DeepMind Stories May 30

For the past several months, Google fiercely debated the military applications of artificial intelligence, with many employees opposed to their work being used in weaponry and war settings. This stance would essentially see Google forgo a huge market to Amazon and Microsoft, where employees do not have similar qualms.

A new report today provides some insight on principles that will guide future work, while several positions from within the company have also been highlighted.

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DeepMind Stories March 29

Earlier this week, Google Cloud highlighted leveraging tech from DeepMind to create more natural-sounding text-to-speech. It comes as the Alphabet subsidiary is being more closely integrated into consumer products. Today, DeepMind announced that its opening an AI lab in Paris to compliment another Google research team.

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DeepMind Stories March 27

Given the rise of smart assistants and smart home devices, text-to-speech (TTS) is increasingly one primary method of interaction. Google is today introducing its Cloud Text-to-Speech technology and making it available for developers to use.

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DeepMind Stories October 19, 2017

Once AlphaGo won all three matches against the best player in the world back in May, Alphabet’s DeepMind said that the AI was retiring as the company explored bigger challenges. But it appears that it had just one more Go-related challenge to conquer …

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DeepMind Stories October 9, 2017

Ahead of last week’s October 4th hardware event, Google rolled out male and female voice options for Assistant in English. A nice customization, the new voices also sound more realistic. This is due to work done by Alphabet’s DeepMind division and the new deep neural network being leveraged for sound synthesis.

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DeepMind Stories July 26, 2017

DeepMind demonstrated with AlphaGo that artificial intelligence research has progressed further along than was expected in our lifetimes. The Alphabet division is now tackling imagination — “a distinctly human ability” — to create AIs that are better at handling the complexity and unpredictability of the real world.

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