Samsung Galaxy Fold Stories January 8

Foldable smartphones have gotten a lot better over the past year especially looking at Samsung’s portfolio. However, it’s no secret these devices still have a lot of hurdles to overcome before they’re truly ready for the mass market. This week, as the dead of Winter rears its ugly head, some Samsung foldables are having trouble with the cold weather.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold Stories October 14, 2020

The original Samsung Galaxy Fold was the first phone to really bring foldables to the forefront, but its sequel is a more impressive device in almost every way. Still, for those who purchased the original $1,980 Galaxy Fold, a new feature update is on its way to better match the Fold 2.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold Stories March 26, 2020

Android 10 is now rolling out for the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung is now finally rolling out the Android 10 update for the Galaxy Fold, which brings with it One UI 2.0.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Stories February 17, 2020

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was one of the first Android Foldables ever to be announced, but its launch was quickly overshadowed by several big issues with the hardware. Nearing a year after the botched launch, Samsung is working on its “Galaxy Fold 2” behind the scenes, and now we’re getting some details on what it will bring, including a July release.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold Stories January 8, 2020

Foldable phones are still in their infancy right now, but the Galaxy Fold proved the concept could be sold to more people. Apparently, Samsung saw success with Galaxy Fold sales in 2019 with 1 million devices sold so far.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold Stories December 24, 2019

Foldable phones finally made a proper debut in 2019, and going into 2020, they’re only expected to get better. One of the biggest issues currently with foldables is that they have plastic displays, but starting with its next Galaxy Fold, Samsung might be using glass instead.

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