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Leaks Stories August 22, 2016


LG V20 Render

We don’t know too much about LG’s upcoming V20 flagship, but we have heard some tidbits here and there. We have a rough idea of what it’ll look like by way of renders that leaked a couple of weeks ago, we know that it’s coming in September with Android Nougat and a dual-camera system, and we know that it will have some Quad DAC audio capabilities.

Now, another teaser from LG touts that the phone will have “the best video and audio experience” on a smartphone…

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Leaks Stories July 28, 2016



Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is set to be announced on August 2nd, but today an anonymous source (who we have confirmed has actually seen the device) has provided us with an extensive rundown of what we can expect with this phone. Some of this information is independent confirmation of details we’ve already seen in a variety of leaks over the last several weeks, but we also have some corrections to previous leaks and some juicy new information to share with you as well…

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The Note 7 leaks are streaming in faster than ever as the Korean company’s August 2nd event approaches, and the latest include even more glimpses of the flat non-edge version of the Note 7. We’ve mentioned many times the possible existence of a flat Galaxy Note 7, but renowned leakster Evan Blass told us last week that we should abandon any hope we have of seeing a non-edge version of the phone…

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Leaks Stories July 18, 2016



Leaked photos via GSMArena show what is expected to be Sony’s next flagship smartphone. The Sony Xperia F8331 is noticeably different design-wise from the previous Z line and will have better specifications than the current X Performance. An announcement is expected at IFA this September.

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Leaks Stories July 11, 2016



From renders to software, we already know a lot about Samsung’s next major release, the Galaxy Note 7. Now just a few weeks out from the expected announcement we’ve got our first look at a purported Note 7 prototype shown off on camera.

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Leaks Stories July 1, 2016



We’ve been hearing a lot about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 7 over the past several weeks and today we’ve got yet another big leak. Famous leakster Evan Blass, more commonly known as @evleaks, has today released a new set of images giving us what appears to be our first official look at the Note 7…

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Leaks Stories June 13, 2016


OP3 ITWWe are just a day away from the OnePlus 3‘s official announcement, but of course leaks simply won’t stop coming. Thanks, once again, to Steve Hemmerstoffer — better known in the tech world with his @OnLeaks pseudonym — we can now see what seems to be a final unit of the device in the wild…

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Leaks Stories May 17, 2016



A fresh press render has leaked this morning courtesy of the fount-of-all-leaks, Evan Blass, showing the OnePlus 3 in a much more flattering light than the recent prototype leaks. The image seemingly confirms OnePlus’ move away from the replaceable plastic rear panels, with the company intent on releasing a metal-bodied device.

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Leaks Stories May 16, 2016

Moto G 4th gen shows up in leaked press render, sans fingerprint sensor

Well-known leaker, Even Blass has produced yet another render of the next generation Moto G, this time it’s the regular model without a fingerprint sensor on the front panel. If accurate, it virtually confirms the previous speculation that this year’s G-series Moto phones will be available in regular and ‘Plus’ variants.

Leaks Stories May 11, 2016

OnePlus 3 prototype shows up in fresh leaked photos, corroborate previous images

Just days after the first batch of OnePlus 3 leaks surfaced, more have appeared on Chinese social networking site, Weibo. This time, the device is shown completely case-less, with the boot-up screen clearly showing the OnePlus logo.

At this point it seems safe to assume that the third-generation device from OnePlus will indeed be this OnePlus 2/HTC One crossover.

Leaks Stories April 28, 2016



Taking into account all the leaks and rumors we’ve seen over the past few weeks regarding the upcoming 4th generation Moto G, it’s safe to assume the device is going to be announced relatively soon. Corroborating those leaks we’ve already laid our eyes on, another batch of detailed renders has found its way online.

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Leaks Stories March 23, 2016



HTC seems to be having a lot of fun teasing its next flagship smartphone. The HTC 10 will be unveiled officially at a virtual event on April 12, and is expected to compete directly with this year’s biggest smartphones. While the company has been pushing out its own teasers, leaks and renders have given us a pretty clear image of what to expect from the Taiwanese tech company this year.

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Leaks Stories March 18, 2016



HTC is going to announce a brand new phone at some point in the next couple of months, and will likely release the next generation flagship HTC One-series phone. While the device is likely to keep the trademark unibody metal chassis, it’s rumored to be moving away from the ‘One’ moniker, and will be named the ‘HTC 10’.

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Leaks Stories March 7, 2016


htc 10 renders

Last week we saw our first hands-on images of the HTC 10, as well as our first high-res press render. These showed a device which retains the solid, curved metal unibody design from previous One M-series smartphones, but with a front panel which looked more like the One A9.

Since then, another collection of renders have shown up with the devices in four fashionable metal colors. While we have doubts about the authenticity of the images, they do show options which are — at the very least — likely to be included in the range.

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Leaks Stories March 1, 2016



Following on from the recent leak seemingly showing the Huawei P9 prototype encased in an identity-protecting plastic shell, the upcoming flagship smartphone has appeared again. This time, the smartphone is completely uncovered, showing a device which takes some of the design influences of last year, and adds some of today’s most high end features…

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Leaks Stories February 29, 2016



Unlike last year, Huawei’s presence at MWC in 2016 was slightly muted. At least it was for the Android fans among us. The company launched a 2-in-1 Windows tablet/laptop crossover and nothing Android or Chrome-based. But there’s good reason for the Chinese manufacturer’s lack of Google-powered products. If rumors are to be believed, Huawei is preparing to launch its next P-series smartphones at some point in the near future.

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Leaks Stories February 19, 2016

Rumored HTC One M10 leaks out again in white, offers better look at fingerprint sensor

Earlier this month, the first leaked picture of the HTC One M10 confirmed that the device will take many design cues from the One A9. Another picture from Evleaks shows off a white model of the device and gives a better look at the fingerprint sensor.

Leaks Stories February 16, 2016



As the Galaxy S7 launch closes in on us, leaks are on the increase. The latest — just like the real-life photos of the LG G5 — comes from Dubai selling-site, Dubizzle. In a listing which claims to be selling imported US models of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the phone is shown off again.

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With all the hype and abundance of leaks surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S7, it’s easy to forget that the other big Korean tech company is due to launch a brand new flagship smartphone soon. LG will unveil the G5 at an event in Barcelona on Sunday, Feb. 21 and is expected to depart from its usual plastic-bodied device in favor of an all-metal flagship.

Just a few days ahead of its launch, a unit has been spotted for sale on Dubai’s Dubizzle website, and seems to show the unit in the flesh for the first time.

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Leaks Stories February 15, 2016

Latest Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge press render leak shows off classy black, gray and gold together

Having seen a few leaks already over the past few weeks, it’s fair to say there’s little left to the imagination when it comes to what Samsung will announced this coming Sunday. The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are expected to take on a design very similar to the S6 family, albeit slightly more curvy and perhaps a little thicker.

Leaks Stories February 9, 2016



Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is set to be announced later this month, but it looks like by the time that happens there won’t be anything new to learn about the phone. We just saw actual photos of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge yesterday, and thanks to several previous leaks, we know a lot about the phones’ specs. Now, via a forum poster over at SamMobile, we have our hands on the official set of wallpapers for the unannounced phone…

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Leaks Stories February 3, 2016



It wasn’t that long ago that rumors predicted that Google was planning to bring a new podcasts feature to its popular Play Music app. This would see Google add yet another media platform to its already large list of options available in the Play Store. With it already offering books, movies, music downloads and streaming, apps and games, it would mean Google would now offer virtually every kind of popular media. Popular podcaster, Bill Simmons confirmed the move on Twitter before taking down his tweet earlier today.

Thanks to Android Police, we now have a good idea as to what the podcasts user interface will look like and the features it’ll bring along with it…

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Leaks Stories January 31, 2016



A handful of companies have already announced their intention to launch devices during (or before) MWC 2016 in Barcelona in a few weeks’ time. LG and Huawei have both sent out invites, while rumors are that Sony also has something planned. But, Samsung — a company which for the past few years has used the conference to launch its Galaxy S range — has been quiet so far…

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Leaks Stories January 29, 2016



Update: Evan Blass has now tweeted images of the back of the phone.

Evan Blass has quite thoroughly leaked LG’s and Samsung’s next flagship devices. Today, he revealed what appears to be the first official looking renders of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge…

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Leaks Stories January 28, 2016



Writing for VentureBeat, notorious leaker Evan Blass has revealed new details of HTC’s next flagship device. The One M10, codenamed the Perfume, will have a Snapdragon 820 processor and quite interestingly will be returning to using an UltraPixel camera.

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Xiaomi Mi 5 retail packaging leak seemingly reveals design and color options

Xiaomi has already confirmed that it will reveal its next flagship smartphone, the Mi 5, at a media event in Barcelona during MWC next month. While we know when the phone will be launched, and that it will be equipped with a Snapdragon 820 processor, little else is close to confirmed. Even the design has been something of a mystery since all we’ve seen so far is a couple of sketchy leaks and a supposed render.

Today, further evidence has risen suggesting the earlier render was accurate. Images posted by well-known leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer show what appears to be a warehouse with multiple empty white boxes stacked on a pallet, seemingly ready for shipment to assembly lines.

The boxes themselves show a device almost identical to the previous renders, and shows them in four different fashionable colors: gold, pink, white and black.

Design-wise, the devices look very much like a Galaxy S6 with its rounded metal frame plus the glass front and back panels. The glass curves towards the edges on the back, similar to the design of the Note 5. As a reminder, these are the earlier leaks which claimed to show the Mi 5’s form factor previously:

While the company has been expectedly vague with any details regarding the Mi 5, we are expecting a device with specs to match most of the top flagship phones for 2016. The SD820-powered device is rumored to feature a Quad HD display, as well as an advanced f/2.2 aperture 16MP camera with 4K video recording. If it’s anything like previous Xiaomi devices, it will cost considerably less than the Galaxy S7, which Samsung is allegedly planning to launch during the first quarter of this year.

Leaks Stories January 14, 2016



Not long ago,  Xiaomi’s co-founder indicated we should expect to see its next flagship, the Mi 5, launch sometime after the Spring Festival (also known as Chinese New Year). The only other fact we knew for sure was that it will be powered by Qualcomm’s newest processor, the Snapdragon 820, which is being built using Samsung’s 14nm FinFET process.

While there’s no guarantee that these are definitive, or accurate, there have been a couple more leaks pointing towards what we should expect from the Mi 5 and when we should expect to see it…

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Leaks Stories January 13, 2016



As unusual rumors go, this is up there with the best of them. According to CNET Korea‘s sources, LG is planning and testing a G5 design featuring an all-metal structure, but with a semi-modular design for removing and replacing the battery.

The LG G5 is expected to be announced right before MWC next month, after the company sent out invitations to press for an event on February 21st in Barcelona.

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Leaks Stories January 11, 2016

Galaxy S7 Edge specs allegedly leaked on AnTuTu Benchmark, suggest 12MP camera, 5.1-inch screen

Recent rumors surrounding the upcoming Galaxy S7 have indicated that we’re expecting to see two different sized smartphones. Whether it’s going to be a 5.1-inch and 5.7-inch, or 5.2-inch and 5.5-inch screen (or combination of) depends on which rumors you’ve been reading. One seemingly constant rumor has been that the Galaxy S7’s dual-curve variant, the S7 Edge, will have a larger screen than the regular S7. Today’s leak suggests those rumors might be inaccurate.

A Weibo user published an AnTuTu Benchmark information screenshot for a device with model number SM-G935A. For those unaware, the upcoming Galaxy S7 allegedly has two model numbers: SM-G930 and SM-G935. The latter of those is the Edge variant. The ‘A’ at the end of this model could indicate that it’s an AT&T variant, or at least, a particular variation built for specific carriers/markets.

Looking at the specs above, the benchmark suggests the S7 Edge will indeed have a 5.1-inch screen, not 5.5″ or 5.7″. If true, this could mean Samsung is releasing two phones with the same sized-screens which makes a lot more sense than releasing a competitor to the S6 Edge Plus so soon after it landed. It could also mean that Samsung is releasing more than two variants of the S7. There has been vague speculation that the Korean tech giant will release 3-4 different models this year, but none of it has been even close to concrete.

Other claimed specs include the Snapdragon 820 processor, Quad HD resolution screen, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. Perhaps most interesting, however, is the 12MP camera. It’s a significantly lower resolution camera sensor than the one found in the S6 and Note 5, which boasts 16 million pixels. That said, it’s widely expected that this 12MP sensor will use Samsung’s new BRITECELL technology which produces much better quality photos, in a sensor that’s much smaller. This would make more room for other components, like the larger battery. It would also mean the protruding camera housing on the back would be visibly smaller.

As with any leak, it’s worth noting that even those which look legitimate come with the caution that they might not be genuine. File this under ‘sketchy, but interesting’ for now.

Leaks Stories January 4, 2016



With Samsung expected to launch its next flagship Galaxy S lineup within the next couple of months, the frequency and number of leaks is increasing. Over the past 24-48 hours there have been a few notable leaks showing off the front panel of the redesigned smartphone, along with specifications and models numbers of the next generation Galaxy devices…

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Leaks Stories December 31, 2015

BlackBerry PRIV could be making its way to T-Mobile on January 26

The BlackBerry PRIV has officially been on the market now for a couple of months, and is seen by many as the device which will make or break the Canadian smartphone-maker. While the first ever Android-powered BlackBerry has been available from AT&T and Verizon for a little while now, the US’ #3 carrier T-Mobile, is yet to start selling the device through its own official retail chains. That could all be about to change according to a leaked roadmap obtained by PhoneArena.

The calendar details retail launches and events T-Mobile staff need to be aware of and prepare for. The January roadmap clearly indicates that employees should be preparing for a ‘BlackBerry Venice Launch’ on January 26.

Having dealt with leaks from T-Mobile like this a lot in the past, I can say it certainly looks like the genuine article, and there’s little to suggest it’s not legitimate. But with every leak comes the usual note of caution. Plans can — and often do — change. T-Mo has been known to change things up because of leaks, or because they’re simply not ready when they thought they would be.

With T-Mobile’s recent comments on BlackBerry, it’s clear the company has a lot of time for the former smartphone giant and plans to offer its products. Following a very public fallout, the two firms finally made up when the carrier officially started selling the BlackBerry Classic a few months back. Now it seems T-Mo is willing to offer more of the manufacturer’s wares on its store shelves.


Leaks Stories December 29, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S7 dimensions seemingly revealed in new schematics leak

Yesterday, a report stated Samsung would look to make the regular and ‘Edge’ versions of the Galaxy S7 in two different sizes. While the Galaxy S7 would features a 5.2-inch screen, it’s reported that the S7 Edge will have a larger 5.5-inch display with curved secondary screens on either side of the screen. A leaked schematic — created by Shai Mizrachi and published afterwards by Android Authority — reveals a little more detail, and shows the size differences more clearly.

In the leak, the S7 and S7 Edge are shown alongside the current Galaxy S6 and, perhaps of most interest, is that the S7 has the same dimensions as the S6, despite having a larger screen. This would indicate that Samsung has worked a little on trimming down the bezel further. It’s also interesting to note, the S7 appears to have curves near the edges on the back, similar to the Galaxy Note 5, presumably to make it more comfortable to hold.

As for the difference between S7 and S7 Edge dimensions, the schematic indicates we’ll see a 2.5mm difference in width and 8mm difference in height.

There are a couple of other tidbits worth noting. Firstly, the metal frame shown in the top-down view suggests Sammy is changing the design somewhat. The S7, as previously mentioned, has bigger curves on the back, while the S7 Edge has them on the front. What’s more, the camera protrusion appears much smaller on the upcoming models, while the IR blaster seems to have been removed completely.

Otherwise, it’s very much the same from Samsung. As previously rumored, the design doesn’t look as though it’ll change much from this year’s form factor.


Leaks Stories December 26, 2015



With Samsung having launched its Galaxy A-series phones for 2016 and BLU launching the first sub-$100 1080p smartphone at the end of this year, it looks as though the trend of releasing premium-looking smartphones at affordable prices is set to continue in to 2016. One company known for releasing great, affordable smartphones is Oppo, and the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is about to launch its next small, powerful and budget-friendly smartphone…

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Leaks Stories December 24, 2015



With only a couple of months (or possibly weeks) left until Samsung reveals its Galaxy S lineup for 2016, a bunch of cases for the unreleased phone have shown up online. Some cheap cases now on sale from DHGate.com allegedly fit the S7 and S7 Plus…

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Leaks Stories December 23, 2015

Purported specs for the upcoming LG G5 appear via sketchy Reddit leak

There are many leakers who use Twitter to dispense information, but there is now a leaker on Reddit who claims to know the LG G5’s specifications. While this is definitely sketchy, the rumor is given a small amount of validity as it features a purported picture of the G5’s dual-camera setup…



A short while ago a hands on video and promotional poster leaked indicating that Samsung will be launching a bigger version of its Galaxy A-series smartphone for 2016. It shared the same design language and some of the same specifications of the recently launched Galaxy A3, A5 and A7, albeit in a larger package. Although it’s yet to be officially announced by Samsung, the A9 has appeared on TENAA, suggesting a launch is right around the corner…

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Leaks Stories December 17, 2015



HTC hasn’t officially announced the One X9 yet and already it’s seen its fair share of press coverage. An official TENAA listing gave away the important information a few weeks ago, while a more recent leak showed the handset in more detail. Over on Chinese tech site, iMobile, there is what appears to be an insanely in-depth article, multiple pages long, going over everything from hardware to software, benchmarks and everything in between…

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Leaks Stories December 16, 2015



This year’s Moto X has only been out for a couple of months, and already we’re seeing rumors and leaks for next year’s models. While that’s not exactly surprising, it’s always worth taking any early leaks and images with a suitable amount of skepticism. What appears to be an early machined prototype dummy has leaked online and suggests Motorola might go with a new design for next year’s Moto X, switching from a metal pill-shaped panel to a glass, circular enclosure. Unlike last year’s model, the dual LED flash is placed in a segment at the bottom of this panel, rather than in a translucent ring around the camera module.

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Leaks Stories December 15, 2015



HTC has taken something of a new direction recently — following the likes of Huawei and OnePlus — in delivering premium-looking smartphones with mid-range prices. Its latest phone, the One A9 aims to deliver a flagship experience at a lower price. Its upcoming One X9 is likely to be a slight step down from that, but more importantly, it’s a step up and possibly step away from its plastic-body Desire range…

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Leaks Stories December 2, 2015



Rumors about Samsung’s next mid-range metal smartphone have been circling the web for a few months now. While most has been speculation and sketchy leaks, the device has finally made an official pre-launch appearance on TENAA, China’s equivalent of the FCC. As usual, the listing comes with the customary front, back and side profile images as well as a collection of important specifications…

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Leaks Stories November 19, 2015



Having recently shown up on TENAA, China’s certification body for consumer electronics, the metal version of Xiaomi’s flagship Redmi Note 2 has been teased by the company’s co-founder. As we’ve already seen from the TENAA images, the press render shows a device with a metal back panel, adding a more premium look to the range which, so far, has only been available in a variety of colored plastics

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Leaks Stories November 15, 2015



It seems HTC isn’t quite done this year, as the One X9 looks to be close to a launch sometime sin the near future. As we suspected when rumored (unbelievable) specs were published, it’s not going to be competing with the next year’s flagships, but is built to compete with large mid-tier Android phones…

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Leaks Stories November 13, 2015

All-metal Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Pro shows up at TENAA, complete with fingerprint sensor

Back in August, Xiaomi launched the colorful plastic Redmi Note 2 phablet. The device featured a powerful 64-bit octa-core Helio X10 processor along with a full HD 5.5-inch screen, dual SIM support, 13MP Samsung camera and a huge 3,060mAh battery. On the specification side, the phone seems like a winner. Apparently, it just didn’t look like one. A leaked set of images from TENAA (China’s FCC equivalent) reveals the company is about to launch an almost all-metal version with a fingerprint sensor.

Leaks Stories November 7, 2015



Update: A new leak corroborates the front design of the A9, although the back makes it look a lot like the Huawei Nexus 6P. Image at the bottom of this post.

Having recently launched the iPhone-lookalike One A9, HTC looks set to release yet another One-series phone. A leaked press image on Weibo suggests that HTC will be releasing a new phone with BoomSound speakers in tow. The One X9 poster uses typically vague strap lines like ‘pursuit of brilliance’ and ‘packed with city smarts’, right in line with what we expect from most manufacturers. Given its in English (and assuming it’s genuine) it hints at a launch in English-speaking markets…

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Leaks Stories November 2, 2015



Huawei is on something a roll this year. Having recently released its first Nexus device, overtaken Xiaomi as the top smartphone vendor in China and secured the third highest number of smartphone shipments globally, it’s all going swimmingly for the Chinese manufacturer. But its year isn’t over yet. According to its official handle on Weibo, Huawei is preparing to announce another device…

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Upcoming Galaxy Alpha benchmark results leak, suggest full HD screen and octa-core Exynos chip in mid-range package

Value for money in the smartphone industry has never been as good as it is now. As OnePlus revealed last week, it’s possible to bring specifications which we’d have considered top-tier just 12-18 months ago and sell them in a device half the price of today’s flagship phones. Samsung, it seems, is keen to follow suit with the follow up to its Galaxy A5. A benchmark result over at GFXBench suggests that we’ll see a phone — model number SM-A510F — launched by the Korean tech giant with a full HD screen…

Leaks Stories October 27, 2015



The BlackBerry PRIV is officially on its way after months of leaks, but despite announcing that it is coming, BlackBerry hasn’t been forthcoming about the device’s full features or spec list. Still, thanks to some recent leaks and launch of its pre-order page, we have a good idea of what to expect. The latest leak — posted to CrackBerry’s forums — shows off the purpose of the PRIV’s curved screen edges…

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Leaks Stories October 26, 2015

OnePlus X pricing seemingly leaks as OnePlus 2 invite expiration is extended

OnePlus’ next handset has been the subject of many a post in recent days and weeks. Dubbed the OnePlus X, one of the only things we’ve been unclear on is the price. We’ve known all along that it won’t be a OnePlus 2 replacement, but rather, a more budget-friendly phone. A poster leaked by MyDrivers suggests the price will be 1699 Chinese Yuan, roughly $267 USD at time of writing…

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