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Samsung officially announces Galaxy S4 Active, designed to endure outdoor environments

Friday we showed you images of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active that leaked from press material, and today the South Korean handset maker officially announced the latest variant to its most successful smartphone to date.

This variant of the Galaxy S4 can endure the tests of water or other agents that can render an ordinary smartphone useless without an extra accessory that has potential to be costly.

The GALAXY S4 Active has qualified protection from dust and water, so you never have to leave the device at home during a long day at the beach or dusty hike. The fully sealed design keeps dust particles out and protects against water damage for up to 30 minutes of submergence at a depth of one meter. Equipped with a water-resistant earphone jack, the GALAXY S4 Active frees you to use earphones in more adventurous conditions, in the same way you’ve used them in normal ones.  Whether capturing every moment of a wild rafting trip or taking a great underwater photo in the pool, the device’s unique construction lets users capture amazing moments previously impossible using a normal smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active should appeal to users with active lifestyles and less secure workplaces where physical damage could compromise data like government employees. Samsung has been reaching for the corporate and government space. The Wall Street Journal reports that the company is even going as far as hiring former RIM employees and experts in security since BlackBerry has trended toward losing its place in these markets.

Pricing and availability remain unknown but we expect the Active to ship this summer. Samsung is set to announce additional products later this month at its event in London.

Check out the full press release below: Expand