LG G4 Pro Stories September 29, 2015


We’ve heard a number of rumors concerning upcoming LG devices over the past few weeks and months. All together, we’re not entirely clear on what LG has in store for us for the holiday quarter. Whether it’s a budget phablet with a stylus, a ‘V10’ with a secondary ticker display or the LG Class which was officially announced recently, the Korean tech company’s wares have leaked so much it’s confusing.

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LG G4 Pro Stories September 21, 2015

Leakster OnLeaks says that an LG G4 ‘Pro’ is still coming

The LG G4 was announced almost 6 months ago now, and it wasn’t long after that the rumors of a larger, speedier, and more-capable LG G4 “Pro” started to surface. Earlier this month, the well-connected David Ruddock came out to say that LG isn’t planning a “pro” or “premium” version of the G4 for this fall, but new information from a credible leakster suggests that such a device is still in the cards.

The next handset that we’ll see from LG is almost surely going to be the much-rumored Nexus 5X, set to be announced at Google’s September 29th event. Another handset has also been making the rounds, however, called the LG V10. This device purportedly packs a 5.7-inch screen, an auxiliary ticker display, and a Snapdragon 808 processor. We’ll see what LG announces on October 1st

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