GV (Google Ventures) Stories February 9

Alphabet’s GV invests in Carl Pei’s fledging ‘Nothing’ hardware brand

Alphabet’s GV — formerly Google Ventures — has made a sizeable investment in Carl Pei’s fledging audio and hardware brand “Nothing” during a $15 million in a Series A funding round.

GV (Google Ventures) Stories February 12, 2019

GV invests in Dandelion Energy after geothermal heating/cooling startup spun out from Alphabet

Projects in the X Moonshot Factory often graduate to independent companies within the Alphabet umbrella. Other times they leaves the research lab without any affiliation, as was the case with Dandelion Energy. GV and Comcast Ventures today announced a $16 million investment in the geothermal-based home heating and cooling solution.

GV (Google Ventures) Stories February 11, 2019

Reflecting technology’s increased focus in health and medicine, GV today announced its hire of biotechnology veteran David Schenkein to co-lead life science investments for Alphabet’s venture capital firm.

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GV (Google Ventures) Stories July 19, 2018

GV is one of Alphabet and Google’s various venture capital arms, with notable investments including Uber and Nest. A new report today details how GV has long-used an algorithm — dubbed “The Machine” — to permit or prohibit new and follow-on investment rounds.

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GV (Google Ventures) Stories February 16, 2018

One particular area of investment for GV, formerly Google Ventures, is “Life Sciences & Health,” with the venture firm’s bet into the field paying off following a large acquisition. Founded by ex-Googlers, Flatiron Health was acquired yesterday (via CNBC) for $1.9 billion by Swiss medical giant Roche.

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GV (Google Ventures) Stories May 4, 2017

Meal replacement company Soylent has raised $50 million in a Series B investment round led by GV. This is not the first food investment by Alphabet’s venture capital arm, though Google co-founder Larry Page is apparently a fan of Soylent’s powders and drinks.

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