G Suite Stories September 19

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Back in February, Google rolled out Cloud Search, a smart assistant that surfaced relevant Drive files and emails for G Suite. The mobile and web apps feature a feed that intelligently updates throughout the day. In addition, Cloud Search also has a search feature that today is getting updated with natural language processing (NLP) technology.

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G Suite Stories August 28

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G Suite administrators can now manage and wipe Android Wear 2.0 watches

Android Wear 2.0 launched in February and many devices are now finally receiving the major update to Google’s wearable operating system. To increase security for watches used in enterprise environments, Google is now adding Wear to its Mobile Management program to allow admins to wipe data and enforce password policies.

G Suite Stories August 16

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Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are getting notable updates today with a handful of new features specifically designed to improve the experience for both enterprise and education G Suite users. Among the features, the apps are getting new collaboration and organization tools, customizable templates with built-in add-ons, and enhanced search capabilities via Google Cloud Search integration.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

G Suite Stories July 18

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Google has today introduced Hire, a new tool built on G Suite that lets small businesses more easily organize and document the recruitment process. Integrating seamlessly with your G Suite-based apps like Gmail and Google Calendar, Hire can sync data across web apps so that everything you need to find and hire key talent is in one place.

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G Suite Stories July 6

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G Suite customers can now whitelist specific third-party OAuth apps to improve security

Back in early May, a widespread phishing scam started to spread among Gmail users. The email, which looked realistic to many users, had people grant OAuth access to a web application that was pretending to be Docs. Google quickly killed the web application, but it showed that the company needed to take additional steps to help protect its customers…

G Suite Stories June 27

GOOG: 927.33


G Suite accounts and domains can now sign-up for Google’s Project Fi MVNO

Project Fi is seeing an enterprise-focused expansion today as it opens sign-ups to G Suite accounts. Until today, Google’s MVNO service was only available for regular consumers with an @gmail.com address.

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