Google Street View Stories November 10, 2017

Back in September, Google Street View vehicles received their first major upgrade in eight years that should result in high-resolution images. Today, Google Research detailed a new algorithm that should address a common flaw with current Street View panoramas.

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Google Street View Stories November 7, 2017

Back in 2015, Google announced a project to equip its Street View cars with air pollution sensors from Aclima to map air quality. Focussing on San Francisco, Los Angeles, and the Central Valley regions of California, the company today announced those results.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Google Street View Stories July 20, 2017

Google has been working hard to capture remote landscapes that most people won’t ever be able to see in person, including a volcano. Street View’s latest adventure takes the viewer off of planet Earth and into the International Space Station (ISS)…

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Google Street View Stories July 14, 2017

Google Street View is great for exploring an area from the comfort of your sofa, but if you want some more inspirational images to see how great a place can look, you probably seek out some better-quality photos. You may not have to do that for long thanks to a machine-learning project Google is running.

Google fed an experimental deep learning system a supply of professional photos from which to learn, then had it try its hand at emulating these from a set of around 40,000 plain old Street View snaps …

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Google Street View Stories May 31, 2017

Google Search is now better at understanding art and surfacing relevant information. In partnership with the Arts & Culture team, there is a new interactive Knowledge Panel, while Street View in museums is using machine learning to recognize paintings.

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Google Street View Stories September 16, 2016

Google Street View blurs a cow’s face to protect its privacy

Google Street View is known for the sometimes hilarious moments that it catches, and also for its remarkable ability to recognize human faces and blur them. I guess you might be able to call this case an amusing combination of both. In a screenshot grabbed by one Twitter user, it seems Google has (accidentally, probably) blurred out the face of a cow…

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