Google today announced that street-level imagery available in Google Maps has been refreshed with new locations while existing ones have gotten higher-resolution images. They say it’s “our biggest update yet”. New crisp shots of world cities are now available in thirteen countries: Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Romania, South Africa, Taiwan, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Some examples: Rättvik, Leksand, MoraLake Siljan and Cape Agulhas. Existing locations that have received higher-resolution panoramic views include landmark places such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Staples Center, and USS Midway. Some slight design changes in the web interface for Google Maps, too, stemming from the  broad face-lift of Google properties with black navigation bar.

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One Response to “Street View goes new places, gets more detailed panoramic views”

  1. DylanS says:

    I noticed it earlier this week. Suddenly my town was finally on StreetView, and noticed that it was much higher quality than other towns.