Fitbit Stories February 20

Last year, Google announced that it had plans to acquire the popular wearable maker Fitbit, something that’s raised both hope and concern from users. This week, the European Data Protection Board is raising flags regarding Google’s Fitbit acquisition, calling it a privacy risk.

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Fitbit Stories January 16

Fitbit is looking to add sleep apnea tracking in future by using the SpO2 sensor

While we await what Google has in store for the recently acquired Fitbit, the fitness tracker firm has laid out plans to develop sleep apnea tracking.

Fitbit Stories January 15

Fitbit launched its first proper smartwatch in 2017. The Ionic, along with most of its recent wearables, features a dormant Sp02 sensor that can be used for blood oxygen tracking. More users are now noticing that “Estimated Oxygen Variation” is rolling out.

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Fitbit Stories November 21, 2019

This month started with Google acquiring Fitbit for $2.1 billion. With the deal not expected to close until next year — baring regulatory hurdles, a new report reveals that Google’s plans for Fitbit are still shrouded.

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Fitbit Stories November 13, 2019

Fitbit’s popular wearables have mostly basic software, but today the company has announced that a coming update will bring some enhancements. Arriving next month, Fitbit OS 4.1 will bring watch face management and more.

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Fitbit Stories November 8, 2019

The wearable market continues to heat up, but the Apple Watch remains heavily dominant. According to the latest report from Strategy Analytics, Samsung saw excellent growth in Q3 2019 with its wearables as Fitbit saw a slight increase as well.

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