Cultural Institute Stories November 30, 2015

Google releases ‘Arts & Culture’ app, but it’s just a 52KB Chrome wrapper

Google has today released a new app called “Arts & Culture,” but it’s pretty much the most disappointing app to come from the Mountain View company in quite some time. Actually, I don’t really know why it exists. It’s just a Chrome shortcut.

Yes, really. If you don’t want to download this app from Google Play, you can simply head over to the Google Cultural Institute website on your Android phone and add a shortcut to your home screen.

As you can see for yourself on the Play Store listing, the new app comes in at just 52KB. Once you open the app and navigate around, you quickly find out that it’s not a native app — the hamburger menu, for instance, is a laggy mess. Moving around the content found within the app (which is exactly the same content you can find at the Cultural Institute website) is not really enjoyable at all.

Ranting aside, you can grab the app for free on the Play Store.

Cultural Institute Stories August 1, 2014


Google’s Cultural Institute – which puts online materials previously only available to visitors to particular museums, archives and institutes – has taken on its biggest challenge yet. Google is working with Europeana to bring online the collections of more than 2000 museums, archives and institutes.

It’s a tremendous undertaking to bring Europe’s rich cultural heritage online, one that can only be achieved by both private and public effort. As this collaboration shows, both Europeana and Google share similar visions – allowing people around the world to explore Europe’s cultural and scientific heritage from prehistory to the modern day …

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Cultural Institute Stories June 10, 2014

Google Cultural Institute 2014-06-10 10-22-42 2014-06-10 10-22-49

The Google Cultural Institute is a partnership between hundreds of museums and the Mountain View company, allowing countless works to be preserved digitally. This collection is growing today with the addition of a Street Art section (via TheNextWeb), housing more than 5,000 different images of art from a variety of locales around the world. expand full story

Cultural Institute Stories June 6, 2014


Google has created a new Cultural Institute collection to mark the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings that were instrumental in the allies winning World War 2.

The massive collection of hundreds of photos, letters and documents helps bring to life the largest seaborne invasion in history, with 130,000 British, American and Canadian troops landing on the beaches of Normandy, France. Almost one in ten of them were killed.

The collection includes Franklin D. Roosevelt’s prayer, complete with handwritten amendments, and top-secret progress reports from Eisenhower to Marshall …  expand full story

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