G Suite Stories December 13, 2017

G Suite’s latest protections can disable work apps on insecure Android devices

Besides offering a host of cloud applications, one of G Suite’s key features is the ability to manage a fleet of employee devices. Today, the service is adding new protections to ensure enterprise data isn’t compromised on insecure Android and iOS devices.

G Suite Stories December 6, 2017

Google Sheets adds pivot tables, suggested formula tools powered by machine learning

Google’s work with machine learning is impressive for a number of reasons, but its most practical uses often come in places you wouldn’t expect. Today, Google is revealing new tools in Sheets made possible by machine learning.

G Suite Stories October 31, 2017

Earlier this year, Google relaunched Hangouts as an enterprise service focused at teams. Hangouts Meet — the video component — launched before the text chat app and is today adding dedicated hardware to simplify video conferencing.

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G Suite Stories September 27, 2017

Google Slides is getting a number of major updates today, with third-party Add-ons being the most notable. Today’s suite of updates also brings features already found in other G Suite apps, like Google Keep integration and the ability to link files, to Slides.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

G Suite Stories September 19, 2017

Back in February, Google rolled out Cloud Search, a smart assistant that surfaced relevant Drive files and emails for G Suite. The mobile and web apps feature a feed that intelligently updates throughout the day. In addition, Cloud Search also has a search feature that today is getting updated with natural language processing (NLP) technology.

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G Suite Stories August 28, 2017

G Suite administrators can now manage and wipe Android Wear 2.0 watches

Android Wear 2.0 launched in February and many devices are now finally receiving the major update to Google’s wearable operating system. To increase security for watches used in enterprise environments, Google is now adding Wear to its Mobile Management program to allow admins to wipe data and enforce password policies.

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