DeepMind Stories November 4

Last year, DeepMind’s AlphaFold2 AI system made a “significant contribution to humanity’s understanding of biology.” Alphabet has now taken that advancement and created a new company called Isomorphic Labs, focused on AI-driven drug discovery.

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DeepMind Stories May 28

DeepMind is Alphabet’s AI research lab, and today, it unveiled AndroidEnv as a platform that allows reinforcement learning agents to “interact with a wide variety of apps and services commonly used by humans through a universal touchscreen interface.”

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DeepMind Stories November 30, 2020

Alphabet’s DeepMind AI lab today announced that its AlphaFold system has made a “major scientific advance” in biology that could help the drug discovery process.

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DeepMind Stories September 3, 2020

Many habits have changed in response to COVID-19 lockdowns, and that is reflected in large services like Google Maps. The company saw an “up to a 50% decrease in worldwide traffic,” which has required road predictions to be retooled. Meanwhile, Google Maps has “significantly” improved ETAs by leveraging DeepMind AI.

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DeepMind Stories March 5, 2020

DeepMind is best known for AI that easily defeated the world’s best Go and StarCraft II players in recent years. The Alphabet-owned research lab is now applying its existing work to help researchers combating COVID-19.

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DeepMind Stories January 1, 2020

In November, Google Health detailed its mission to “help everybody live their healthiest life.” The division today published “initial findings” on using AI to improve breast cancer screening.

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DeepMind Stories December 5, 2019

Alphabet-owned DeepMind is widely regarded as the premiere artificial intelligence research lab. Co-founder Mustafa Suleyman announced today that he’s joining Google directly.

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DeepMind Stories November 18, 2019

DeepMind is widely regarded as the premier machine learning and artificial intelligence research lab. Under Alphabet, it’s collaborated with various teams at Google over the years. The latest sees DeepMind technology being leveraged for Play Store app recommendations.

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DeepMind Stories September 18, 2019

DeepMind health team officially joins Google Health

In November, DeepMind announced that its Stream medical assistant would be joining Google Health. That transition is official today, and includes existing healthcare partners.

DeepMind Stories July 10, 2019

Earlier this year, DeepMind’s AlphaStar AI resoundingly defeated professional StarCraft II players. The Alphabet division and Blizzard are now letting the public play matches against the AI agent.

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DeepMind Stories March 18, 2019

DeepMind — quite prominently — claims to be the “world leader in artificial intelligence research.” AlphaGo and AlphaStar certainly lend credence to that title, but the Alphabet division’s end goal is artificial general intelligence (AGI). If it ever achieves that landmark accomplishment, DeepMind — and not its parent company — will reportedly retain control.

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DeepMind Stories February 26, 2019

One of the first applications of DeepMind at Google was to reduce and now control power usage at its data centers. Google is now leveraging machine learning to make more efficient wind farms by predicting wind power output 36 hours in advance.

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DeepMind Stories January 24, 2019

DeepMind and other researchers often turn to games to demonstrate how AI agents have progressed. The Alphabet division just finished a StarCraft II Demonstration where its AlphaStar AI agent successfully defeated professional gamers 10-1.

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Following a resounding Go victory in 2017, Alphabet’s DeepMind turned to conquering StarCraft II. The game is a “grand challenge” for how successful AI agents are at complex tasks, with DeepMind and Blizzard tomorrow live streaming a demonstration of the latest progress.

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DeepMind Stories November 13, 2018

Last week, Google announced that it was planning a health initiative, beginning with the appointment of a new leader to organize the company’s desperate efforts. Reorganization efforts are now underway with Google Health incorporating a DeepMind team working on Streams.

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DeepMind Stories August 17, 2018

In Android 9 Pie, Alphabet’s DeepMind division is responsible for machine learning features like Adaptive Battery and Brightness. One of the first collaborations between the two companies was an AI system tasked with increasing energy efficiency at Google’s data centers. Two years later, an AI has been granted direct control over cooling these servers.

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DeepMind Stories May 30, 2018

For the past several months, Google fiercely debated the military applications of artificial intelligence, with many employees opposed to their work being used in weaponry and war settings. This stance would essentially see Google forgo a huge market to Amazon and Microsoft, where employees do not have similar qualms.

A new report today provides some insight on principles that will guide future work, while several positions from within the company have also been highlighted.

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DeepMind Stories March 29, 2018

Earlier this week, Google Cloud highlighted leveraging tech from DeepMind to create more natural-sounding text-to-speech. It comes as the Alphabet subsidiary is being more closely integrated into consumer products. Today, DeepMind announced that its opening an AI lab in Paris to compliment another Google research team.

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DeepMind Stories March 27, 2018

Given the rise of smart assistants and smart home devices, text-to-speech (TTS) is increasingly one primary method of interaction. Google is today introducing its Cloud Text-to-Speech technology and making it available for developers to use.

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DeepMind Stories October 19, 2017

Once AlphaGo won all three matches against the best player in the world back in May, Alphabet’s DeepMind said that the AI was retiring as the company explored bigger challenges. But it appears that it had just one more Go-related challenge to conquer …

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DeepMind Stories October 9, 2017

Ahead of last week’s October 4th hardware event, Google rolled out male and female voice options for Assistant in English. A nice customization, the new voices also sound more realistic. This is due to work done by Alphabet’s DeepMind division and the new deep neural network being leveraged for sound synthesis.

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DeepMind Stories July 26, 2017

DeepMind demonstrated with AlphaGo that artificial intelligence research has progressed further along than was expected in our lifetimes. The Alphabet division is now tackling imagination — “a distinctly human ability” — to create AIs that are better at handling the complexity and unpredictability of the real world.

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DeepMind Stories July 5, 2017

Late last year, DeepMind began more closely collaborating with fellow Alphabet-owned company Google by founding a Mountain View-based team. The AI research company is now opening its first international AI division in Canada.

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DeepMind Stories July 3, 2017

The UK’s privacy body, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), has ruled that a research partnership arrangement between Google DeepMind and the National Health Service (NHS) was illegal …

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DeepMind Stories May 29, 2017

The Future of Go Summit hosted by Google came to a close this weekend with DeepMind’s AlphaGo winning all of its matches, including the third and final match with Ke Jie. Following a string of victories, the AI is retiring from competitive play as DeepMind explores bigger challenges.

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DeepMind Stories May 23, 2017

Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo AI has a pretty good track record at the ancient Chinese game of Go. Now, the AI has defeated Ke Jie, who’s widely-regarded as the world’s best (human) Go player.

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DeepMind Stories May 16, 2017

The legal basis for the transfer of 1.6 million patent records from the UK’s National Health Service to Google DeepMind has been described as ‘inappropriate’ by a leading data protection figure in the NHS. The data was given to Google for one of several AI projects designed to use machine learning to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of a number of conditions.

Sky News reports that view was expressed in a letter written by Dame Fiona Caldicott, the National Data Guardian at the Department of Health …

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DeepMind Stories January 4, 2017


Even after beating the world’s best Go player last year, DeepMind is still working on improving AlphaGo. Over the past few days, a “new prototype version” of the AI has been playing in secret and winning against several dozen Go players online, according to DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis.

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DeepMind Stories December 20, 2016

Deepmind Logo

After making huge strides with AlphaGo and beginning work on replicating similar victories in StarCraft, Google DeepMind is setting up a new US division (via Bloomberg). Specifically, the first team outside of London will work on more consumer-facing products and on solving “real-world problems at Google-scale.”

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DeepMind Stories November 23, 2016


A couple of Google announcements today highlight the astonishing progress being made in artificial intelligence. A Google Research blog post explains how the company’s switch to neural learning for Google Translate means that the machine can translate between language pairs it has never explicitly learned, while a DeepMind project showed that AI can lip-read better than people.

The company said that Google Translate no longer has individual systems for each language pair, but instead uses a single system with tokens indicating input and output languages. The AI learns from millions of examples, and it was this that made the team wonder whether it could translate between two languages without specifically being taught how to do so …

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DeepMind Stories November 5, 2016


After conquering the challenging game of Go earlier this year, Google’s DeepMind division is setting its sights on beating StarCraft II. DeepMind is partnering with developer Blizzard to release an open research environment that better allows AIs and machine learning systems to interact with the game.

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DeepMind Stories July 5, 2016

Deepmind LogoWe’ve seen artificial intelligence playing a growing role in tech as of late, in a wide variety of events, projects and ideas. Just in the past few months, Google‘s DeepMind division took its AI-driven computer to an historic victory against Lee Sedol, the world champion of Chinese board game of Go.

A new Guardian report shows where AI is headed next, in a joint venture between DeepMind and the British National Health Service…

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DeepMind Stories June 6, 2016

alphago-lee-sedolThese days, Google — as well as many other tech giants — is all about Artificial Intelligence. We’ve seen it shown off in many different shapes at its latest I/O conference, but perhaps one of the biggest achievements in the field was a little far from the consumer-world of Allo or the new Google assistant.

After the recent victory, in fact, it will be Google’s Deepmind team to be put again to the test at Go, this time against the world’s new number one player (via Engadget)…

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DeepMind Stories June 3, 2016


In the past year alone, Google-owned Deep Mind has made great strides in artificial intelligence. The company has long kept an eye towards safety with the establishment of an ethics board as part of the 2014 acquisition, and now a new paper (via BI) from DeepMind and the University of Oxford describes the creation of a “big red button” method that can be used to stop AI from causing harm…

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DeepMind Stories March 15, 2016


Back when I was in high school, I remember our computer studies teacher telling us that a computer only does what it’s told to do, and so mistakes are not the machine’s, but rather the user’s. With neural networks and machine learning, that is no longer true. AlphaGo, DeepMind’s specialist Go-playing machine, has proved as much. AlphaGo has been programmed to learn from its mistakes, and can err all on its own.

The AI-powered system failed to recover from an error against Lee Sedol in their fourth game, and eventually lost. In the fifth game, however, it made a mistake and was able to win the series in seemingly dramatic fashion.

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DeepMind Stories March 13, 2016


Google’s AlphaGo AI may have secured the five-game match with its third win yesterday, but that doesn’t mean the competition is over. As announced today (via Demis Hassabis, CEO of DeepMind), the second-best-in-the-world South Korean Go player Lee Sedol actually managed to score a victory against the Google AI in the fourth game… expand full story

DeepMind Stories March 12, 2016


Demis Hassabis, DeepMind’s CEO and founder, today announced the historic news that its machine, AlphaGo, won its third game in a row versus 18-time Go world champion, Lee Sedol. With the third win under its belt, that’s the five-game match now sealed. A machine has officially beaten the world’s best player at a game which is widely considered to be very difficult to teach a machine.

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DeepMind Stories March 10, 2016


Google’s AI system AlphaGo, part of its DeepMind project, has again beaten world champion Lee Sedol – and looks like it may be on track to take the title in the next game. Engadget reports Sedol saying that he was left speechless by his defeat.

“I’m quite speechless,” said Lee in the post-match conference. “It was a clear loss on my part. From the beginning there was no moment I thought I was leading.”

DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis tweeted that AlphaGo “played some beautiful creative moves in this game” …

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DeepMind Stories March 9, 2016


As was previously announced, Google’s DeepMind project, AlphaGo took on the world’s best Go player, Lee Sedol in the first of five matches yesterday. And it won. While its first victory against a different player was important, beating the 18-time world champion is another matter entirely. This is a momentous victory for AlphaGo, and for the machine learning industry as a whole.

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DeepMind Stories March 1, 2016


We’ve read a lot about Google’s machine-learning projects over the past 12 months. Perhaps most intriguing was the Deepmind project which created works of art using neural networks. Or, perhaps a more accurate description is, that the DeepDream algorithm would turn existing pictures in to the stuff of nightmares. By distorting shapes in to animal heads and psychedelic patterns and colors, the finished product was almost terrifying.

As it turns out, Google put on an auction at a trendy San Francisco venue and sold some of its larger pieces for as much as $8,000.

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DeepMind Stories February 5, 2016

Google’s Go champion-beating AI machine will have its next match livestreamed on YouTube

Towards the backend of last month, it was revealed that Google had developed an AI machine so advanced, it could beat a French Go champion at one of the most challenging games to teach a machine. DeepMind’s AlphaGo machine beat European champion Fan Hui 5-0 at Go, a game which — although simple to learn — features millions of combinations. Because of this complexity, teaching a machine to play beyond an amateur level has been challenging.

DeepMind Stories January 27, 2016


In 2014, Google bought UK startup DeepMind, considered to be the premier lab working on artificial intelligence. Today, head Demis Hassabis announced that they built an AI that can beat a human being at the ancient Chinese game of Go. The game is widely considered to be a benchmark for an AI’s ability to think.

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DeepMind Stories January 26, 2014


First they created self-driving (and maybe flying) cars. Then they created a new robotics division and put Android’s Andy Rubin in charge. And who could forget that they recently bought Boston Dynamics, the firm responsible for several DARPA-funded robotics projects?

Now, Re/code reports that Google is planning to purchase DeepMind, a London-based AI company that specializes in games and e-commerce algorithms. While Google could possibly put the company’s work on e-commerce to good use, Re/code indicates that Google is likely acquiring the firm for its talent, not so much for its technology. The site pegs the purchase price at round $400 million, but The Information says the number is actually closer to $500 million.

Just what does Google plan to do with all of these purchases? Some have previously speculated that the company is working on an intelligent delivery system to rival Amazon’s futuristic delivery drones. Andy Rubin has said that he has an interest in revolutionizing industries that have not yet been impacted by the precision of robotics technology, such as the assembly of electronics.

Or maybe they just want an army of terminators. But hey, who wouldn’t?

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