Samsung Galaxy Fold Stories July 25

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold won’t be carried by T-Mobile upon re-release

The whole Galaxy Fold debacle might finally be over. Last night, Samsung announced that it had fixed the Galaxy Fold and would be re-releasing the device later this year, but as it turns out, T-Mobile won’t be carrying the device at that point.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Stories July 24

Following weeks of reports that chronicled design changes and testing, Samsung has announced that the Galaxy Fold will go on sale this September. The company officially detailed hardware tweaks and revealed that “final product tests” are now underway.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold Stories July 3

The Samsung Galaxy Fold launch saga still rumbles on. According to a report by Bloomberg, Samsung has fixed many of the issues that arose during the failed launch of Galaxy Fold with a redesign of key components.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold Stories July 1

The Samsung Galaxy Fold debacle has been a mess for the company, and it was clear early on that this hardware just wasn’t ready for the market. Today, Samsung CEO DJ Koh has admitted that the Galaxy Fold was launched “before it was ready,” and says that the entire incident has been “embarrassing.”

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Samsung Galaxy Fold Stories June 19

Samsung exec says Galaxy Fold is ‘ready’ for launch with ‘most’ display issues fixed

After its April delay, it’s been unknown when Samsung is going to launch its unique Galaxy Fold. According to one Samsung executive, though, the Galaxy Fold is “ready” now that its issues have been fixed.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Stories June 14

Well, that was short-lived. After a report earlier this week seemingly pinned the Galaxy Fold’s launch was going to be sometime in July, the company has apparently confirmed that it won’t be happening, saying that things haven’t moved forward since the April misfire.

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