HTC’s past few flagships haven’t done all that well in terms of sales despite being fantastic devices. Now, HTC is teasing yet another new smartphone just three months after its previous flagship went on sale.

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The HTC U12+ debuted in late May of this year, and in the time since, it hasn’t managed to help the company’s bottom line. In June alone, the company saw a massive drop in sales, the biggest it has seen in over two years. Clearly, these new releases aren’t helping all that much.

Despite that, HTC is prepping to launch another new Android smartphone. A teaser released on Twitter confirms an August 30th reveal for a new “U” smartphone, presumably a variant of the HTC U12+. More than likely, this is going to be the HTC U12 Life or some other mid-range device as a flagship is unlikely, but we’ll have to wait and see for the time being.

Alternate headlines:

– HTC is announcing another ‘U’ smartphone on August 30th to remind people Google didn’t take all the good employees

– HTC is announcing another ‘U’ smartphone on August 30th because U-turns are underrated

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