iOS Stories November 19, 2020

Apple’s tough enforcement of its App Store policies has led to a sad lack of a playable version of Google Stadia on iOS. That is set to change very soon as public testing of a dedicated progressive web app is set to start within “several weeks.”

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Back in September, Google introduced iPhone and iPad widgets for Photos, Search, and YouTube Music. In addition to Gmail yesterday, Google Drive and Fit widgets are now on the iOS home screen, with Calendar and Chrome also previewed today. 

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iOS Stories November 18, 2020

With the launch of iOS 14 in September, Google’s key apps were updated to support the latest platform features. After adding default email app support, Gmail now has an iOS home screen widget. Google is also highlighting how Chrome on iPad supports opening multiple windows.

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iOS Stories November 2, 2020

[Update: Shutting down April 2021] Pre-orders open for Funko Pop skinned Gears of War on Android, iOS

One of the most popular Xbox exclusives in the form of Gears of War is heading to Android and iOS devices later this year courtesy of Gears POP!

iOS Stories October 22, 2020

In addition to YouTube Music, Google today is bringing iOS 14 home screen widgets to Photos. It delightfully lets you see “memories” every time you unlock your iPhone or iPad.

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YouTube Music picks up iOS 14 home screen widgets

Since the release of iOS 14 earlier this year, Google has been impressing us all with gorgeous new home screen widgets for its apps. YouTube Music is now the latest Google app to get iOS 14 widgets, showing your recently played music in a gorgeous design.

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