Google Duplex Stories November 22, 2018

The biggest “wow moment” of Google I/O earlier this year was the reveal of Google Duplex. The feature instantly impressed the crowd and brought up tons of intriguing questions. Now, it’s finally starting to roll out, at least to Pixel owners in select cities.

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Google Duplex Stories October 10, 2018

As we noted last night, the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL deliver delightful hardware that is noticeably more refined than last year. Beyond the physical devices, a key part of Made by Google is the “AI + software” experience, with the Pixel 3 debuting a handful of new Google AI-powered features at launch.

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Google Duplex Stories July 5, 2018

Google Duplex being tested in call centers as ethical concerns reportedly slow development [Update]

Update: Google has reached out to clarify that Duplex is currently only focussed on consumer applications and not being tested by enterprise customers. The full statement is below:

Google Duplex Stories July 4, 2018

With Chrome 69, Chrome Duplex is taking shape with a design that balances easy access to controls on large devices and the traditional top address bar. Now, the latest change for Chrome’s split toolbar look is to its name, thus avoiding the obvious confusion with another up-and-coming Google product.

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Google Duplex Stories June 27, 2018

Unveiled at I/O 2018, Google Duplex was a highlight of the keynote, but also a controversy in the ensuing days. From accusations of “tricking” humans with the use of “uh” and “umm” to the lack of a live demo, Google finally revealed more about the Assistant integrated feature today that is still on track for a limited launch this summer.

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Google Duplex Stories May 21, 2018

The amazement over Google Duplex at I/O 2018 quickly veered into criticism over the lack of disclosure and questions about the on-stage demo itself. I think, somewhat lost in this furor, is the sheer impressiveness of Duplex and what an achievement it is for technology. But what exactly is it, and how does it work? And what will it be able to do for you?

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