G Suite Stories July 17

Google Cloud is making headway in the enterprise market on a variety of fronts from AI-powered developer services to Chromebooks. The company is also trying to increase paid G Suite adoption with Facebook apparently contemplating a switch to Drive, Docs, and other Google productivity services.

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G Suite Stories June 22

G Suite accounts can strangely no longer review Play Store content

It can be frustrating sometimes to be using a G Suite account, as Google sometimes enacts random restrictions that don’t make a whole lot of sense. Recently, Google changed some policies on the Play Store that has further restricted these accounts.

G Suite Stories June 14

G Suite admins can now monitor Mac, Windows, & Chrome OS access w/ Endpoint Verification

In addition to Google Tasks becoming a core service and the general availability of App Maker, G Suite today is letting administrators keep tabs on desktop devices accessing corporate apps and other data with a new “Endpoint Verification” feature.

Google’s App Maker software development tool is now generally available in G Suite

Back in 2016, Google introduced App Maker to allow businesses to quickly develop internal software. This “low-code” tool is now generally available and a part of G Suite’s various offerings for businesses, as well as schools.

Google Tasks will become a G Suite core service starting on June 28th, 2018

It’s only been a couple of months since Google completely revamped its ancient “Tasks” product, and starting later this month, it will become a core service of G Suite.

G Suite Stories April 26

Google bar in G Suite redesigned to include app logo/name, tweaked company branding

Yesterday’s launch of the new Gmail includes a plethora of new features and design tweaks, with some coming to other Google apps in the future. One of those changes is to the Google bar for G Suite users.

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