iOS Stories September 21

Flutter Release Preview 2 brings ‘pixel-perfect iOS apps’, more

In its second and final Release Preview before 1.0, Flutter, Google’s cross-platform app development framework, has added and updated dozens of iOS-themed widgets, for ‘pixel-perfect’ iOS app experiences.

iOS Stories May 1

Last year, Google introduced a media control notification that pops up within Android whenever something is being cast to a Chromecast or Google Home. To bring this feature to iOS devices, Google now has a Media Controls widget as part of the Home app.

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iOS Stories April 18

Last year, Google replaced SMS as the default 2-Step Verification method for users with device-based Prompts. Built into Android at a system-level, iOS users were instructed to install the Google app for two-factor authentication when logging in. To increase adoption, Google is now making 2SV available from the iOS Gmail app.

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Deal: Get Pixelbook at 25% off: $750!

iOS Stories March 13

How to enable YouTube’s dark theme on iOS

YouTube recently officially announced a dark theme for its mobile apps on Android and iOS. While we’re still waiting for the feature to roll out to Android’s app, it’s already live on the iPhone. Here’s how to enable it…

iOS Stories March 8

Android tops iOS in loyalty survey, the fight forward will be over switchers

CIRP is out today with new data on mobile operating system loyalty. While it’s well-known Android has more users than iOS, Apple fans often cite that the walled-garden ecosystem has a high level of customer loyalty.  However, Android enjoys very high user loyalty as well and it’s actually higher than iOS with 91%.

iOS Stories October 3, 2017

Google’s Allo messaging service often doesn’t get the attention it deserves, and that’s mainly because it’s not a very flexible option. When Allo finally debuted on the web, it still had some serious restrictions. Today, Google is expanding the service to more users.

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