A while back, Google added an Easter egg to Sheets that adds a rainbow theme to the entire spreadsheet. Here’s how to use the Pride-themed Easter egg in Google Sheets.

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How to celebrate Pride with Google Sheets’ hidden Easter egg

  1. Create a new Google Sheet
  2. Type out Pride in the top row
  3. Hide the top row
  4. Celebrate Pride

First, head to Google Sheets on your computer and start a new document. You can type the spreadsheet whatever you like as it won’t affect this process.

Next, spell out “Pride” across the top row, with the “P” starting in the A1 cell. After you finish and type “E” into E1, click into any empty cell. As soon as you do this, a rainbow theme should be applied to your spreadsheet.

Lastly, because of the removal of any letter will disable the Easter egg, you will have to hide the top row if you wish to keep the rainbow theme and fill out the sheet. To do this, just right-click on the “1” row number and then select Hide row.

Note: This doesn’t appear to work on the mobile apps. You’ll only be able to access the Easter egg through the web. Additionally, this feature could be region locked, meaning it might not work in every country.

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