I was just thinking about something like this.

By the way, is that LL Cool J at the end?

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11 Responses to “Gmail Tap Morse Code project announced”

  1. Oleg says:

    My hobby is HAM radio. I am looking for an application to use my mobile as a Single Lever key just like this one – http://www.i2rtf.com/html/hst.html . I think it is the quickest way to 'type' a text. I hope to download such an app soon. I ask for your advice where it is possible to download it.

  2. Cheryl Lucia says:

    This is great! Too funny! Google also used its Google Maps web app for more April Fools Fun. It designed 8-bit Quest Maps. To access the Quest Maps fire up your normal Google Maps web app and click on the "Try it now" button on the left-hand menu. Once you do, your default map will transform from the MapsGL-enhanced view of the world you're used to seeing into a map akin to something you’d find in an old NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). But – get this – the 8-bit map isn't just for show. It really works! You can perform the same functions in the 8-bit map view as you can in your normal Google Map. Driving directions are still available, for example, but figuring out where the 8-bit roads actually are may give you a migraine. Good job Google!

  3. puzzleddragon says:

    April fools right?

  4. R So says:

    Much as I think Google products in the past have been noteworthy, this is a great idea…for April 1..

  5. Pete says:

    I just love the way they've included the Tap in the logo – .- .–. = tap Great prank

  6. Phil says:

    Wonderful hahahaha

  7. GuruAndrew says:

    That would be an April Fools Joke…. Nice try though :)

  8. Owl says:

    You do realize this is an April Fool's joke, right?

  9. GuruAndrew says:

    That would be an April Fools Joke…. Nice try though :)