ZTE Stories October 18

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When ZTE unveiled its new foldable phone, the Axon M, yesterday at Duggal Greenhouse, it made some pretty grandiose claims, saying that it was “creating a new smartphone category.”

That didn’t seem entirely true to us, as we’ve seen a few similar phones in the past like the Kyocera Echo, but this latest attempt seems to be the most refined take yet on a niche design.

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ZTE Stories September 5

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ZTE Axon Multy: A dual-screen Android phone that’s reportedly coming this October for $650

One trend that’s been consistent this year is the use of tall, narrow displays with minimal bezels. Devices like the LG V30, Note 8, and Essential Phone are prime examples, but one device that’s apparently foregoing this trend and opting for something different is the ZTE Axon Multy.

ZTE Stories August 14

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Last year, ZTE released the ZMax Pro, a 6-inch smartphone with budget specs that out performed its $99 price tag. This year, ZTE has announced the successor to the Zmax Pro in the Blade Z Max, which features a larger battery, a dual rear-facing camera setup, and more for just $130…

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

ZTE Stories May 26

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When ZTE released the ZMax Pro last year, we were very impressed with its performance and features — especially for a device as inexpensive as $99. It had some minor drawbacks — a lack of fast charging and a subpar camera, to name a couple — but it was undeniably one of the best deals around for MetroPCS customers.

The Blade X Max is essentially a refreshed version of the ZMax Pro coming soon to Cricket Wireless, bringing updated specs and minor improvements to an almost identical design. While the price is slightly higher this time around, it’s still a great prepaid option for all the same reasons as its predecessor.

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ZTE Stories May 23

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Smartwatches have always been somewhat of a hard sell for average consumers. Some just plain don’t want them — they see no reason to carry and charge yet another device just for notifications that they can see by just pulling their phone out of their pocket.

Others are less put off by the concept of smartwatches, and more dissuaded by the execution of them. They don’t look as fashionable as a traditional watch, and they’re just too expensive.

While the ZTE Quartz doesn’t do anything to dispel complaints of unattractive design, it’s the most affordable smartwatch we’ve seen running Android Wear 2.0 for just $192. That low price doesn’t come without compromise … but the right user might not mind.

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ZTE Stories May 11

GOOG: 930.60


ZTE has been doing pretty good with its affordable phablets in the past year or so, seeing great success with the Zmax Pro and looking to have another winner with the recent Max XL. Today, the company has announced other option in the ZTE Blade X Max, coming to Cricket Wireless tomorrow for a very affordable price…

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