street art Stories March 11, 2015

Google releases its first Android Wear watch face: Street Art

Google has today released its very first official watch face for Android Wear, and it’s called “Street Art.” The watch face features several artistic selections from the¬†Google Art Project, and while you get a decent variety in terms of the art you might want on your wrist, the app doesn’t have many configurable options beyond that.

You can choose one of three display options: analog, digital, or minimal. Analog is a pretty standard analog set up, the digital face will put the time at the bottom of the screen, and the minimal face is actually an analog face that uses circles instead of numbers as not to distract the viewer from the artwork.

Head over to the Play Store to get the watch face for free.

street art Stories June 10, 2014

Google Cultural Institute 2014-06-10 10-22-42 2014-06-10 10-22-49

The Google Cultural Institute is a partnership between hundreds of museums and the Mountain View company, allowing countless works to be preserved digitally. This collection is growing today with the addition of a Street Art section (via TheNextWeb), housing more than 5,000 different images of art from a variety of locales around the world. expand full story

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