minuum Stories December 19, 2014



If you’ve ever tried any third party keyboards on your Android device, there’s a decent chance that Minuum was one of them. Today, version 3.0 of the space-saving keyboard has begun rolling out, packing a slew of new features including Material Design and experimental support for simultaneous use of multiple languages.

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minuum Stories October 21, 2014

Minuum for Android version 2.14 brings 5 new languages, improved autocorrect

Minuum has long been the Android keyboard of choice for some, and today the company announced that the app is getting a bunch of useful new features, including what the company says are “major” improvements to the Minuum engine. First, Minuum now supports 5 new languages, including Swedish, Polis, Czech, Portuguese, and Turkish. These are of course in beta, however, and you should try them out at your own risk. Additionally, the update brings improved autocorrect  and the company says that it has “completely revamped” how to app makes suggestions hoping to bring them closer to the words you type on the full keyboard. Finally, the update now lets all users have access to quick language switching, and a bunch of bug fixes are in tow as well.

minuum Stories August 20, 2014

Minuum keyboard updated with new keyboard modes, more

Minuum just keeps on getting better with each update, and this one—as described on the company’s blog—gives you the flexibility to move the keyboard around the screen as you please by way of a couple new keyboard modes. The first of them is called floating mode, which lets you move the keyboard around at will as you can see in the above image. Secondly, compact mode is functionally similar to floating mode, and lets you dock the keyboard to different locations on the screen. Also included in this update is the ability for users to change how periods work when double tapping the space bar. Finally, some buttons—including layer and mode—have been removed from the shift menu to reduce clutter.

You can grab the updated Minuum from the Play Store.

minuum Stories July 15, 2014


First Ever Typing On Android Wear - YouTube 2014-07-15 13-25-20 2014-07-15 13-25-29

The Minuum keyboard has already been announced to be in development for the Moto 360, but today the company demoed its keyboard actually running on another Android Wear device — the LG G Watch. Last time we only got a concept, but now we have a real-time video demo of a slick — albeit (intentionally?) cramped — keyboard running on Android Wear. And Minuum says they’re ready to send out its earliest release.

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minuum Stories June 24, 2014

Minuum keyboard coming to Moto 360

Minuum announced today that it’s retooling its smart predictive keyboard to fit the face of circular smartwatches, like the Moto 360. Positioned along the edge of a watch, the keyboard features three rows of letters that can be used for text input. Keying in words on a small watch face might not sound like the most practical idea, but Minuum contends that voice commands don’t always cut it.

minuum Stories May 13, 2014


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjcHzO3-QEg] Minuum, one of the more distinctive third-party keyboards available for Android devices, is coming to Google Glass. The keyboard was shown off this morning in a video of the prototype app running on Glass. The second half of the video, however, is far more exciting. expand full story

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