DeepMind Stories March 5

DeepMind is best known for AI that easily defeated the world’s best Go and StarCraft II players in recent years. The Alphabet-owned research lab is now applying its existing work to help researchers combating COVID-19.

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DeepMind Stories January 1

In November, Google Health detailed its mission to “help everybody live their healthiest life.” The division today published “initial findings” on using AI to improve breast cancer screening.

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DeepMind Stories December 5, 2019

Alphabet-owned DeepMind is widely regarded as the premiere artificial intelligence research lab. Co-founder Mustafa Suleyman announced today that he’s joining Google directly.

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DeepMind Stories November 18, 2019

DeepMind is widely regarded as the premier machine learning and artificial intelligence research lab. Under Alphabet, it’s collaborated with various teams at Google over the years. The latest sees DeepMind technology being leveraged for Play Store app recommendations.

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DeepMind Stories September 18, 2019

DeepMind health team officially joins Google Health

In November, DeepMind announced that its Stream medical assistant would be joining Google Health. That transition is official today, and includes existing healthcare partners.

DeepMind Stories July 10, 2019

Earlier this year, DeepMind’s AlphaStar AI resoundingly defeated professional StarCraft II players. The Alphabet division and Blizzard are now letting the public play matches against the AI agent.

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