G Suite Stories May 16, 2022

Back in April, Google delayed when G Suite legacy free-edition users had to start paying for Workspace. The company will now let you stay on a “Free Legacy Edition of G Suite for personal use” as the “no-cost” alternative in a rather notable policy change.

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G Suite Stories April 5, 2022

Google announced in January that “G Suite legacy free edition” accounts would have to start paying for Workspace this year, but that’s now being slightly delayed. Meanwhile, those opting for the no-cost option will soon have to join a waiting list to avoid payments.

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G Suite Stories January 27, 2022

The migration from “G Suite legacy free edition” continues today with Google quietly noting that it will offer the ability to transfer “your non-Google Workspace paid content and most of your data to a no-cost option.”

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G Suite Stories January 26, 2022

Last week, Google announced that all G Suite legacy free edition users will have to transition and start paying for Workspace starting in July. This has upset non-business users that signed up for G Suite 16 years ago with their domain, and Google is now reaching out to these legacy personal users.

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G Suite Stories January 19, 2022

In 2020, G Suite became Google Workspace as part of a mass reorganization of the company’s apps for the “future of work.” Various plans were migrated over, and Google is now finally getting rid of the G Suite legacy free edition.

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G Suite Stories October 9, 2020

The future of Google’s enterprise communication services is tight integration with Gmail. That said, there will always be a need for the standalone Meet app, which Google is now redesigning to look like the recently added Gmail tab.

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G Suite Stories October 8, 2020

Besides Gmail integration, the last big update to Chat in July introduced a dark theme. Google Chat will soon be picking up read receipts in one-to-one conversations.

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Google Drive storage is very useful and, in the days of G Suite, business owners had the ability to get unlimited Google Drive storage. Unfortunately, though, unlimited Google Drive storage going away with Workspace.

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G Suite Stories October 6, 2020

The past few months have brought a flurry of changes to Google’s productivity apps. Some of the revamps were brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, while others have long been in the works. The culmination of those changes is “Google Workspace.”

It’s both the new name of G Suite and a complete modernization of the company’s productivity offerings that reflects how work is increasingly getting done.

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G Suite Stories September 28, 2020

After rolling out to desktops in June, Google Meet can now filter out disruptive sounds, thanks to noise cancellation on Android and iOS. The video conferencing service is also adding attendance reports for schools and educators. 

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G Suite Stories September 22, 2020

Last week, Google’s video conferencing tool launched a 49-person grid and background blur. Google Meet is now integrating with Jamboard to add a digital whiteboard for visual and collaborative brainstorming.

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G Suite Stories September 16, 2020

[Update: Exits beta] Google Drive now lets you share specific folders in ‘shared drives’

Shared — previously team — drives are how organizations using Google Drive distribute and  collaborate on files. Google is now testing the ability to share folders within a shared drive.

G Suite Stories September 15, 2020

As previewed last month, Google is starting to launch a handful of pre-announced features for Meet. Background blur and being able to see up to 49 people simultaneously is coming to Google Meet in the coming weeks.

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Online file storage solutions started out as being modeled after their local, non-cloud counterparts. Next month, Google Drive will automatically delete files and folders placed in the trash after 30 days.

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G Suite Stories September 11, 2020

Google Groups will default to new interface next week

Back in March, a Material Theme redesign of Google Groups was announced. After a beta, it entered general availability in May. The new Google Groups is becoming the default experience for all users next week.

G Suite Stories September 8, 2020

Google Docs for Android adds Microsoft Office editing, improves line spacing

As announced last month, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides for Android now support Microsoft Office editing. A related change sees Docs adjust line spacing based on the current font.

G Suite Stories August 31, 2020

Google Voice is the latest first-party app to adopt a dark theme today. Following Gmail last month, the VOIP client is getting a standard night-friendly look on Android.

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G Suite Stories August 26, 2020

Back in March, Google Drive introduced “shortcuts” to simplify folder structure, sharing, and reduce the need for creating copies. Google today announced a trio of updates, while Drive is adding support for target audience sharing.

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G Suite Stories August 20, 2020

Usually quite reliable, Google is reporting that Gmail and other G Suite applications are seeing a “service disruption.” Gmail, followed by Google Drive, being down is the biggest problem right now. Issues started late on Wednesday evening (PT) and continue into the early hours of Thursday.

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G Suite Stories August 12, 2020

Last month, Google announced that its new “home for work” consolidates communication and document editing into one app. The new Gmail is now rolling out to G Suite customers on Android and the web.

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G Suite Stories August 11, 2020

Ahead of the upcoming (or already under way) school year, Google Meet is gaining a number of features for students and educators. At its back-to-school event, Google today provided a Meet education road map for upcoming moderation tools and other functionality intended to boost interactivity amid distance learning.

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G Suite Stories August 6, 2020

Google sets timeline for deprecating ‘classic’ Google Sites

After Google’s acquisition of JotSpot, the launch of Google Sites in 2008 brought easy wiki-style website creation to many users. Eight years later, a new Google Sites was introduced to the masses to replace the withering shell of classic Sites and become a part of G Suite — allowing for easy integration with Docs, Sheets, and Slides. In an email sent out today to users, Google notified that the service would be sent off in 2021.

G Suite Stories August 5, 2020

Google tries to differentiate its G Suite apps by leveraging AI to boost user productivity. It’s now bringing several key features, including Smart Compose, that first debuted on the desktop web to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides for Android and iOS.

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G Suite Stories July 29, 2020

Earlier this month, Google announced that Gmail would soon incorporate chat, group, and video messaging. The standalone apps are still seeing updates, with Google Chat for Android and iOS today picking up a dark theme.

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G Suite Stories July 23, 2020

Google Cloud & Box deepen strategic partnership on infrastructure, more G Suite integration

Productivity & Collaboration week is still underway at Cloud Next ’20: On Air. Google Cloud and Box today announced a deeper collaboration that spans both infrastructure and end-user productivity.

G Suite Stories July 21, 2020

In addition to group calls on the Nest Hub Max today, Google is previewing a number of upcoming Meet features for education and enterprise customers. This includes blurred and custom backgrounds, hand raising, and new moderation controls.

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G Suite Stories July 15, 2020

Last night, a big Gmail redesign that puts Chat, Meet, and Docs side-by-side leaked out early. Google today officially announced its vision for having Gmail be the new “home for work” and G Suite.

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G Suite Stories July 14, 2020

For the past several weeks, we’ve been tracking a big Gmail for Android redesign that incorporates Google Chat and Meet. The video calling integration has been officially announced and is rolling out now, while the rest leaked today. Google is making Gmail the “new home for work” by letting you do everything from the same screen/app.

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G Suite Stories July 13, 2020

Following a minor layout tweak last week, Calendar on the web is getting a more substantial usability change to how you add events. Google Calendar’s pop-up dialog now lets you directly add more advanced event details.

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G Suite Stories July 6, 2020

For the past several iOS (now iPadOS) releases, Apple has worked to improve multitasking on tablets. Split View lets you use two app at the same time, and Gmail on iPads now has support for this feature.

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G Suite Stories June 30, 2020

Google’s goal with G Suite is to leverage AI to boost user productivity, with Smart Compose in Gmail and Docs being prime examples. Google Sheets is gaining similar features this year with Smart Fill and Smart Cleanup.

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With video conferencing skyrocketing due to COVID-19, Google has been heavily pushing Meet to G Suite users. After rolling out Gmail integration last week, Google Meet is now adding a tiled layout for larger calls, low-light mode, and noise cancellation.

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G Suite Stories June 29, 2020

Old G Suite mobile and desktop apps will stop working in August

Google today issued a warning that older G Suite apps will stop working in August as it works to improve performance and security.

G Suite Stories June 23, 2020

The unifying goal of Google’s productivity apps is leveraging machine learning to boost end user productivity. Today, Google is adding Spanish support for grammar suggestions in Gmail and Docs, with autocorrect and Smart Compose coming later this year.

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G Suite Stories June 18, 2020

Google adds meet.new shortcut to quickly start video calls

Last year, Google introduced ‘.new’ links to create blank documents in the web. Following this week’s Gmail integration, Google Meet is now the latest G Suite app to get a similar shortcut to immediately start a call.

G Suite Stories June 17, 2020

While Drive for Android gained a dark theme last April, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides have been notable holdouts. Night-friendly modes for these apps are coming and will likely also apply to the document view.

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G Suite Stories June 11, 2020

Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, and other G Suite apps all feature a side panel that provides quick access to Tasks, Keep, and third-party add-ons. The Google Calendar widget available in the sidebar will soon let users directly edit existing events.

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Google Meet gets new Tiled view that supports presentations

As part of the rebrand and free tier, Google announced a number of Meet features like a window arrangement that supports up to 16 participants and AI-powered tools. Google Meet is now getting a Tiled view that works with presentations and other UI enhancements.

G Suite Stories June 9, 2020

After tweaking the search bar, Google is rolling out a more substantial update to Docs, Sheets, and Slides for Android. The UI for commenting has been redesigned to be more mobile-friendly.

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G Suite Stories June 5, 2020

Gmail for Android’s dark theme began rolling out at the start of this month. Google today is now making the look official and providing an availability timeline, while also bringing it to iOS.

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G Suite Stories June 4, 2020

While Google+, the social network, was shut down on April 2, 2019, a G Suite version for enterprise communication still exists. Google Currents was announced as a rebrand just after the consumer deprecation last year and is now set to launch on July 6. expand full story

G Suite Stories June 2, 2020

Last August, Google delayed the classic Hangouts transition for G Suite customers into this year. Starting today, admins can migrate their users to Google Chat in earnest and get access to Gmail integration.

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G Suite Stories June 1, 2020

Back in February, Smart Compose and autocorrect for Google Docs entered general availability after several months of testing. These machine learning-powered features are now coming to G Suite for Education and Nonprofit customers.

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G Suite Stories May 28, 2020

Back in February, we spotted Voice appearing in Gmail’s side panel. Google Voice integration in Gmail on the web is now official for G Suite customers, along with call transfer capabilities.

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G Suite Stories May 27, 2020

G Suite’s productivity apps are seeing a pair of updates on Android and the web today. On the latter platform, there’s a Google Docs “document status” indicator, while the mobile apps pick up a new search field.

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Google’s enterprise communication tools have seen a flurry of changes in recent weeks. The latest is a Progressive Web App for Google Chat that replaces the existing Electron client.

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G Suite Stories May 26, 2020

Google Groups is an email-based forum aimed at sharing information and other resources within an organization. The new Google Groups with Material Theme redesign is rolling out to enterprise customers next month.

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G Suite Stories May 20, 2020

As part of Meet becoming available to the public, Google closely aligned the video calling service with Gmail. However, some have not liked how the integration appears on the web, with users now able to hide Google Meet in Gmail.

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