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Google Pixelbook Stories October 10

Next week is the big Made by Google event where Google will reveal the Pixel 4 and the Pixelbook Go side by side. To help these devices feel like they’re in the same family, Google is sharing some of the Pixel 4’s wallpapers to Made by Google Chromebooks, both new and old, including the Pixelbook Go.

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Google Pixelbook Stories September 24

The Made by Google 2019 event is less than a month away, and yet it feels like we already know everything there is to know about the Pixel 4. That being the case, there’s no better time to take stock of what we know about the Google Pixelbook Go, being developed under the codename “Atlas.”

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Google’s Pixelbook is arguably the best Chromebook ever made, and also one of the best laptops in general, too. Now, it’s looking like Google has a new laptop, the Pixelbook Go, in the works for later this year. Based on what we know so far, will the newer Pixelbook Go be worth the upgrade over Google’s original offering? Let’s weigh things out.

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Google Pixelbook Stories September 23

Google plans to launch a new Pixelbook at next month’s “Made by Google” hardware showcase, according to multiple sources familiar with the plan. Don’t call it a “Pixelbook 2,” though; the Pixelbook Go, our sources say, will be something of a followup to the original Pixelbook while also leaning towards a more traditional take on Chromebooks…

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Google Pixelbook Stories September 16

The Google Store is one of the best places to pick up products like Pixel smartphones, official accessories, and more. Now, Google has opened up a new storefront for refurbished products that have big discounts in tow, starting most notably with the Pixelbook.

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Google Pixelbook Stories June 20

Google’s efforts in the tablet space have rarely been successful, and we all thought the company had called it quits after discontinuing the Pixel C a couple of years back. Today, the company has confirmed that it’s stepping out of the tablet market following the Pixel Slate and will focus on laptops only from this point forward.

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