Chrome OS has always been considered inferior to the “real” computer operating systems, Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s macOS. However, it does have some major advantages which Google has been trying to point out for years. In its latest ad for Chromebooks, the company highlights a few of those strengths, as well as throwing shade at the competition.

The best gifts for Android users

In a new advertisement, Google takes some well-known sore points of macOS and Windows and relates them to users as a reason to switch to Chrome OS. These include Apple’s beachball, constant update notifications, and the classic blue screen of death from Windows. It even continues Google’s continued dig on viruses and software crashes.

This is all in an effort to highlight the benefits of Chromebooks. Google goes on in the ad to highlight what Chrome OS is capable of, showing off photo editing with Lightroom, writing notes with a stylus, doing video calls, and even playing games. Of course, it shows this all off on the flagship Pixelbook, and highlights several Android apps such as Netflix, Spotify, and even PUBG Mobile.

Finally, the ad ends by listing off a few of the big highlights of most Chromebooks – virus protection, automatic updates, battery life, quicker starts, and less lag.

9to5Google’s Take

This ad reminds me a lot of an old Google Photos ad which pointed out the storage problem that many users run into and offering a solution. It’s a brilliant move to market with if you ask me, and Google really shows off a lot of strengths with Chromebooks here. While the expensive Pixebook might not be for everyone, everything highlighted in this ad applies to just about every Chromebook, and it’s bound to turn at least a few heads.

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