Google Search features a number of built-in utilities, with some — like an internet speed test — more useful than others — random number generator. The latest is somewhere in the middle and guides you through a minute-long breathing exercise.

As spotted by Search Engine Roundtable this morning, the queries “deep breathing” or “breathing exercise” will bring up this small tool. Available across the desktop and mobile web, as well as the Android and iOS Google apps, users are walked through the simple exercise aimed at providing a moment of relaxation.

Starting with “Bring awareness to your breath,” you’re asked to calm down and focus on your breathing. Afterwards a pulsating white bubble appears against the light blue backdrop, contracting and expanding alongside you.

At the end of the 1-minute breathing exercise, users can restart or share the useful tool with a button in the top-right corner. It’s a simple feature and one likely popularized by health apps and devices like the Apple Watch.

Like with all these tools, it helps further Google Search as a utility, with users not needing to download full apps to get to simple, straightforward functionality.

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