For the past several months the biggest YouTuber on the planet, PewDiePie, has been in a war against Indian channel T-Series. Over the past few days, that war has officially ended, and the former YouTube subscriber king has admitted defeat… right before taking back the lead.

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T-Series is one of the biggest music corporations in India, and has been close at the heels of PewDiePie’s subscriber total for quite some time. If not for a rally from Felix’s massive fanbase, the title probably would have been lost ages ago, but thousands of new subscribers from billboard campaigns, Super Bowl stunts, and so many other ridiculous measures helped keep the YouTuber’s subscriber count growing.

The “Subscribe to PewDiePie” meme did see some controversy, however, after a recent shooting in New Zealand used a livestream to broadcast that message followed by the violent attack.

When T-Series took the lead, the gap in subscribers had hit roughly 90,000 users. Felix, aka PewDiePie, admitted defeat by releasing a music video on his channel which both thanks his fans and throws some shade at T-Series, including some accusations against the rival (via The Verge).

However, PewDiePie has already taken back the lead. A massive jump in subscribers saw that gap not only closed, but also saw Felix’s channel take the lead back by over 20,000 subscribers.

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