Hercules Stories August 27, 2011

Due to weather conditions, Samsung is pushing back their Galaxy S II event from Monday, to Tuesday. Currently, Hurricane Irene is barreling its way to New York, where the event is going to take place. Thanks Samsung for making a good decision, to keep all of us bloggers safe. You bet we’ll have full coverage Tuesday, but in the mean time stay dry — will ya?

Hercules Stories August 7, 2011

We’ve known that Samsung’s Galaxy S II is on its way to U.S., as confirmed by a Samsung exec, but what we aren’t quite sure of is the II’s exact branding in the great states or if it’ll hit all four carriers. According to T-moNews the Galaxy S II will be available on T-mobile under the branding ‘Samsung Hercules’.

The Hercules is said to feature a 4.5-inch touchscreen and Galaxy S II branding on the back (as seen above). T-moNews was also told the Hercules features Netflix preinstalled, along with the usual apps from Google. Where will this white version be heading? Check out another shot from PocketNow after the break:

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