HTC U12 Stories May 13, 2019

HTC U11, U12+ will get Android Pie updates starting this month

Android Pie has been out since August of 2018, but it’s still only on a fraction of devices. Some OEMs are being slow about pushing the update out to devices, and HTC is a pretty huge offender here. Recently, however, the company confirmed Android Pie updates for the HTC U11 family and the U12+.

HTC U12 Stories August 23, 2018

HTC’s past few flagships haven’t done all that well in terms of sales despite being fantastic devices. Now, HTC is teasing yet another new smartphone just three months after its previous flagship went on sale.

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HTC U12 Stories August 17, 2018

HTC U12+ picks up ‘Flame Red’ variant in the US, pre-orders open now for September launch

Despite struggling sales, HTC has still been launching some of the best looking phones on the market, and its recent U12+ is no exception. Following a launch earlier this year, the HTC U12+ is now up for pre-order in the US in its “Flame Red” color.

HTC U12 Stories June 21, 2018

How to take a screenshot on the HTC U12+

As the U12+ doesn’t have traditional power and volume buttons, HTC had to get creative when it came to taking screenshots on the phone. Here are two ways to capture things on your screen.

HTC U12 Stories June 20, 2018

How to set up Edge Sense on the HTC U12+

With the U12+, HTC went all in on the phone’s pressure-sensitive sides. So to get the most out of your new phone, here’s how to set up the HTC U12+’s Edge Sense.

HTC U12 Stories May 28, 2018

It’s common at this point for devices to lack a headphone jack, but generally speaking, those devices still include an adapter in the box to use 3.5mm headphones over the USB-C charging port. Apparently, though, the HTC U12+ will be one of the first that won’t.

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HTC U12 Stories May 23, 2018

After a few months of leaks and speculation, HTC officially unveiled its latest flagship Android smartphone overnight in the new U12+.  The company has a lot of work to do catching up with the competition, but things are definitely looking up with what’s been brought to the table…

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HTC U12 Stories May 21, 2018

We’re just a couple of days away from the debut of HTC’s next flagship, but in the final hours, the company has mistakenly revealed everything there is to know on its very own website…

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HTC U12 Stories May 17, 2018

We’re just a couple of weeks away from the debut of the HTC U12+, and leading up to the launch we’ve heard a lot about this phone. Today, one of the biggest leaks yet is giving us a new look at the design, as well as a huge list of specifications…

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HTC U12 Stories May 3, 2018

HTC has been eerily quiet when it comes to smartphones for the past several months, but we’ve known for quite a while that the company has a new flagship in the works. Today, HTC has finally given us a date when we’ll see that new device – May 23rd.

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HTC U12 Stories April 30, 2018

HTC has been pretty quiet for the past few months, but rumors have been ramping up surrounding its next flagship, the HTC U12+. Now, a handful of images are giving us a good look at the phone.

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HTC U12 Stories March 23, 2018

Details about HTC’s plans for the smartphone game in 2018 have slowly been making their way out this month, and today we’re getting another report that gives us even more potential details…

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HTC U12 Stories March 15, 2018

MWC has come and gone, but this year saw a huge change with the lack of new devices from the likes of HTC and LG. Slowly but surely, we’ve been getting new details on HTC’s flagship plans for 2018. Now, a new report is giving us our first look at the device.

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HTC U12 Stories March 6, 2018

There’s a whole lot we don’t know about what HTC has in store for us in 2018, but details on the company’s upcoming flagship, the HTC U12, have slowly been hitting the web recently. After a spec sheet was revealed earlier this week, we’re now getting some hints at what to expect in the design department.

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HTC U12 Stories March 5, 2018

HTC has been pretty quiet over the past few months regarding its new flagship, but slowly we’re learning more details. Over the weekend, a reputable HTC tipster revealed a huge spec list for the phone, as well as when we might see it debut.

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HTC U12 Stories February 14, 2018

HTC’s president of smartphones departs the company ahead of eventual U12 launch

HTC’s smartphone division has certainly seen better times over the years. Despite making great smartphones, sales have been continually declining, and now the company’s president of that division is jumping ship.

HTC U12 Stories February 5, 2018

HTC’s past couple of flagships have been fantastic smartphones, but they haven’t struck a chord with consumers in the same way as their competitors. Now, though, it seems we’re getting our first look at the company’s next attempt…

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