Fitbit Stories February 23

Fitbit adds ‘Mindful Method’ wellness program for Premium subscribers

Fitbit smartwatches and trackers are great for your physical fitness, but the company is focused on your health as a whole. Beyond fitness, Fitbit can help you with stress, and a new “Mindful Method” program will help with that for premium subscribers.

Fitbit Stories February 22

[Update: Live] Fitbit hosting ‘Get in Your Zone Challenge’

Fitbit has long gamified fitness by awarding badges, including lifetime ones, and trophies. The latest way Fitbit is encouraging you to move is a “Get in Your Zone Challenge” that starts on Monday and is focused on Active Zone Minutes.

Fitbit Stories February 21

Fitbit’s hardware is solid, but software is what really makes the company’s smartwatches and trackers so good. It’s one of the things we’re looking forward to most about Google’s acquisition of Fitbit, and if a survey from the company is to be believed, a new, cheaper subscription tier may be in the works.

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Fitbit Stories February 16

Following the completion of Google’s buyout of Fitbit, the company’s own storefront made it pretty clear what was coming. Fitbit watches and trackers would be sold right alongside Pixels and Nest gear. Now, that’s official. Fitbit smartwatches and fitness trackers are now available for purchase directly from the Google Store.

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Fitbit Stories February 8

Fitbit started the year by becoming a part of Google’s hardware division and is today making a sizable update by rolling out blood glucose tracking to its Android and iOS app. The Fitbit Sense’s ECG feature is also coming to more places, while there are also a handful of other in-app and hardware changes.

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Fitbit Stories January 21

Fitbit sending 2020 year in review with personalized and global stats

While we’re now three weeks into 2021, Fitbit today just sent out its 2020 year in review. It’s quite straightforward with the now-Google company telling users of their most active day and total counts for the last 12 months.

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