watch face Stories June 3, 2016

outlook_androidwear_3 As part of an update to the Outlook application for Android, Microsoft has announced today the addition of a new Android Wear watch face. This new watch face brings email on your wrist to a whole new level; rather than simply giving you notifications and simple actions from Android Wear’s notification feed, everything can be seen and accessed from the watch face itself. Let’s take a quick look…

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watch face Stories March 31, 2016

Check out this Google I/O 2016-styled Android Wear watch face

Google I/O is coming up in just a couple of months, and Google recently launched their I/O 2016 site with a really cool countdown clock. And while it may not be as strictly Material Design-inspired as the one from last year (might I say the new one even reminds me a little of iOS?), I think it’s a really nice looking design. Now, you can get an unofficial I/O 2016 watch face featuring the same font as the new countdown clock…

watch face Stories March 13, 2015

The Apple Watch was once again shown off at Apple’s “Spring Forward” event on Monday, and it looks like the Android Wear community is already putting together some watch faces inspired by Apple’s selections. Ironically, first up is the iconic Mickey Mouse face that has been the brunt of many a joke in the Android community on Google+, and it looks like the XDA-Developers user who made it did a pretty good job of replicating the real deal…

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watch face Stories March 11, 2015

Google releases its first Android Wear watch face: Street Art

Google has today released its very first official watch face for Android Wear, and it’s called “Street Art.” The watch face features several artistic selections from the Google Art Project, and while you get a decent variety in terms of the art you might want on your wrist, the app doesn’t have many configurable options beyond that.

You can choose one of three display options: analog, digital, or minimal. Analog is a pretty standard analog set up, the digital face will put the time at the bottom of the screen, and the minimal face is actually an analog face that uses circles instead of numbers as not to distract the viewer from the artwork.

Head over to the Play Store to get the watch face for free.

watch face Stories August 5, 2014

Get a taste of the Moto 360 with this Android Wear watch face

While Android Wear had its big launch all the way back in June, we’re still waiting for what might be the most exciting smartwatch ever — the Moto 360. The much-anticipated device may not be out yet (although it’s slated to hit before the end of the summer), but Motorola has definitely done a great job of teasing it over and over again, and part of that has been its black and white watch face that fits it ever so stylishly. Now you can get that face on your G Watch or Gear Live. The face is called Woto Watch Face, and I think it does a great job of replicating the watch face that Motorola has been showing off. It’s free on the Play Store, and works with any Android Wear device.

watch face Stories July 17, 2014

samsung-gear-live-android-wear (704×613) 2014-07-04 10-27-21 2014-07-04 10-27-23

When Android Wear first launched, it was unclear whether Google was going to be offering official support for third-party watch faces. This uncertainty definitely didn’t stop developers from just going ahead and making some, but Google has today come out to say that they’re “hard at work” on an official watch face API.

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watch face Stories July 11, 2014

New ‘iWatch’ watch face brings parallax to Android Wear

The Play Store will soon be flooding with hundreds of watch faces for Android Wear, but this one is somewhat special. This is an “iWatch” theme based on the iOS 7 space background, and it comes from the same developer who made the “premium” watch face we told you about last week.

watch face Stories July 4, 2014

Premium Watch Face - Android Apps on Google Play 2014-07-04 12-14-14 2014-07-04 12-14-16

By default, the launch Android Wear watches (which are now shipping) only come with a select number of watch faces that packed in the OS. It was only a matter of time before developers developed their own, however, and it appears that there are now a few available. If you’re lucky enough to have an Android Wear device on hand, you can install them the same way you install any Android Wear app.

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watch face Stories March 7, 2014

Pebble announced today that it has updated its Pebble app for Android the smartwatch app store feature that it first rolled out for iOS users last month. The app now lets Android users browse and install apps and watch faces for Pebble: expand full story

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