Sprint Stories September 22

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Initial agreement for T-Mobile and Sprint merger may happen soon

A report this morning from Reuters shares that T-Mobile is “close to agreeing tentative terms” for a merger deal with Sprint after months of talks. News of a T-Mobile and Sprint merger have been floating around since May.

Sprint Stories September 1

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The 128GB LG V30+ will be coming to the United States via Sprint

The V30 was the star of the show for LG’s press conference at IFA yesterday, but alongside it the company also announced another phone in the form of the V30+. Thanks to an announcement from Sprint’s CEO, we now have confirmation that the V30+ will indeed be making its way to the United States.

Sprint Stories August 17

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BlackBerry Keyone: Sprint is working on a fix for unremovable bloatware

At the beginning of the week, we reported that BlackBerry Keyone users on Sprint were experiencing an issue with not being able to completely delete pre-installed apps from the phone. Our assumption at the time was that this had to do with a bug with the SprintID system app, and thanks to a confirmation from the carrier, that does in fact appear to be the case…

Sprint Stories August 14

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If you live in the United States and want to purchase a BlackBerry Keyone, your options are limited to either buying the phone outright from BlackBerry or through Sprint. The latter of those two options will allow you to get the phone on a monthly installment plan, but a potential side effect that comes along with this is pre-installed apps that can’t be removed.

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Sprint Stories July 14

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Sprint has today announced two new programs to buy and upgrade to the latest smartphones through the carrier. As the name suggests, Sprint Flex brings several new options to device leasing for postpaid accounts, and Sprint Deals provides the option of purchasing with or without a credit check. Meanwhile the carrier’s year of free service promotion for new customers is still live…

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

BlackBerry Keyone arrives on Sprint today for $528

The BlackBerry Keyone was a phone I didn’t expect to win me over, but after using it for several weeks, it quickly became one of my favorite recent releases. Unfortunately, it’s not a phone easily accessible to all as it has only been sold through unlocked channels. Today, the Keyone is making its debut on Sprint, its first carrier home.

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