apparently nearly reached a deal with the US government.

ZTE Stories May 28, 2018

US may drop export ban against ZTE for $1.3 billion in fines, management change

Following a devastating export ban earlier this year against ZTE, the company has been in a really tough spot. As the saga continues, new developments give the company new hope, and now, it seems there could be a way to get these sanctions dropped entirely.

ZTE Stories May 22, 2018

US reportedly working with China on a deal to ‘save’ ZTE from going out of business

ZTE has been in a really tough spot for the past few weeks, but things are starting to look up, at least a little bit. According to multiple reports, the US is currently working on a deal with China to potentially prevent ZTE from going out of business.

ZTE Stories May 17, 2018

Earlier this week, President Trump tweeted that he was working with China to help save ZTE. Now, in a move that shouldn’t surprise anyone, an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2019 Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriations Bill was unanimously approved by the House Appropriations Committee to block Trump or anyone else from “bailing out” ZTE.

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ZTE Stories May 13, 2018

President Trump says he’s working with China to save ZTE following US export ban

It’s been a rough couple of months for ZTE, as the after-effects of a US export ban have resulted in the company effectively shutting down. Now, President Trump, in a very unexpected move, says he’s working to put the company back in business.

ZTE Stories May 9, 2018

ZTE ceases ‘major operations’ following US ban after failure to reverse

It’s been unclear what would become of ZTE for the past few weeks following an export ban against the company earlier this year by the US government. Now, it’s been revealed that the company is ceasing major operations.

ZTE Stories May 2, 2018

It’s no secret that the US government is not a fan of Huawei or ZTE. Now, after disputes with both companies, the Pentagon has banned retail stores within US military bases from selling Huawei or ZTE phones after the Department of Defense stated that they could serve as a security risk.

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ZTE Stories April 23, 2018

ZTE officially responds to US export ban, says it will ‘take judicial measures’ if needed

This year has not been favorable to Chinese Android OEMs trying to make it in the United States. Huawei was effectively driven away due to “political pressure,” and now ZTE is facing a threatening ban on using US exports in its products for seven years. Over the weekend, the company officially responded to the ban.

ZTE Stories April 18, 2018

After losing access to US-made components, ZTE may have its ‘Android license’ revoked

Just yesterday it was revealed that, because of not following the terms of a court case, ZTE would be banned from using components made in the United States in its various products. Now, things may have escalated even further, with a report claiming that Google will revoke the company’s “Android license.”

ZTE Stories April 16, 2018

US government bans American companies from selling components to ZTE

ZTE may not be the biggest name in smartphones in the United States, but the Chinese company has built itself up as a regular player particularly in the budget segment. Today, though, the United States government has banned US companies from selling to the Chinese company.

ZTE Stories April 9, 2018

The notch is a big part of smartphone design in 2018, but as with any new trend, there’s always going to be a company that takes it too far. Now, it’s looking like ZTE is planning a new smartphone with not one, but two notches in the display.

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ZTE Stories March 30, 2018

Android Go makes its US debut on the $79 ZTE Tempo Go, on sale starting today

Google rarely has a large presence at big tech shows, but at CES and MWC this year the company has been pushing its various initiatives and platforms in a big way. At MWC, Android Go was front and center, and now the first smartphone with Android Go is available for sale…

ZTE Stories February 27, 2018

Mobile World Congress generally brings us quite a lot of new smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and more all running Android. As most of the announcements have passed at this point, we thought we’d take a look at everything that’s new and what will be available in the coming year for Android One and Android Go.

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ZTE Stories February 25, 2018

Just ahead of MWC 2018, ZTE has today unveiled its latest Android smartphones. Included in that launch, we’ve got the new mid-range Blade V9 family, as well as the new Android Go-powered Tempo Go…

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ZTE Stories October 18, 2017

When ZTE unveiled its new foldable phone, the Axon M, yesterday at Duggal Greenhouse, it made some pretty grandiose claims, saying that it was “creating a new smartphone category.”

That didn’t seem entirely true to us, as we’ve seen a few similar phones in the past like the Kyocera Echo, but this latest attempt seems to be the most refined take yet on a niche design.

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ZTE Stories September 5, 2017

ZTE Axon Multy: A dual-screen Android phone that’s reportedly coming this October for $650

One trend that’s been consistent this year is the use of tall, narrow displays with minimal bezels. Devices like the LG V30, Note 8, and Essential Phone are prime examples, but one device that’s apparently foregoing this trend and opting for something different is the ZTE Axon Multy.

ZTE Stories August 14, 2017

Last year, ZTE released the ZMax Pro, a 6-inch smartphone with budget specs that out performed its $99 price tag. This year, ZTE has announced the successor to the Zmax Pro in the Blade Z Max, which features a larger battery, a dual rear-facing camera setup, and more for just $130…

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ZTE Stories May 26, 2017

When ZTE released the ZMax Pro last year, we were very impressed with its performance and features — especially for a device as inexpensive as $99. It had some minor drawbacks — a lack of fast charging and a subpar camera, to name a couple — but it was undeniably one of the best deals around for MetroPCS customers.

The Blade X Max is essentially a refreshed version of the ZMax Pro coming soon to Cricket Wireless, bringing updated specs and minor improvements to an almost identical design. While the price is slightly higher this time around, it’s still a great prepaid option for all the same reasons as its predecessor.

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ZTE Stories May 23, 2017

Smartwatches have always been somewhat of a hard sell for average consumers. Some just plain don’t want them — they see no reason to carry and charge yet another device just for notifications that they can see by just pulling their phone out of their pocket.

Others are less put off by the concept of smartwatches, and more dissuaded by the execution of them. They don’t look as fashionable as a traditional watch, and they’re just too expensive.

While the ZTE Quartz doesn’t do anything to dispel complaints of unattractive design, it’s the most affordable smartwatch we’ve seen running Android Wear 2.0 for just $192. That low price doesn’t come without compromise … but the right user might not mind.

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ZTE Stories May 11, 2017

ZTE has been doing pretty good with its affordable phablets in the past year or so, seeing great success with the Zmax Pro and looking to have another winner with the recent Max XL. Today, the company has announced other option in the ZTE Blade X Max, coming to Cricket Wireless tomorrow for a very affordable price…

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ZTE Stories February 27, 2017


Today at MWC 2017, ZTE has unveiled two new mid-range smartphones from its Blade series ─ the Blade V8 Lite and the Blade V8 Mini. Both offer similar designs to the Blade V8 Pro which was unveiled at CES, but with lesser specifications and price points.

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ZTE Stories February 26, 2017

ZTE demos prototype phone capable of 1Gbps speeds at MWC, powered by Snapdragon 835

This week in Barcelona at MWC, ZTE is showing off a new prototype “Gigabit Phone.” It’s a device capable of reaching download speeds of up to 1Gbps, the fastest we’ve seen to date on a mobile device.

ZTE Stories February 17, 2017

ZTE Hawkeye

It has been a rocky start for ZTE’s crowdsourced phone, the Hawkeye. After selecting a winning team from last year’s competition where the company asked the community to submit design and feature ideas for Project CSX, ZTE unveiled the Hawkeye at CES. Unfortunately, no one was really impressed with the handset and now ZTE has completely canceled its Kickstarter campaign… expand full story

ZTE Stories February 7, 2017


Android Wear 2.0 is finally set to debut tomorrow, and along with it, two new smartwatches from LG. Hopefully, the new OS should push OEMs to follow LG’s lead and also release new hardware. Now, it seems ZTE is ready to make its debut with the Quartz

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ZTE Stories January 23, 2017

ZTE admits its mistake with the crowdsourced ‘Hawkeye,’ asks community to help improve it

Last year ZTE opened up an ambitious project, Project CSX. The goal? To create the first smartphone that was designed by the community. ZTE pitched the idea of producing a phone that was built on the ideas of its community, and now that phone, the ‘Hawkeye’ is finally on its way. The company revealed the eye-tracking, self-adhesive device at CES 2017 and it was, well, it was pretty underwhelming, and the Kickstarter totals so far reflect that. Now, ZTE is acknowledging that it made a mistake.

ZTE Stories January 18, 2017

ZTE’s affordable Blade V8 Pro is now available in the US for $229

CES isn’t the land of smartphone announcements it once was. Rather, we really only get a few important announcements a year. This year, there were announcements of a couple of flagships, and some mid-range devices. Most of those mid-rangers were very stale and disappointing, but one did actually stand out as a decent choice, the ZTE Blade V8 Pro.

ZTE Stories January 17, 2017

ZTE Hawkeye

Over the course of 2016, ZTE opened up Project CSX, an opportunity for the company to flip the way smartphones are made, giving the consumer control over the device’s unique features. After a few months of submissions, the community decided that a smartphone with eye-tracking capabilities and a self-adhesive back would be one of ZTE’s next phones, and at CES 2017, the company made that a reality in the form of the “Hawkeye.”

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ZTE Stories January 15, 2017

ZTE is testing out Android Nougat for its $99 ZMax Pro [Update]

As the company prepares to release Android Nougat for its popular Axon 7 smartphone, ZTE is opening up access to an Android Nougat beta program for one of its less expensive devices, the $99 ZTE ZMax Pro.

ZTE Stories January 6, 2017

ZTE Hawkeye

ZTE took to the stage at CES 2017 to announce two new devices coming to the US market. The first is a phone we’ve seen previously released in Asia, Europe, and Mexico and that is the Blade V8 Pro. The second is a device that ZTE crowdsourced called the Hawkeye. Both devices are fairly inexpensive and come unlocked — but are either of them worth your time?

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ZTE Stories November 21, 2016


ZTE’s Axon 7 is one of those Android smartphones that proves without a doubt that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a fantastic device. Priced at $399, the Axon 7 brings top-tier specs, a great build, and an excellent overall experience. Now, ZTE is launching a limited edition variant of the Axon 7 that makes the phone even better…

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ZTE Stories October 26, 2016


Earlier this year ZTE launched the ZMax Pro, a $99 Android smartphone that hit all the right notes. With a 6-inch display, decent specifications, and a fingerprint sensor, it was pretty incredible that ZTE was able to sell the phone for such a low cost.

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