Verily Life Sciences Stories August 14

In recent years, more and more startups have worked to disrupt traditional industries by leveraging technology and big data. Oscar was founded in 2012 to improve health insurance, and today it received a $375 million investment from Alphabet.

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Verily Life Sciences Stories May 11

Verily’s health ambitions include both data analysis and developing hardware sensors. In addition to current projects to make a continuous glucose monitor, the Alphabet health division is now rumored to be working on devices that can non-invasively collect blood.

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Verily Life Sciences Stories May 6

In 2015, President Obama announced the Precision Medicine Initiative to research individualized health care. Today, that All of Us program is officially launching and open for enrollment. With several components, Verily will be working on storing and organizing data for researchers.

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Verily Life Sciences Stories February 27

Verily might be entering the health insurance market according to a new report this morning. Alphabet’s health division would not become an insurer, but rather work with existing ones and other partners to lower patient costs.

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Verily Life Sciences Stories February 19

Alphabet’s health division, Verily, has a number of ongoing projects that leverage technology and data science to improve healthcare. The latest applies machine learning to retinal images to identify the risk factors of cardiovascular disease.

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Verily Life Sciences Stories September 6, 2017

Back in July, a report revealed that Verily Life Sciences made an investment and built a lab for cancer detection startup Freenome at its campus. The Alphabet division has now revealed that the lab and offices are a part of the Verily Partner Space to foster collaboration with “pioneering start-ups.”

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