iOS Stories November 29

After launching a beta test in recent weeks, Epic Games and Psyonix are now launching the mobile version of Rocket League, “Sideswipe,” on Android and iOS devices across the globe.

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iOS Stories November 12

With last year’s Pixel phones, Google introduced new machine learning-powered editing tools that later came to all Android devices with Google One. iOS users with a One subscription now have access to those new filters in Google Photos.

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iOS Stories November 10

Google is rolling out a trio of productivity updates to its iPhone and iPad productivity apps. Notably, Gmail will get a homescreen widget, while iOS Picture-in-Picture is now available for Google Meet.

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iOS Stories November 8

Officially, watching Google’s cord-cutting service on the web requires Chrome or Firefox, while Chromium-based browsers — like Microsoft Edge — also work. In recent days, YouTube TV has rolled out support for Safari on macOS.

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iOS Stories October 10

Google applications on iOS have long been criticized for not feeling native to the platform. Earlier this year, the company’s designers reviewed their approach for developing iOS apps and opted for a change. 

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iOS Stories October 6

Accelerated Mobile Pages launched five years ago as Google’s plan to speed up the web on smartphones and tablets. It has wide adoption, but a bug in Google Search today sees Safari users in iOS 15 no longer being served the AMP version of sites.

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iOS Stories September 20

With the launch of iOS 15 and iPad OS 15, Google announced a handful of app updates to support the latest platform features today. This includes new XL widgets, Focus mode, and Spotlight support.

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iOS Stories August 24

Back in June, Google started rolling out Picture-in-Picture support in YouTube for iPhone. It’s not widely available yet, but YouTube Premium subscribers can experimentally enable PiP in the mobile app today.

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iOS Stories August 20

Back in June, YouTube Music for Android got a redesigned Now Playing UI that did a great deal to help modernize the streaming service, and it’s now finally coming to iPhones.

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iOS Stories August 3

Google officially announced the Maps for Android dark mode in February and widely rolled it out a month later. The Google Maps dark theme is now officially set to arrive on iPhone and iPad in the coming weeks.

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iOS Stories July 28

Since last year, Google has been continually updating its iPhone and iPad apps with homescreen widgets. Google Maps is now the latest with version 5.74 seeing a pair of useful iOS widgets.

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iOS Stories July 27

Google is developing a new iOS app called “Switch to Android,” which should be able to copy the most important data from your iPhone and bring over your apps.

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iOS Stories July 26

Google’s Data Transfer Tool, the standard tool for copying files from one Android to another or from iOS to Android, is preparing to offer a way to copy your WhatsApp chats from your iPhone.

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iOS Stories July 20

Google is rolling out Chrome 92 for iOS today with a number of new user-facing features and tweaks.

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iOS Stories June 23

Google Authenticator for iOS can now require Face/Touch ID before showing 2FA codes

At the end of last year, Google’s 2FA app got a big iOS update that introduced a redesign and dark theme, as well as bulk account transfers. Google Authenticator can now require Face or Touch ID confirmation before showing your codes.

iOS Stories June 18

With iOS 14 last year, Apple introduced Picture-in-Picture to let you watch video in a floating window while using other tasks. The YouTube app is finally adding support for PiP on iPhone and iPad. 

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iOS Stories June 7

Google’s biggest consumer-facing augmented reality offerings today are Lens and Live View in Maps. At WWDC 2021, Apple announced it was planning to go after those two features with iOS 15 this fall.

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iOS Stories June 3

With the launch of iOS 14 last year, many Google apps added support for updated homescreen widgets. The Google Search widgets are now adding nice customizable backgrounds for iPhone and iPad. 

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iOS Stories May 10

Last month, Google released the first Chrome for iOS update since November. However, that version just focused on delivering bug fixes as the company waited for the next major browser milestone to add new features. Chrome 90 for iPhone and iPad is now rolling out with widgets.

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iOS Stories April 19

At the start of last month, Google started to release new iOS versions of the YouTube family of applications following a long, unspecified pause. Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs, and other apps were updated today in a seeming return to normal for iPhone and iPad owners. 

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iOS Stories April 6

Unlike other first-party apps, Google’s browser has historically followed a strict, publicized six-week release cycle. After going without updates for the past four months, a new version of Chrome for iPhone and iPad is rolling out now.

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iOS Stories April 5

[Update: Rolled out] Google Fi for iPhone adds Face/Touch ID ‘Privacy Screen’ to protect voicemails

On iOS, Fi subscribers can check their voicemail through the companion app. An update to Google Fi earlier this week introduces a new “Privacy Screen” feature to lock those messages and other sensitive information with Face or Touch ID.

iOS Stories March 24

One of the most popular games in the world has been Psyonix’s Rocket League, and under the umbrella of Epic Games, the game is expanding to new platforms. Later this year, “Rocket League Sideswipe” will arrive on Android and iOS devices.

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iOS Stories March 18

A new YouTube experiment brings native video playback directly to your Twitter feed without needing to go to a web browser or the dedicated app.

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iOS Stories February 12

The vast majority of Google’s iOS apps have not been updated since early December. A trio of smaller Google applications saw new versions towards the end of last month, while YouTube for iPhone and iPad was just updated this evening.

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iOS Stories February 11

Chrome for iOS tests locking your Incognito tabs with Touch and Face ID

While Chrome for iOS hasn’t seen a stable release since November amid an ongoing pause in updates, Google continues work on the beta channel and is currently testing a way to lock Incognito tabs with Face or Touch ID.

YouTube users on iPhone or iPad can again access picture-in-picture mode on all browsers when visiting the video-sharing mobile site when running the recent iOS 14.5 beta.

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iOS Stories February 10

Google hasn’t updated the vast majority of its iOS services since December. Those apps are now throwing up “This app is out of date” messages when attempting a Google sign-in.

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iOS Stories January 28

It’s standard practice for developers to pause app updates over the December holidays and resume in early January. That was the case for Google this year, but the lack of new iOS releases oddly continued for almost the entire month until app updates resumed yesterday and today. 

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iOS Stories November 19, 2020

Apple’s tough enforcement of its App Store policies has led to a sad lack of a playable version of Google Stadia on iOS. That is set to change very soon as public testing of a dedicated progressive web app is set to start within “several weeks.”

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Back in September, Google introduced iPhone and iPad widgets for Photos, Search, and YouTube Music. In addition to Gmail yesterday, Google Drive and Fit widgets are now on the iOS home screen, with Calendar and Chrome also previewed today. 

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iOS Stories November 18, 2020

With the launch of iOS 14 in September, Google’s key apps were updated to support the latest platform features. After adding default email app support, Gmail now has an iOS home screen widget. Google is also highlighting how Chrome on iPad supports opening multiple windows.

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iOS Stories November 2, 2020

[Update: Shutting down April 2021] Pre-orders open for Funko Pop skinned Gears of War on Android, iOS

One of the most popular Xbox exclusives in the form of Gears of War is heading to Android and iOS devices later this year courtesy of Gears POP!

iOS Stories October 22, 2020

In addition to YouTube Music, Google today is bringing iOS 14 home screen widgets to Photos. It delightfully lets you see “memories” every time you unlock your iPhone or iPad.

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YouTube Music picks up iOS 14 home screen widgets

Since the release of iOS 14 earlier this year, Google has been impressing us all with gorgeous new home screen widgets for its apps. YouTube Music is now the latest Google app to get iOS 14 widgets, showing your recently played music in a gorgeous design.

iOS Stories September 25, 2020

Apple debuted iOS 14 this month with huge benefits for iPhone users. Finally, homescreen customization is here! While we’re slightly jealous of things like the polished widget designs of iOS compared to Android, there’s one thing I can say for certain. The process of doing any theming or customization on iOS 14 sounds legitimately awful compared to Android.

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iOS Stories September 21, 2020

How to get Google’s slick widgets from iOS 14 on Android

iOS 14 arrived last week and it’s been a breath of fresh air to iPhone users. Finally! Widgets! Customization! Over in the Android world, though, we’ve had these options for years. Still, Google created a slick new set of widgets for iOS 14 that aren’t on Android. At least… not officially.

iOS Stories September 18, 2020

Apple launched its latest mobile OS on Wednesday and app developers are in the process of supporting the latest features. Google has two iOS 14 updates ready with a Search widget and Chrome browser default, while it’s readying a third.

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iOS Stories September 17, 2020

With the launch of iOS 14 yesterday, Apple introduced a number of privacy changes. One of them relates to how Chromecast works, with Google advising users to grant apps the iOS 14 Local Network permission and developers to upgrade.

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iOS Stories September 16, 2020

An update to the Google app for iOS is making its way to users to deliver a handy new feature. The Google app for iOS can now read articles out loud.

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iOS Stories July 22, 2020

Apple today launched a Security Research Device Program to help third parties find iPhone and iPad vulnerabilities. Google’s Project Zero team says its won’t be able to use the modified iOS devices because the program imposes restrictions that prevent 90-day disclosures.

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iOS Stories July 6, 2020

For the past several iOS (now iPadOS) releases, Apple has worked to improve multitasking on tablets. Split View lets you use two app at the same time, and Gmail on iPads now has support for this feature.

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iOS Stories July 1, 2020

Google Assistant has long dominated the voice assistant field, despite a huge head start from Apple’s Siri. With the new release of iOS 14, Apple tried to close that gap a bit with a bunch of improvements to Siri, but it’s clear that, even with that, Google Assistant still has quite the lead.

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iOS Stories May 21, 2020

[Update: Only Android 10+] Google app for Android and iOS adds official dark mode

Google has been rolling out dark mode to its various apps for over a year at this point, but the Google app’s dark mode never fully stuck on Android or iOS. Today, Google has confirmed that rollout is finally happening for all users.

iOS Stories May 9, 2020

Straight up, the 2020 iPhone SE is a good phone. It probably won’t replace the phone in your pocket unless you happen to own a really old device, but it really is impressive — even if it does run iOS.

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iOS Stories April 24, 2020

Last year, Google announced that it would kill off the AdSense apps for Android and iOS in exchange for an upgraded mobile web experience. While the apps have lasted longer than we expected, Google has today officially removed both from their respective app stores.

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iOS Stories March 25, 2020

Google Podcasts has been built out in beta on Android and the web over the past several months, and now it’s getting some big updates. Today, Google is releasing an official Google Podcasts app on iOS as it officially reveals a redesign for the service.

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iOS Stories March 3, 2020

[Update: 2 days] It’s not just you: Robinhood has been down for two days

Just in case you were concerned that maybe there was something wrong with your app or your WiFi: Nope, it’s not just you that hasn’t been able to access Robinhood’s app or website all day. In an unprecedented outage for a brokerage of its size, Robinhood hasn’t been available for two days…

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