smartband Stories August 20, 2015

Sony has today taken the wraps off the second iteration of its fitness wearable, the SmartBand 2, which it will begin selling in 60 countries worldwide starting in September. There’s not a ton of new stuff going on here, though, so what makes it worthy of being a successor?

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smartband Stories June 4, 2014

Sony’s Fitbit-like SmartBand now available in the U.S., is only compatible with Android

Following the release of the Sony Smartwatch 2, the company has now pushed its latest wearable product to the United States market: the Sony SmartBand SWR10 (via Android Central). The device may look familiar if you’re a Fitbit user, and that’s because it basically does the same thing. The device features an accelerometer for tracking your steps, LED and vibration alerts for phone notifications, controls for media, and an app that works only with Android.

This Lifelog Android app is where the true functionality of this device comes, however:

Lifelog collects data from both the SmartBand and your smartphone to tell a broader story of what happens in your life — fitness, location, weather, photos, music, personal notes (life bookmarks) and more. Lifelog displays the information in a colorful, versatile interface that helps you reflect on what you did each day and set goals for the future. Lifelog displays your activity in a colorful, multi-faceted interface that lets you view your information in various ways.

You can get the SmartBand SWR10 straight from Sony for $99.99, and it comes with the removable main unit as well as two wristbands of different sizes. Alternatively, you can purchase the device on Amazon for $10 less, at $89.99.

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