Google’s video calling service Duo has seen tremendous growth since its launch, and in a recent update, it’s picking up integration with Google Assistant.

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Pointed out by Justin Uberti, lead engineer on Duo at Google, v37 adds direct integration with Assistant. Simply asking to video call a specific contact by name launches the call within Duo.

Uberti’s tweet further hints at more functionality along these lines coming soon. This is a clear tease at Duo for smart displays, which allows users to ask for calls on Duo via a voice command with the Google Assistant. We’ve seen that functionality in action earlier this year in demos of Lenovo’s Smart Display, and it’s nice that the same feature is being extended to smartphones. Google has previously mentioned that smart displays will arrive before the end of July.

This also arrives along with several other updates to Duo over recent weeks including support for tablets and some Chromebooks, as well as the long-awaited multi-device support.

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