In its effort to expand privacy options through its various platforms, Google introduced an auto-delete feature earlier this year. Now, YouTube history can be erased using that auto-delete feature.

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As part of a privacy-focused post earlier today, Google announced that this auto-delete option would be expanding over to YouTube. Just like with auto-delete for Location History and browsing, the feature can delete your YouTube history automatically after a period of three months or 18 months, but defaults to storing it indefinitely.

For the privacy-minded, this is definitely a big win for YouTube. Incognito mode disables history altogether, but auto-deleting history is a good compromise to ensure you can still get personalized results.

The feature is available right now. Just head to your account settings, find “Choose to delete automatically,” and choose how often you’d like Google to purge the data.

We promised to bring this to more products, and now we’re bringing Auto-delete to YouTube History. Set the time period to keep your data — three months, 18 months, or until you delete it, just like Location History and Web & App Activity — and we’ll take care of the rest.

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