Meg Whitman, 55, a former eBay CEO and the president and chief executive officer of Hewlett-Packard since September 2011, hinted that anything is possible concerning the fate of webOS, including dropping the platform entirely and going with Google’s Android mobile operating system. Additionally, she also commented that Apple stands a chance of zooming past her company – which files as the world’s leading computer vendor – some time during next year, chiefly on the strength of the iPad 3 launch.

Hewlett-Packard happens to make printers that run Android which support Google’s Cloud Print. Therefore, it’s not terribly shocking that they’re questioning viability of the webOS platform. The company will reach a decision on webOS “soon”.

As you know, after HP indicated it might sell of webOS, that asset has remained in a state of turmoil, to say the least. Even though Whitman reassured fans of her company that the management is adamant to consider all available options, she did nod at Android as one of the choices being considered.

According to TechCrunch:

Interestingly enough, during the same interview, Whitman talked a bit about the future of webOS. She stated that a decision would be made in the next two weeks as there are currently 600 employees in ‘limbo’. The only hint about its future is that Whitman stated that HP needs two OSes but Android could replace webOS.

As for Apple beating HP to the PC punch, Whitman told French newspaper Le Figaro (machine translated):

Yes. I think it’s possible if you integrate tablets. Apple does a great job. We need to improve our game and our products to take over the leadership position. Apple could go past HP in 2012. We will try to become the champion in 2013. It takes time for the products on which I have come to influence the market.

Whitman’s appraisal of Apple assumes that one considers tablets, such as Apple’s iPad, personal computers. Her comment follows a recent Canalys survey that first predicted Apple could pass Hewlett-Packard to become the world’s leading PC vendor, with a little help from the yet unreleased iPad 3.

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4 Responses to “HP could axe webOS and go Android, CEO hints”

  1. undead says:

    Android is a b*#s*it. Better no tablet and no phone than a Android device. Same about Apple. Windows Phone is a bit better but not good at all. Long live webOS!

  2. Jarred Neil says:

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  3. tonythepony says:

    HP needs to stick to making printers.

  4. Bicentennial says:

    if HP wants to go with Android can they give some multitasking and GUI to Google to make android better :)