Keyboard instrument Stories June 24, 2014

Minuum keyboard coming to Moto 360

Minuum announced today that it’s retooling its smart predictive keyboard to fit the face of circular smartwatches, like the Moto 360. Positioned along the edge of a watch, the keyboard features three rows of letters that can be used for text input. Keying in words on a small watch face might not sound like the most practical idea, but Minuum contends that voice commands don’t always cut it.

Keyboard instrument Stories February 25, 2014



Fleksy, the makers of the ‘smart’ predicting custom keyboard, are bringing their technology to the Samsung Gear 2. Fleksy says they are the first custom keyboard developer to integrate with the Gear 2 to enable sending and responding text messages, at a microscopic scale.

With a hilariously small button layout, it’s hard to believe that input will be anywhere near accurate enough for real use.

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