Chrome OS is constantly undergoing changes and upgrades, sometimes to fix the smallest issues or pain points. In a new update, Google is making it possible to more quickly access the settings menu in Chrome OS.

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In its current state, there are only two primary methods of accessing Chrome OS’ settings menu. The first is to access the system tray and click on the settings shortcut. Another method is by typing chrome://settings into the omnibar, but for obvious reasons, most people don’t do that one.

With the latest update to Chrome OS, users can now access the settings menu through the search launcher, as pointed out by Googler François Beaufort.

The idea here is pretty simple. After opening the search menu, users can type in “settings” to have a quick shortcut to the settings menu. Alongside that, a new “shortcuts” option is available. This option is apparently a way to view the various keyboard shortcuts available on Chrome OS, but its exact functionality is unclear at the moment.

Right now, this functionality is limited to the Canary channel of Chrome OS, but some users are reporting that it’s live on the Dev channel as well.

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