Fortnite for Android is something that millions of people are excited about, and it seems imminent. However, the general public might not be able to get their hands on the game for quite some time…

Nomad case for Pixel 3

We first reported last month that Fortnite for Android would launch exclusively on the Galaxy Note 9 and stay that way for 30 days. It was assumed that things would open up to all other phones following those 30 days, but according to a new report that may not be the case.

Android Headlines reports that, following the Note 9 exclusive, Samsung phones will be the only devices that can play the game on Android. This may even be the case for an additional 60-90 days after the Note 9’s period, meaning we could be looking at 4 months in total that Fortnite for Android isn’t open to the general public. That’s a huge delay for the rest of the Android ecosystem getting their hands on the hit game.

9to5Google’s Take

This game is a worldwide phenomenon with some of the biggest fans I’ve ever seen. I hope Epic is ready for some riots, because restricting the game like this is going to annoy a lot of fans…

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