Following issues with early units ahead of the retail launch, Samsung recently delayed its Galaxy Fold with no clear path forward. Today, some details have leaked out regarding what Samsung has changed on the Galaxy Fold to improve the hardware’s durability.

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When display issues with the Galaxy Fold first came out, it was clear based on the company’s statement that a serious hardware revision would be required. Thanks to a report from Yonhap News (via SamMobile), we’ve got some details on what the revision will include.

Obviously, these improvements are all focused on the display. Firstly, Samsung has apparently made the troublesome display protector non-removable. Some of the issues from reviewers stemmed from removing the plastic covering over the Fold’s display, specifically because it looks easily removable.

It’s unclear exactly how Samsung plans on making this covering non-removable, but we can only hope that it works out and also prevents Samsung from needing to include a warning regarding the covering.

Further, Samsung is apparently also turning attention with the Galaxy Fold hardware revision to the gap between the display and the hinge. As one source pointed out, a gap in the hinge on the Galaxy Fold could have been the reason debris could get underneath the fragile OLED panel.

The plastic layer on the Galaxy Fold is reportedly fixed in a hardware revision

Apparently, this new revised hardware is already in testing and the Fold’s release could finally come next month.

According to the industry on May 15, Samsung Electronics is currently testing mobile networks with a Galaxy Fold, and is reviewing plans to release the Galaxy Fold release schedule this month and release it next month. An industry official said, “We believe that Samsung has not yet confirmed its launch date because it needs to obtain a new license for the product that compliments the problem in each country.”

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