Last July, Google introduced an “intelligent search box” for Drive’s web interface. This updated lookup experience is no longer limited to the Enterprise edition of G Suite, and will soon be available for all G Suite Editions.

At the moment, tapping the “Search Drive” field at the top of the website opens a panel of file types and a shortcut to “More search tools.” This upcoming update starts by listing three or so “suggested search queries,” with a click starting that search.

Next is a row of your top collaborators that features their names and profile avatars. Tapping on a person will show files you have edited together. Below this are file types (PDFs, Documents, Presentations, Images, and Videos), as well as shortcuts for edit history (today), priority items, and other filters. The last minor change sees “Advanced search” more prominently labeled.

These suggested filters and search tools leverage multi-variant machine learning to “predict what you’re most likely to use.” Results should improve over time, with Google hoping that users will be able to find files without having to “remember a specific title or keyword.”

This updated search experience is rolling out today to all G Suite Editions and will be enabled by default. It comes as Google has been working to infuse G Suite with machine learning tools and smarts to increase end-user productivity. An upcoming update to Google Drive adds “Priority” AI file suggestions and organized “Workspaces” for quicker access to frequently accessed documents.

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