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When it first launched in 2014, we called the Moto 360 the “best Android Wear smartwatch currently available.” And yes, there weren’t many available at the time. But that doesn’t make this title any less significant. The Moto 360 was definitely the sexiest of the first generation of Android Wear devices, and was the first to feature a round display, which is notably an LCD — unlike most other Android Wear offerings.

Being a first generation product, the Moto 360 definitely has its bugs and kinks. The device has what many have called the “flat tire,” a section at the bottom of the screen that basically serves as its bezel. As we said in our review, though, there are only a few categories that really matter: Design/build quality, functionality, and battery life. And the Moto 360 is pretty much up to par in all three (except that darn flat tire. grr.).

Moto 360 Stories November 16, 2021

‘moto watch 100’ goes official for $99 with no Wear OS

Last month, we spotted the name and final look of the next Motorola-branded wearable. The moto watch 100 is now official without Wear OS and comes in at $99.99.

Moto 360 Stories October 25, 2021

Moto Watch 100

Back in February, an investor presentation revealed that new Motorola-branded smartwatches were in development for this year. While the original deadlines have slipped, the “Moto Watch 100” looks to be getting an announcement fairly soon.

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Moto 360 Stories March 22, 2021

Moto 360 gets Wear OS H MR2 update, its first in nearly 6 months

The latest version of the Moto 360 may not be produced by Motorola, but its update schedule might make you think it is. After nearly six months without an update, the third-gen Moto 360 has just picked up the Wear OS H MR2 update.

Moto 360 Stories March 2, 2021


It emerged last week that more Moto-branded smartwatches are coming this year. An investor presentation showed three upcoming Wear OS devices from Moto, but a fourth that looks to use the Snapdragon Wear 4100 was also subtly shown off.

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Moto 360 Stories February 26, 2021


In early 2020, a new Moto 360 was released by a Canadian company called eBuyNow following a licensing deal with Motorola. That arrangement is expanding later this year as new Moto-branded Wear OS devices are on the way.

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Moto 360 Stories June 5, 2020

Moto 360 gets price cut to $299, a much more reasonable price for the Wear OS watch

Google’s Wear OS platform isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for many it’s a solid option that opens the door to a lot of different hardware designs. For the past few months, one of my favorite Wear OS devices has been the 3rd-gen Moto 360 and, now, it’s getting a permanent price cut to $299.

Moto 360 Stories March 19, 2020

New Moto 360 w/ Wear OS now available from B&H Photo for $349

Wear OS watches have slowly been getting better over the past year, and one of the best examples has been the third-generation Moto 360 we reviewed early this year. Now that watch is available from B&H Photo as another buying option.

Moto 360 Stories January 17, 2020

moto 360 wear os smartwatch

Throughout the life of Google’s ambitions with smartwatches, perhaps the most iconic release has been the Moto 360. From its first-generation that caught everyone’s attention, to the second which, well — didn’t — the Moto 360 has been the one Wear OS watch everyone seemed to love. Now, in 2020, the Moto 360 is back, and it’s a serious contender for Wear OS’ best offering. Here’s what you need to know.

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Moto 360 Stories December 11, 2019

[Update: US pre-orders open] The Moto 360 is being re-released for 2019 w/ new internals, familiar design

Motorola has announced a brand new up-to-date model of the original Moto 360 smartwatch.

Moto 360 Stories May 25, 2017

Moto says Android Wear 2.0 is hitting the 2nd gen. Moto 360 ‘as early as today’

Android Wear 2.0 has seen a terribly slow rollout, and that rollout (apparently) continues today with the 2nd generation Moto 360. Android Wear 2.0, the first major revamp of Google’s smartwatch OS, and first went official all the way back in February.

Moto 360 Stories June 21, 2016



Following Rick Osterloh’s exit and eventual hire by Google in April, Motorola’s long-time head of design Jim Wicks is leaving Lenovo for Northwestern University. Wicks was at the company for over 12 years and most recently responsible for the design of the Moto X and Moto 360.

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Moto 360 Stories June 14, 2016



Android Wear 2.0 went official following Google I/O and as we learn everything it’s capable of, we’re also finding out who will and will not get it. Just like with previous updates, just about everyone will be getting it, but this time around Google is dropping two models, the original LG G Watch and the 1st generation Moto 360.

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Moto 360 Stories June 6, 2016

Deal: You can get a Moto 360 Sport for just $161.32 on Amazon right now

The Moto 360 Sport, which we said earlier this year is the best Android Wear fitness solution so far, has today popped up on Amazon for a new low price of $161.32 shipped. That may not be as great of a deal as the crazy bundle that Motorola offered last week (which combined the Moto X Pure and the 360 Sport for just $400), but it’s the best deal we’ve seen yet for the watch by itself. $161.32 is about $40 less than the current going price of $200 and $140 less than its original retail price of $300…



Update 6/8: More watches are now receiving Android Wear 1.5, including the second generation Moto 360 and Moto 360 Sport. Release notes on Motorola’s website point to security and stability improvements, as well as enhancements for Moto Body.

Android Wear 2.0 will introduce a bevy of new features for users and developers when it is released in Q4 of 2016. Before that major update, however, it appears that a more incremental version of Wear is rolling out. Several Samsung Gear Live users have already received Android Wear 1.5 and are only seeing minor changes.

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Moto 360 Stories April 28, 2016

Short-lived Moto 360 Sport no longer available on the Google Store

Yesterday we told you that the Nexus 9 was abruptly pulled from the Google Store, and now the Mountain View company has pulled another device from sale. The Moto 360 Sport, which we recently reviewed and has only been on the Google Store for a few months, is now listed as “Not available”…

Moto 360 Stories April 6, 2016

9to5Toys Lunch Break: Nexux 5X 16GB $230, First gen. Moto 360 $100, Nest Cam $180, more

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Google Nexus 5X 16GB now just $230 shipped (Reg. $349)

Moto 360 Android Wear stainless steel: $100 shipped (Reg. $150) | B&H

Nest Cam security camera: $180 shipped (Reg. $200) | eBay

Walmart launches iPhone SE $100 discount, $150 discount on Galaxy S6/7

iPhone SE and Galaxy S7/Edge cases in a variety of styles/colors from $3 shipped

Storage: WD My Passport Ultra 1TB USB 3.0 Portable HDD $50 (Reg. $60), more


Smartphone Accessories: Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III $249 shipped (Reg. $300), Aduro 2-Outlet USB Surge Protector $10, more


AT&T buy 3 accessories, save 20%: iPad Pro Smart Keyboard $143 (Reg. $169), Apple Pencil $87 (Reg. $99), more


Roku introduces a new quad-core streaming stick with a slimmed down design

Apogee releases its most affordable full-featured Mac recording interface yet

Moto 360 Stories February 25, 2016


Monosnap 2016-02-25 15-48-42

Compared to the dozens of other Android Wear watches we’ve seen over the last couple of years, the Moto 360 Sport is both different and the same. It’s different because, unlike the more popular classy offerings in the form of the Huawei Watch, the Fossil Q, the Moto 360 (2nd gen.), and others, the Moto 360 was made from the ground up with an active lifestyle in mind. It’s the same, however, in pretty much every other way imaginable… expand full story

Moto 360 Stories February 17, 2016

Deal: Buy a Moto X Pure Edition 64GB, get a free first gen. Moto 360 ($200 value)

Moto X Pure Edition is one of the best phones that launched last year, and now you have even more reason to buy one. Just last month we gave it a “3 months later” second look (spoiler: we still think it’s great), but Motorola wants to make the deal even sweeter with a free Moto 360 Android Wear watch…

Moto 360 Stories February 11, 2016



Marshmallow for Android Wear finally began rolling out last week after having been announced in November. While speaker support and new gestures are the marquee user facing features, the under-the-hood performance changes that Marshmallow brings are a huge deal. The update also brings some small tweaks and changes to Android Wear …

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Moto 360 Stories February 5, 2016



Update: Release notes for Moto 360 (first generation) and Moto 360 Sport are now available as well.

Marshmallow for Android Wear was finally announced yesterday and the OTA update for the watches should begin at any moment. Motorola is the first out with release notes on more details about Android Wear 1.4 for their second generation Moto 360.

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Moto 360 Stories January 14, 2016

PSA: Moto 360 Sport now available from the Google Store

When Motorola announced its new, second generation versions of the Moto 360 smartwatch, it also teased a more fitness-centric model called the Moto 360 Sport. While the regular 360 launched in time for holiday seasons shopping, the Sport didn’t land until significantly later. In fact, it only landed in the US — at Motorola and Verizon’s stores — last week.

For those who like to shop on Google’s own online store, you’ll be glad to know the Sport is now available to buy at and costs $299.

For those who’ve been looking for an Android Wear device optimized for exercising, the Moto 360 Sport looks to be a great option. It comes with a durable, thick silicone strap and with a screen that adapts to surrounding brightness. It’s IP67 water and dust resistant and has a built in heart-rate monitor.

Key Specs: 

  • 1.37-inch 360 x 325 resolution AnyLight Hybrid Display
  • 45mm diameter case
  • 300mAh battery
  • Wireless charging (dock included)
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor
  • 4GB storage
  • 512MB RAM
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
  • Barometric Altimeter for measuring altitude
  • Heart rate monitor

Moto 360 Stories January 7, 2016

Moto 360 Sport now available for purchase in the US

The Moto 360 Sport has been available in the UK and France since December 18th. Starting today, those in the US will be able to purchase the smarwatch from Motorola and Verizon’s online store.

Motorola offering $100 discount when you purchase new Moto X Pure and Moto 360 together

Running up to the holidays, Motorola was offering some great discounts on its older Android and Android Wear products. Sadly, those same deals didn’t apply to the newer and rather fantastic Moto X Pure and Moto 360 from 2015. That changes this month, as the Lenovo-owned company begins offering money off for customers buying both products together.

Anyone buying the new Moto X Pure Edition (2015) and 2nd gen Moto 360 together will get $100 off at checkout. There’s no promo code to remember, just add the two products to your basket at in the US and the discount applies automatically. That means a package deal combining the two devices will cost you $599 for the base models, rather than the usual $699. Of course, adding extra storage to your phone or choosing a more premium material for the phone’s back or the Moto 360’s watch strap will cost extra.

This is the first time we’ve seen either of the new products with a significant discount anywhere in the US. The deal is available until January 12th, 10:59 Central Time.

Moto 360 Stories January 3, 2016

Original Moto 360 in champagne metal now available for $150+ $5 shipping

Holiday season may have ended, but that doesn’t mean companies are ready to stop discounting products. We’re heading in to 2016, and have just seen an influx of new products hit the market in the last few months. That means older versions of gadgets are now available cheaper.

One such device is the original Moto 360. Head on over to Woot and you can snag the champagne gold version of Motorola’s first Android Wear watch for just $149 with either the 18mm or 23mm strap. That’s down 35% from the original list price of $229.

As a reminder, here’s a rundown of the specs:

  • 1.56-inch, round 320 x 290 LCD display (205ppi)
  • 18mm or 23mm brand
  • 320mAh battery
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • Heart rate sensor built in
  • TI OMAP 3 processor
  • IP67 water resistance
  • Pedometer
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • Qi-standard wireless charging (cradle include)
  • Runs Android Wear, compatible with Android smartphones from 4.3 upwards

The Moto 360 was arguably the first attractive, fashion-forward smartwatch running Android Wear. The champagne metal version emphasized that focus on design further. By the time the second generation was released towards the end of last year, Motorola had competition from the likes of Huawei, LG and Apple. Coming in to 2016, competition is only going to get fiercer as traditional watch-makers get involved in the wearable tech market. Both Fossil and TAG Heuer have launched Android Wear watches, and we expect other well-known fashion brands will do the same this year.

Moto 360 Stories December 1, 2015



Android Wear smartwatches may not be as much of a “hot gift” this year as the Apple Watch is, but if you have friends without an iPhone, going with an Android-based smartwatch is pretty much your only option if you want to gift them a wearable. There are a lot of options to pick from across many different price points, but we’re here to help you pick out the perfect combo of fashion and tech for your loved one… expand full story



Back when it introduced the new Moto 360 range, Motorola also showed off a brand new sports-focused version of its popular Android Wear smartwatch. Unlike the regular Moto 360 though, it wasn’t available right after launch. In a blog post today, the company has finally given us an official price and release date for the fitness wearable…

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Moto 360 Stories October 2, 2015



There’s really not a lot to say about this year’s Moto 360. It’s an Android Wear smartwatch, so there’s really not much different here over similar devices we’re seen over the last year or so as far as software goes. The real discussion with the 2nd gen Moto 360 is the design. What we have now is an evolved and matured version, but with one unfortunate similarity when compared to the first generation: that flat tire.

Like many, I was hoping that Motorola would eliminate this aspect altogether, but that didn’t happen. If you can look past the flat tire, which ultimately adds to some of the functionality here, there’s a lot to love about the Moto 360…

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With so many companies having recently announced their new generations of Android Wear watches, there’s never been a better (or cheaper) time to try out the platform. There were many risks with trying it out before. First off, Android Wear watches weren’t that cheap. For a sibling platform with limited performance, it was a lot of money to gamble on a wrist gadget you might hate. Those same watches are now last generation, and with that, they’re much cheaper and give you an easier access point to Android Wear. Perhaps more importantly, the OS itself has come on leaps and bounds since its introduction. Now you can get a great Android Wear experience without having to fork out a ton of cash…

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Moto 360 Stories September 18, 2015

Quick unboxing double take: Moto 360 (2nd gen) and Huawei Watch [Video]

Seth and I both got our hands on a couple new Android Wear devices today, and while you should definitely keep an eye out for our full reviews shortly, we thought we would post a couple quick unboxings. We have both the new Moto 360 (2nd generation) as well as the long-awaited Huawei Watch in-hand, and you can check out our videos below…

If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.



Since the rise of science fiction movies, we’ve dreamed of being able to communicate to people through our wrists. In almost every case of wrist-worn gadgetry, fictional or real, that dream is met by voice dictation, or video calling. We don’t get excited by the prospect of typing in long messages to people using a tiny onscreen keyboard. Despite several attempts by tech companies in the past, it just hasn’t caught on. So it’s a little baffling when a company decides to release an app for smartwatches with the keyboard as its primary input method. I went hands on with Messages for Android Wear to find out if it was any good…

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Moto 360 Stories September 8, 2015



Android and Mobvoi have formed a ‘strategic partnership‘ to bring Android Wear to mainland China for the first time. This news comes days after revelations that Google is working to bring a tweaked version of Android and the Google Play Store to China. Negotiations have been difficult, and require compromises from Google, but with Android Wear officially landing, it signals the beginning of a much bigger focus on China than has been possible in recent years…

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Moto 360 Stories September 6, 2015


We saw tons of leaks and rumors about the recently-announced Moto 360 2nd generation prior to its announcement, but none of them mentioned that the company had any plans to sell a budget-friendly version of the device aimed at kids. Now we know, thanks to a blog post on a Motorola engineer’s website, that the company did indeed plan to market such a device — a “value tier” Moto 360 made with bright colors. Sadly, the project was apparently cancelled sometime before IFA rolled around… expand full story


Now that Android Wear is officially compatible with iOS devices there’s a lot more smartwatch love to go around, at least for Apple fans. Android users have had a taste of the first generation, but Motorola’s new Moto 360 is one of the many new options available for both sides for the fence. The question is, should you give Motorola your money?

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Moto 360 Stories September 2, 2015

9to5Toys Lunch Break: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge $500, Moto 360 (2nd gen) & Huawei Watch available for pre-order, more

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Today’s can’t miss deals:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB (factory unlocked): $500 shipped (Reg. $1,000) | eBay

Pre-orders for the new Moto 360 (2nd gen) and Huawei Watch are now live on the Google Store

9to5Toys Specials: Moto E & 1-Yr FreedomPop unlimited talk-and-text: $150 shipped (Reg. $120 + plan)

LG G Pad V410 AT&T GSM Unlocked 7-Inch 4G LTE 16GB Tablet: $80 shipped (Reg. $200) | eBay

Ringke Cases from $3 shipped: Galaxy S6/Edge, Nexus 6, iPhone 6/Plus, more in multiple colors/styles

SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD card for Android devices: $200 shipped (Reg. $220+)

LG G3 D850 32 GB unlocked new 32GB blue: $250 shipped (Reg. $400) | eBay

GoPro HERO4 Silver waterproof action camera: $319 shipped (Reg. $400)

HP Chromebook 14″ 2.3GHz 16GB storage Chromebook (refurb): $200 shipped (Reg. $220+) | eBay

Amazon now offers money back to Prime members after their first Dash button purchase

Giveaway: $400 Belkin WeMo bundle including the new Lightify Starter Set, multiple winners

More new gear from today:

Games/Apps: Flick Kick Football & Field Goal go free (Reg. $2 ea), Clear Day Weather $2 (Reg. $4), more iOS freebies

More deals still alive:

Fitbit Charge HR Activity Tracker in multiple sizes/colors: $120 shipped (Reg. $150)

Healthkit-supported Bluetooth Smart Bathroom scale with BMI, more: $49 Shipped

New products & more:

Neato details its new iOS/Android connected robotic smart vac

EA announces upcoming Star Wars Battlefront beta, new gameplay modes and companion app

This is Motorola’s answer to the ‘Moto 270’ jokes

The new Moto 360 is surely right around the corner, but one thing doesn’t seem to have changed. The 2nd generation Moto 360 — which was just made official — still hasn’t managed to get rid of the dreadful “flat tire.” But according to a very informative slide snapped by our own Seth Weintraub at Lenovo’s press event yesterday, Motorola is having none of the criticism and jokes. Comparing the 360 to the Samsung Gear Live, the G Watch, and the Apple Watch, the Moto 360 wins in display-to-body ratio.

As you can see, at least according to Moto’s data, the 360’s screen has 71.7% of the front face of the watch, while the Apple Watch — probably the 360’s biggest competitor — has a measly 49.1%. Both of LG’s recent offerings come in at around the same number as the Apple Watch, but other competitors, like the Gear Live, are as low as 41.9%. With the flat tire, which sadly makes the 360’s screen a not-so-perfect circle, Motorola can achieve a much better ratio. Oddly missing, however, is the Huawei Watch…



After months of speculation and leaks, Motorola has officially launched the second generation Moto 360. Its first generation was easily the best-looking and most fashion-forward Android Wear smartwatch of its time, and this year’s models could easily reclaim that crown (if it ever lost it). For the first time, there’s also going to be a more fitness oriented Moto 360 Sport. expand full story

Moto 360 Stories September 1, 2015

Yet another Moto 360 press render image surfaces, possibly shows gold-plated models

The Moto 360 leaks just won’t stop. We’ve seen images front, back and all-around of the smaller Moto 360S and larger Moto 360L, but now Evleaks (by the way, didn’t he retire or something?) has shared images of what could be one of the more expensive Moto 360 variants. They’re probably not Apple Watch Edition-level expensive, but more likely close to the price range of the Huawei Watch (another Android Wear device that’s slated to have its availability and pricing detailed at IFA).

As you can see above, there looks to be at least a couple of what are assumably gold-plated models in both the “small” and “large” sizes. As we told you yesterday, the small device is slated to have a 42mm body, while the large is expected to sport a 46mm case. All of the above watches have link bracelets,but Motorola could still offer these with a leather band, perhaps through Moto Maker. We saw a lot of watches leaked in renders yesterday, but none of them looked quite like the gold ones above.

Based on an image we shared with you earlier today, it seems Motorola is prepping to show off the Moto 360 on September 8th. We’re on the ground in Berlin already, and we’ll be keeping you up to the minute on the latest in the world of Android, Android Wear, and anything else that might catch us by surprise over the next week.

Moto 360 Stories August 31, 2015

Upleaks shares Moto 360S and Moto 360L screen & lug sizes ahead of IFA

The new Moto 360 — scheduled to be unveiled in just a few days — has seen plenty of leaks over the last few weeks. And now Upleaks is getting into the nitty gritty. According to a pair of recent tweets, we now know the dimensions of both devices’ screens and lug widths…

Apparently, the Moto 360 small (which has appropriately picked up the Moto 360S moniker) sports a 1.37-inch display and a 42mm body, as well as lugs to fit a 20mm band. The large variant, in turn referred to as the Moto 360L, has a 1.55-inch display, a 46mm body, and a 22mm band size.

Also, following several new leaked stock images of both devices this morning, as well as the newly-rumored Moto 360 Sport, Upleaks has now shared images of the back of the device. As you can see above, the watch is labeled as “Moto 360,” sports a pedometer, is IP67 water resistant, is made of stainless steel, and has wireless charging.

The one on the left is assumably the Moto 360S, while the one on the right is the larger model (I’m assuming these aren’t to scale). Hopefully Motorola decides to simply offer two sizes and doesn’t come anywhere close to attaching silly letters to their names. The branding looks to simply be “Moto 360,” and I have faith that that’s what they (both) will be called.


Android Wear finally has iOS support after Google pushed its iPhone-compatible software to the App Store. This means that Android has beaten Apple Watch to the cross-platform game. Or, at least it would, if iOS didn’t restrict it to a state of almost uselessness. The only device officially supported is the LG Watch Urbane although — as we previously revealed — the older generation Android Wear watches do work. I got it set up with my Moto 360, and have been mostly disappointed by my experience so far.

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The Moto 360 is set to get a complete refresh at IFA later this week, and up to this point we’ve only seen what look to be two variants of the device. There’s apparently a smaller watch and a larger watch (reportedly called Moto 360S and Moto 360L, respectively). Now, well-known leakster Upleaks is giving us a look at a “Sport” variant of the smartwatch, featuring bright colors and some kind of fitness tracking software on board… expand full story

Moto 360 Stories August 28, 2015



Motorola’s Android Wear-powered Moto 360 has disappeared from its U.S. website just as we’re expecting the company to unveil the 2nd-generation model next week at IFA Berlin. The change was first reported by Droid-Life.

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Moto 360 Stories August 27, 2015

PSA: Many Moto 360 owners now receiving Android Wear 1.3 update

The Moto 360 is perhaps one of the most — if not the most — popular Android Wear smartwatches, and now it appears that the device’s update to Android Wear 1.3 is now rolling out to the masses. The update was officially announced last week, and comes packed with new interactive watch face support, a new watch face called “Together,” and other great new features…

Motorola has officially mentioned the update on their support site:

We are rolling out a new Android Wear software update for Moto 360 by Motorola. With this update we have added support for new features and fixed some issues to improve your experience… This software update will be rolled out in phases to Moto 360 users over the next few days.  When you receive the update, you will receive a notification on your watch.

According to the company, the update packs all of the features Google mentioned in its official blog post. You’ll get the aforementioned interactive watch face support, the Together watch face, Google Translate for Android Wear, a new Weather app, notification privacy improvements, and of course the usual bug fixes and improvements.

Here’s the full change log:

Interactive Watch Faces Interactive watch faces make it easier to stay connected. With just a tap on your watch face, you can change its design, reveal more information, or even launch a specific app.

You can download interactive watch faces from Play Store. To set up, touch and hold on the current watch face, then scroll left/right to select the one you just downloaded. You can also select it from the Android Wear phone app.

Together Watch Face Two Android Wear users can stay close throughout the day by turning their entire watch face into a space for sharing. Once you’ve paired your watch face with a partner’s, you’ll be able to share things like photos and emojis, and more.

To set up, touch and hold on the current watch face, then scroll left/right to find the Together watch face. You can also select it from the Android Wear phone app.

Google Translate for Wear Translate a conversation into any of the 44 available languages, then flip your wrist to show the translation to someone else. When they respond in their own language, flip your wrist back, and you’ll see in a translation of what they’ve just said.

The watch must be connected to a phone with internet access via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Weather Microapp Shows current weather conditions and four-day forecast for your current location. To open the weather microapp, swipe left on the watch face, then scroll down and tap Weather.
Privacy improvement for notifications Your notifications won’t show in full screen until the watch is oriented in a way that only you can see it. This feature prevents others from reading an incoming notification when your watch screen is pointed away from you.
Bug Fixes A variety of system optimizations to improve performance and stability.

Make sure that your watch has at least 80% battery, and also remember to keep your Android Wear companion app up to date for good measure. Motorola says the update is rolling out “over the next few days,” so be patient as it makes its way to your watch. Or just keep mashing the “System updates” button in Settings. It’s up to you.

On the off chance that you have a home-made cable for connecting your 360 to a PC, you can download the Android Wear 1.3 OTA now.


Recently we revealed that Motorola’s new smartwatch passed through the Brazilian equivalent of the FCC. In it, the filings indicated that Motorola is clearly working on two sizes for its next generation Moto 360 smartwatch. Moto 360L and Moto 360S will seemingly keep the same ‘flat tire’ on the bottom of the screen, and similar round metal cases but there are clear differences. Today, both big and small versions of the Moto 360 have popped up in individually leaked photos.

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Moto 360 Stories August 26, 2015


The update to Android Wear pushed back in May bumped the base Android version to 5.1.1, but the most recent update — the one that packs all the nifty interactive watch face features — keeps the OS at 5.1.1 while bringing Android Wear to version 1.3. The update has slowly been rolling out to all Android Wear watches over the last week or so (none of them are too dated for updates quite yet, thankfully), and OTA download links are starting to trickle in. Find them (via Android Police) below the fold… expand full story

Moto 360 Stories August 23, 2015


moto-360-2nd-gen Not long ago, we revealed that Motorola’s next generation smart watch has made its way through testing and registration with the FCC in Brazil. That was after Motorola itself ‘accidentally’ leaked it. Now it seems, people testing the device in Chicago are just walking around and hopping on public transport wearing the unreleased wearable. Google Plus user, Gerrit Gödecke spotted one being worn while riding a Chicago commuter train and managed to snap a few shots. expand full story

Moto 360 Stories August 21, 2015


Take out your salt shakers, but new images have made their way onto Reddit picturing what is purportedly the case of Motorola’s next iteration to the Android Wear-powered Moto 360.

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Moto 360 Stories August 14, 2015


Two products with the model numbers 360S and 360L have passed through the telecommunications agency Anatel in the past week. While much information has been omitted from public eyes, a couple details lead us to believe that Motorola is reaching the launch of a successor to last year’s Android Wear-powered Moto 360 smartwatch — and in two sizes.

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Update: This post has been updated to include prior knowledge regarding a leaked image of Moto 360 prototypes by Lenovo’s CEO.

Update 2: No surprise, the tweet has since been removed after a couple hours.

What does the smartwatch in the above image look like to you? Yes, it looks like a Moto 360 except, wait — it doesn’t exactly. The watch pictured above just appeared in a video tweeted out by Motorola Mobility, and its differences with Motorola’s first Android Wear watch have led some to believe that it’s an inadvertent leak of the company’s much anticipated successor to the 360. The tweet is still live as of writing.

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