G Suite Stories November 14

G Suite admins can now require strong passwords, set expiration dates, and prevent reuse

Security and passwords are paramount in this day and age, especially in corporate environments. New G Suite password options allow admins to enforce policies like stronger logins that have to be changed every so often and cannot be reused.

G Suite Stories November 13

Official G Suite Twitter account latest target of Bitcoin-related hacking spree

This week, Twitter has been hit with a massive influx of Bitcoin scamming. Bad actors are attempting to make their scams more appealing through the social platform via impersonation and outright hacking of celebrity and company accounts. Now, it seems, the G Suite Twitter account has been hacked, making Google the latest to have an account fall victim to the ridiculous scheme.

G Suite Stories November 1

Google is constantly looking for ways to improve the developer experience and keep programmers happily plugging away on their platform. The latest comes in the form of the G Suite Developer Hub, a rebrand of the Apps Script dashboard with new features to help start new projects and better manage existing ones.

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Google has been previewing a new design for Google Contacts on the web since 2015, but always retained the previous online version until feature parity. With that milestone now achieved, Google will deprecate the old Google Contacts in February of 2019.

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G Suite Stories October 29

G Suite extensions are moving from the Chrome Web Store to the G Suite Marketplace

Google’s G Suite offers a rich platform to build upon, allowing developers to create G Suite extensions for Docs and Sheets or apps powered by Drive. These extensions are currently available from the Chrome Web Store, but Google has decided to give them a new home in the G Suite Marketplace.

G Suite Stories September 26

Smart Compose rolling out to G Suite as new Gmail becomes default next month

Announced at I/O 2018, Smart Compose in Gmail takes Smart Reply a step further and leverages Google’s AI to write entire messages for users. It’s already rolled out to regular accounts and is now coming to G Suite and enterprise users.

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