If you run a business in the United States, you might start getting some automated calls from Google users starting this week to reserve tables or appointments. That comes from the creepily-accurate Google Duplex technology. If you’d prefer your customers not to use this new feature, here’s how to opt-out from Google Duplex calls from the Assistant.

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How to opt-out from Google Duplex Assistant Calls

  1. Tell Google directly
  2. Turn off ‘Google Assistant Calls’ in Google My Business

Google Duplex, at the start, only works with reserving a table at local restaurants. However, Google’s eventual goal is to have this technology available for everything from booking a hair appointment to car maintenance. If your business does choose to opt-out from that technology, here’s how to do it.

Note: Do keep in mind that, by disabling calls from Duplex, your customers will not be able to reach you using the Google Assistant on their devices.

1. Tell Google directly

The first option to turn off Google Duplex calls from including your business is to tell Google directly that you don’t want them. When a Duplex-powered call comes in from the Assistant, you can simply ask to stop the incoming calls. Two examples of how to do so are listed below, directly from Google itself.

  • “Please remove my business from your list.”
  • “Please stop calling my business”

2. Turn off ‘Google Assistant Calls’

The other option for disabling Google Duplex calls at your location is to turn the setting off in your My Business settings. Google’s dashboard for your business’s online presence offers an easy option to turn off the functionality. As long as your business is verified, simply click Info from the menu, then uncheck the box which is labeled Accept Google Assistant calls. Google itself may still call you, but you won’t get Duplex calls.

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