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Leaks Stories August 22, 2016

LG V20 Render

We don’t know too much about LG’s upcoming V20 flagship, but we have heard some tidbits here and there. We have a rough idea of what it’ll look like by way of renders that leaked a couple of weeks ago, we know that it’s coming in September with Android Nougat and a dual-camera system, and we know that it will have some Quad DAC audio capabilities.

Now, another teaser from LG touts that the phone will have “the best video and audio experience” on a smartphone…

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Leaks Stories July 28, 2016


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is set to be announced on August 2nd, but today an anonymous source (who we have confirmed has actually seen the device) has provided us with an extensive rundown of what we can expect with this phone. Some of this information is independent confirmation of details we’ve already seen in a variety of leaks over the last several weeks, but we also have some corrections to previous leaks and some juicy new information to share with you as well…

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The Note 7 leaks are streaming in faster than ever as the Korean company’s August 2nd event approaches, and the latest include even more glimpses of the flat non-edge version of the Note 7. We’ve mentioned many times the possible existence of a flat Galaxy Note 7, but renowned leakster Evan Blass told us last week that we should abandon any hope we have of seeing a non-edge version of the phone…

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Leaks Stories July 18, 2016


Leaked photos via GSMArena show what is expected to be Sony’s next flagship smartphone. The Sony Xperia F8331 is noticeably different design-wise from the previous Z line and will have better specifications than the current X Performance. An announcement is expected at IFA this September.

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Leaks Stories July 11, 2016


From renders to software, we already know a lot about Samsung’s next major release, the Galaxy Note 7. Now just a few weeks out from the expected announcement we’ve got our first look at a purported Note 7 prototype shown off on camera.

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Leaks Stories July 1, 2016


We’ve been hearing a lot about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 7 over the past several weeks and today we’ve got yet another big leak. Famous leakster Evan Blass, more commonly known as @evleaks, has today released a new set of images giving us what appears to be our first official look at the Note 7…

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