Calico Stories April 27, 2021

Alphabet this afternoon reported big Q1 earnings with notable year-over-year growth as ad spending returned. In prepared remarks, CEO Sundar Pichai told investors to expect “significant product updates and announcements” at Google I/O 2021 next month.

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Calico Stories March 1, 2018

Calico’s chief computing officer departs the Alphabet anti-aging division

One of Alphabet’s more black box divisions is Calico. Founded in 2013, Larry Page once said it focused on “health, wellbeing and longevity,” but put more boldly, it wants to help people live longer. Today, news broke that the company has lost one of its top AI scientists.

Calico Stories August 21, 2015

Google’s X lab is famous for its ambitious undertakings building self-driving cars and balloons that beam Internet to the furthest reaches of the planet. Now all of its life sciences projects are moving on to greener pastures.

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Calico Stories August 12, 2015

The Life Sciences group at Google, previously under the umbrella of the company’s experimental X lab, seems to now be holding its own under the newly-formed Alphabet parent company. It’s something that somehow went under the radar with Larry Page’s announcement of Alphabet, but it’s definitely notable. It’s yet another graduation from the skunkworks lab, and it’s recognition that the group is worthy of being its own company… expand full story

Calico Stories August 10, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 5.27.03 PMWith the announcement that Google has completely reorganized its entire business under a new parent company called Alphabet, there are still many questions floating around about what products belong with what companies now.

Thanks to Google’s SEC filing, we’ve got some answers on that front.

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Calico Stories September 3, 2014

Google-backed Calico launching $1.5 billion research center with goal of extending life

While it is impossible to escape mortality entirely, Google-backed life sciences company Calico reportedly has plans to launch a $1.5 billion research and development center with an underlying goal of extending the lifespan of humans. The future San Francisco-based aging research center, to be built in partnership with biopharmaceutical company AbbVie, is said to focus on drug discovery and development for diseases such as neurodegeneration and cancer. 

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