Google Duplex Stories December 3

“Duplex” is Google’s umbrella term for technologies that can handle tedious, multistep tasks on your behalf. The phone version was the most well-known application of this technology, and Google is now shutting down Duplex on the Web.

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Google Duplex Stories May 3

At I/O 2021, Google announced that Assistant would help you change stolen credentials. This Google Assistant-branded, Duplex-powered capability for changing passwords is now rolling out in Chrome for Android.

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Google Duplex Stories October 19, 2021

With the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, Google is following up last year’s “Hold for Me” with new “Direct My Call” and “Wait Times” capabilities in the Phone dialer app.

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Google Duplex Stories July 28, 2021

While Duplex is most known for calling on your behalf using a human-like voice to make appointments, the technology is also being used to speed up online interactions. Some Google Assistant users are now seeing Duplex on the Web help with “Fast checkout” when shopping.

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Google Duplex Stories June 7, 2021

Google Assistant bringing Duplex restaurant bookings to smart displays, expanding Guest Mode

After launching to users in 2018 and expanding to online orders earlier this year, Google Duplex on Assistant is making its debut on Nest smart displays in the near future as another feature also expands to more users.

Google Duplex Stories May 18, 2021

With Duplex, Google wants to handle tedious, multi-step tasks on your behalf. The most famous example is making a phone reservation, but the Assistant-adjacent technology is also used for walking through online forms. Google Assistant and Duplex can now help you change stolen passwords step-by-step in Chrome.

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Google Duplex Stories April 14, 2021

Google today announced a handful of new Assistant features, while making others more widely available. The biggest lets iPhone owners find misplaced devices using Google Smart Displays and speakers as Assistant Routines availability expands.

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Google Duplex Stories October 15, 2020

At today’s Search On event, Google provided an update on the state of Duplex. This includes how the conversational technology has been deployed amidst the pandemic and work on shopping and ordering capabilities for Google Duplex on the web.

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Google Duplex Stories October 14, 2020

Years after wowing with AI-powered real-time chat and holding features, Google’s Duplex is now allowing some users in the US to book haircut and barbershop appointments without you ever needing to make the call yourself.

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Google Duplex Stories September 30, 2020

One of the most impressive software features to debut with the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 is “Hold for Me.” The Google Assistant will stay on the line until an actual human being comes on for you to directly interact with.

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Google Duplex Stories June 19, 2020

Google leveraging Duplex to check and update store inventory

Google Duplex’s flashiest capability lets it book appointments on your behalf. However, Google is also leveraging the Duplex conversation technology to update store hours, and now check inventory.

Google Duplex Stories April 9, 2020

After a few years almost being entirely exclusive to those in the United States, AI calling service Google Duplex is now rolling out in the UK, Australia, and Canada.

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Google Duplex Stories November 21, 2019

At I/O 2019, Sundar Pichai announced that Google Duplex was “moving beyond voice” and coming to the web. After publicly testing in late September, Duplex is officially launching today as “Google Assistant in Chrome” to help you buy movie tickets.

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Google Duplex Stories September 30, 2019

People today associate Google Duplex with Assistant making phone calls on their behalf. For the company, it’s the umbrella term for training AI to accomplish tasks and save you time. Announced at I/O 2019, Google Duplex on the web is now in testing.

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Google Duplex Stories May 23, 2019

There is no doubt that Google Duplex was the star of the show at I/0 2018. The AI-powered calling assistant was so good, that you could be forgiven for thinking it was all a parlor trick masquerading as real tech. Well, Google has revealed now that Duplex is out in the wild, in many cases it is an actual human that makes your dinner reservations as the AI-caller often needs a little help.

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Google Duplex Stories May 17, 2019

One of the most impressive tech demos Google has ever shown off was the reveal of Google Duplex back at I/O last year. While we figured the tech was years from rolling out to consumers, the company has just announced that Google Duplex is now rolling out in the majority of the United States for Pixel owners.

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Google Duplex Stories May 7, 2019

At Google I/O 2019, Google has announced that Duplex is moving from being a voice-only service to being able to complete web-based tasks using Google Chrome on Android and information from your calendar and Gmail.

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Google Duplex Stories April 3, 2019

Get ready, the ability to get your Google Assistant to call your local eateries to make reservations is now rolling out to non-Pixel devices and iOS in the United States. Google Duplex is now slowly being pushed to devices that don’t have the Google logo embossed upon them.

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Google Duplex Stories March 6, 2019

Here’s how to opt-out your business from automated Google Duplex calls

If you run a business in the United States, you might start getting some automated calls from Google users starting this week to reserve tables or appointments. That comes from the creepily-accurate Google Duplex technology. If you’d prefer your customers not to use this new feature, here’s how to opt-out from Google Duplex calls from the Assistant.

Google Duplex Stories November 22, 2018

The biggest “wow moment” of Google I/O earlier this year was the reveal of Google Duplex. The feature instantly impressed the crowd and brought up tons of intriguing questions. Now, it’s finally starting to roll out, at least to Pixel owners in select cities.

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Google Duplex Stories October 10, 2018

As we noted last night, the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL deliver delightful hardware that is noticeably more refined than last year. Beyond the physical devices, a key part of Made by Google is the “AI + software” experience, with the Pixel 3 debuting a handful of new Google AI-powered features at launch.

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Google Duplex Stories July 5, 2018

Google Duplex being tested in call centers as ethical concerns reportedly slow development [Update]

Update: Google has reached out to clarify that Duplex is currently only focussed on consumer applications and not being tested by enterprise customers. The full statement is below:

Google Duplex Stories July 4, 2018

With Chrome 69, Chrome Duplex is taking shape with a design that balances easy access to controls on large devices and the traditional top address bar. Now, the latest change for Chrome’s split toolbar look is to its name, thus avoiding the obvious confusion with another up-and-coming Google product.

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Google Duplex Stories June 27, 2018

Unveiled at I/O 2018, Google Duplex was a highlight of the keynote, but also a controversy in the ensuing days. From accusations of “tricking” humans with the use of “uh” and “umm” to the lack of a live demo, Google finally revealed more about the Assistant integrated feature today that is still on track for a limited launch this summer.

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Google Duplex Stories May 21, 2018

The amazement over Google Duplex at I/O 2018 quickly veered into criticism over the lack of disclosure and questions about the on-stage demo itself. I think, somewhat lost in this furor, is the sheer impressiveness of Duplex and what an achievement it is for technology. But what exactly is it, and how does it work? And what will it be able to do for you?

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Google Duplex Stories May 18, 2018

Questions and criticism immediately arose following the unveil of Google Duplex at I/O 2018, with Google quickly clarifying some of the worrying user-facing aspects. More details have now emerged following the company’s weekly all-hands meeting.

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Google Duplex Stories May 14, 2018

In the days since I/O 2018, critique has primarily been lobbied against Google Duplex. There are problems with the feature, but to me — at least — it’s clear that the company thought about some of the societal impacts associated with a nearly indistinguishable human voice out in the world.

However, I think another feature Google announced deserves a similar level of criticism due to its broad impact. Enter John Legend.

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Google Duplex Stories May 13, 2018

We were shown a lot of really cool tricks at I/O 2018 last week, but by far one of the most impressive was Google Duplex. A feature designed for Google Assistant, Duplex is able to make a convincing voice to perform a phone call, right down to reacting to questions posed to it. However, as many have pointed out, there’s potentially a pretty creepy side to this technology. Now, some parodies are showing that off.

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Google Duplex Stories May 10, 2018

During the I/O ’18 keynote, Google showed off a new service called ‘Duplex’ that could call different businesses and schedule appointments, all while sounding very human-like. Since Duplex never announced that it was a bot and actually tricked others into believing it was human, the internet quickly began to argue the morality of this Google service.

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Google Duplex Stories May 8, 2018

In the future, Google Assistant is gaining a wild futuristic feature where it can make phone calls to restaurants and hair salons, for example. In essence, users can have Assistant make a call on their behalf that sounds natural and understands nuance, while being able to fail gracefully if it cannot handle the call.

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