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At Cloud Next 2019 last April, Google announced that the side panel found in Gmail, Calendar, and other productivity apps would open up to third-party developers. G Suite Add-ons are now rolling out of beta and will soon be generally available.

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G Suite Stories December 17, 2019

When an app needs to sign in to your Google Account, there are two primary ways to do so — securely with an OAuth token or directly with your username and password. Apps that use the latter method are considered “less secure apps” by Google, and G Suite accounts will begin to lose access to them starting in June 2020.

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G Suite Stories December 4, 2019

G Suite admins can now restrict security codes to same device, network

Two-factor authentication (2FA) — or 2-step verification (2SV) in Google’s parlance — is a crucial security measure. G Suite is now adding the ability to restrict codes to the same device or network on which they’re generated.

G Suite Stories December 2, 2019

Chrome URL bar integrating Google Drive search this month for G Suite users

When Chrome launched a decade ago, one if its marquee features was a unified field for entering URLs and searching. The browser’s Material Theme revamp last year added rich inline results, and Google is now integrating Drive search and file suggestions.

G Suite Stories November 22, 2019

At the Tokyo edition of Cloud Next ’19 this July, Google announced that the Advanced Protection Program is coming to Cloud enterprise customers. G Suite and GCP users can soon take advantage of the company’s most stringent security measures against phishing.

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G Suite Stories November 21, 2019

In addition to Docs gaining Smart Compose, Google is significantly improving the grammar correction it introduced earlier this year in the G Suite app. It’s also gaining spelling autocorrect from Gmail.

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