QWERTY Stories August 10, 2015

blackberry-venice-renders We’ve been hearing a lot about BlackBerry’s long-rumored Android smartphone over the past few months. In fact, almost as soon as BlackBerry teased the ‘Venice’ slider back at MWC in Barcelona, it was rumored that the upcoming device would ship with Google’s OS onboard. A previous render showed a pretty clear image of Android running on the BlackBerry slider, and now some more official-looking images appear via CrackBerry to hint at a Google-powered system.

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QWERTY Stories July 7, 2015


You know what I haven’t once thought since purchasing my ASUS ZenWatch? “Man, I wish this thing had a software keyboard!” Nope, not even once. But someone clearly has, as the developers behind the 5-TILES keyboard for Android smartphones have brought their signature tile-based keyboard to Android Wear users in the form of a messaging app, called Wear 5-TILES.

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QWERTY Stories December 6, 2013


The super smartphone leaking machine known as @evleaks is back yet again with a first look at another upcoming smartphone headed for T-Mobile USA. What makes this smartphone the current buzz around town is its place as the first QWERTY device to catch our eye in some time. While the device itself looks to be low-end, it catches our attention as some of us believed the life and times of the QWERTY smartphone era were in our rear-view mirror.

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QWERTY Stories August 25, 2013

Fans of the QWERTY keyboard can take a collective sigh of relief this weekend as it looks like Motorola is not quite done with its Droid line of keyboard-phones. Originally posted on Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo (via Engadget), several photos of Motorola’s alleged Droid 5 have leaked.

The device show the same general design as the Droid 4. The 5-row keyboard is still intact as is a screen somewhere between 4.3-inches and 4.5-inches. The device appears to lack any sort of captive buttons and instead uses on-screen controls. The Droid 5 will also allegedly feature NFC and a “shockproof” water- and dust-resistant design.

The Verizon and 4G LTE logos that we’ve all come to know and love are present suggesting that the device will be available from Big Red like all of its predecessors. Release and pricing information, however, is nowhere to be found so we still have some more waiting to do on that front.  expand full story

QWERTY Stories July 13, 2012

Today, Patent Bolt covered a newly published Google patent application that details what appears to be a hybrid notebook/tablet design. We noted recently it would not be too shocking to see more Google-made hardware following the company jumping into end-to-end manufacturing of its new U.S.-made Nexus Q hardware. With that in mind, it is certainly interesting to see innovative notebook designs are at least being conceptualized at Google.

As noted in the report, aspects of the patent application cover a notebook device with virtual keyboard and trackpad in place of a traditional physical keyboard. While the patent covers a wide variety of possible configurations, some highlights include: expand full story

QWERTY Stories July 11, 2012

T-Mobile USA made things official today for two new handsets coming to the carrier on Aug. 8. Both new additions are Huawei-made devices, including the myTouch and my Touch Q, which are essentially the same devices in terms of specs apart from the Q’s physical slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Both new phones will go for just $50 on the usual two-year agreement after $50 rebate, which is not too bad for 1.4GHz CPU, 4-inch display, 1500mAh battery, and a 5-megapixel main cam with LED flash. The biggest downside is that these things are still running Gingerbread, but they do include a decent custom UI and Swype built-in to the virtual keyboard. Both models will become available August 8. T-Mobile’s full press release is below. expand full story

QWERTY Stories June 26, 2012

While we already got a look at its Google TV plans during the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, Vizio made things official today for its “Co-Star” Google TV streaming box by giving it a $99 price tag and pre-order date set for July. The Co-Star goes a little bit beyond the typical Google TV experience, providing a skinned UI with HTML5 Chrome browser, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and iHeartRadio apps built-in. It also has OnLive for the first time ever on a Google TV set-top box. The box will come with a double-sided Bluetooth remote with a full QWERTY keyboard on one side and a number and touchpad on the other. We do not have specifics on a release date, but Vizio plans to start taking preorders next month.

“Our focus to deliver the best consumer experience continues with today’s announcement of the Co-Star, which delivers a superior smart TV interface that anyone can add to their existing HDTV,” said Matt McRae, VIZIO’s Chief Technology Officer. “We combined the powerful features of Google TV™ with an intuitive and easy to use interface, giving users the power to enjoy an entire world of entertainment.”

Reports claimed yesterday that Google is getting ready to unveil some new updates to the Google TV platform tomorrow at its Google I/O keynote, including: combined content browsing for Netflix, DVR, and TV content, and AirPlay-like features for sharing content between devices. expand full story

QWERTY Stories March 31, 2012


I was just thinking about something like this.

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QWERTY Stories February 2, 2012

There are two new reports today regarding the upcoming availability of the sleek Droid 4. Droid-Life, who is usually on-par, reported that Verizon Wireless’s latest QWERTY offering will launch for $199 on two-year contract and $549 full price, which has been confirmed in Verizon’s system (seen in the screenshot below). This certainly makes for one of the cheapest LTE offerings out there. Droid-Life also posted a second screenshot of Verizon’s internal system that reveals the Droid 4 will launch on Feb. 10 in all markets. Why Feb. 10, you may ask? It is the same day Star Wars in 3D hits theaters. As a reminder, the Droid 4 boasts a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 4-inch qHD display, 1GB of RAM, and dual-cameras. We will keep you updated as Verizon goes official with its launch date.

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QWERTY Stories December 11, 2011

From 9to5Toys.com:

Best Buy today has the lowest price we’ve seen on the Virgin LG Optimus V since Black Friday$65 with free shipping.  That’s half price for this pre-paid Android 2.2 device.

I am a big fan of this phone because of the low, no contract pricing starting at $35/month for unlimited text/data and the relatively untouched Android 2.2 experience.  There are Android 2.3 ROMs floating around for the somewhat adventurous, though frankly Virgin should get their act together and update this phone themselves.  Even with 2.2, you get voice actions, a very capable GPS and free unlimited 3G tethering if you know what you are doing.

This is also one of the smallest Android devices you can find with a 3.2-inch 320×480 screen and nice physical buttons. expand full story

QWERTY Stories October 20, 2011

Sprint has announced the Motorola Admiral this afternoon, a 3.1-inch device running Android 2.3 with a design to withstand rugged environments. The device features a 3.1-inch VGA display (Gorilla Glass), full QWERTY keyboard, 1.2 GHz processor, 4GB of internal memory, 5-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, and Android 2.3. That Gorilla Glass and full QWERTY keyboard are definitely a selling point for some.

The Motorola Admiral launches October 23rd for $99. We’ll have a full review then, so stay tuned.

QWERTY Stories September 27, 2011

Wondering why that Virgin Optimus V is being marked down to $99 at Best Buy? Having a little look at their inventory system shows the answer. The 4 oz. Virgin Optimus Slider, a physical keyboard-enabled version of the Optimus V phone is coming soon to Virgin Mobile.  The Slider is the roughly same phone as the Verizon LG Enlighten which went on sale for $79 with a two year plan.


The specs (below fold) look largely the same as the Optimus V with the edition of Android 2.3 and obviously a physical Keyboard (shown above).

We’ve separately heard that Virgin has a Gingerbread update for the Optimus V in the works and at half the price, we could so without the sliding keyboard –but to each, their own.  Expect this to be formally announced in the coming weeks and in stores shortly (before or ) after. expand full story

QWERTY Stories September 24, 2011

From 9to5toys.com:

With activation of a new line of service, Amazon offers the Motorola DROID X2 Android 3G Smartphone for Verizon Wireless bundled with a $50 Amazon Gift Card for 1 cent with free shipping. Even if you don’t use the credit, that’s still $100 under our June mention and the lowest total price we’ve seen by $50. Features include a 4.3″ 540×960 color touchscreen, virtual QWERTY keyboard with Swype, 8-megapixel camera with dual flash, 720p video capture, HDMI output, microSD slot, WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth, Android 2.2 OS, up to six hours of talk time, and more.

Note that a $36 activation fee applies. expand full story

QWERTY Stories August 30, 2011


Motorola has announced a successor to its earlier Droid Pro, the Pro+. The Pro+ features a full QWERTY keyboard on the front of the device, Android 2.3, 1 GHz processor, 3.1-inch screen, and hotspot capabilities. Sadly, the device will not be making its way to the U.S. — rather, hitting Europe and Asia in October.

Motorola is filling a gap that Apple hasn’t yet attacked. Users who are tired of BlackBerry, but still need the business feel, now have a more viable option. We look forward to this hitting the states hopefully by the end of the year.

Full press release and gallery after the break:

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QWERTY Stories July 25, 2011

BGR has received an exclusive photo of a Samsung Android slider headed to AT&T. There aren’t many details regarding this device, other than the fact it has a QWERTY keyboard, four-button layout opposed to three, and will be AT&T’s flagship Android device. Will this accompany the AT&T Droid Bionic varient we showed yesterday?

Update: BGR has posted photos of the Galaxy S II headed to AT&T. Check it out after the break.

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QWERTY Stories July 11, 2011

AT&T announced today that the HTC Status, or “Facebook Phone”, is going to be available July 17th for $49, on a 2 year contract (minimum $15 data plan). For those who can’t get enough of Facebook, the Status is available for pre-order today. The phone packs a designated Facebook button, QWERTY keyboard, 5-megapixel camera, and runs Android 2.3. Best Buy will be running a special promotion, offering an exclusive mauve color. For the younger crowd who can’t get enough of Facebook, this could be a great phone — and especially for the price tag. Hit up the press release after the break.

via BGR

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QWERTY Stories July 8, 2011

Motorola’s answer to the rugged business phone is the Motorola Titanium, announced with the Xpert over two months ago. We never heard an official release date from Sprint, but SprintFeed is reporting that the Titanium will launch July 24th on Sprint’s network, for $149. The body style of the Titanium reminds us of the Droid Pro, packing a full QWERTY keyboard. Other features include a 5-megapixel camera, 2GB microSD, Wi-Fi, and..

Android 2.1…

WTF..That’s Original Droid two year old vintage software people!

In the flyer above it says the device meets “Military Specifications 810G”, being able to withstand dust, shock, vibration, solar radiation, and low pressure (and recent Android updates).

A feature that we believe could be a great selling point is Nextel’s push-to-talk. The service industry relied on push-to-talk on Nextel’s older phones, and the Titanium could bring it back. We look forward to seeing how this device will work in the field.

QWERTY Stories June 30, 2011

I see these things from time to time on 9to5Toys and wonder how the heck they can make any type of tablet with a 7-inch screen $90.

The one review it does get on Amazon sums it up pretty well:

While the unit does work. It’s slow, and sometimes the touchscreen is unresponsive to touch commands. I basically have to press really hard on the screen for it to take commands.

It does a poor job streaming video from youtube. My Samsung Captivate, cell phone is faster than this unit.


Pros: Works, great for web surfing low media content sites, great to use as a picture frame,

Cons: Slow, Touch screen not accurate/responsive.

So, it would appear that you are pretty much buying a photoframe with a battery and a resistive touch screen (enclosed stylus).  Still, for $90…

QWERTY Stories June 26, 2011

Pocketnow has published exclusive pictures of what they say is a Samsung QWERTY slider on its way to Verizon Wireless. As you’ll notice, the device is very similar to the Epic 4G on Sprint. It is not clear yet as to whether this device will have 4G capabilities like the Epic 4G, but we are hopeful.  More importantly, we’re wondering if Verizon is going to saddle this thing with Bing like it has its other Samsung (save the Droid Charge) and LG Android devices.  If so…pass!

The device has the model number SCH-i405, following Samsung Continuum’s of SCH-i400, reports AndroidSpin. The device has already earned Bluetooth and Wi-Fi certifications, but has not made its way past the FCC. There isn’t any other information as to what’s actually inside the device. For those of you who can’t wait to get your slide on, this device should be hitting stores in a month or two. expand full story

QWERTY Stories June 23, 2011


Unwired View has obtained images of Sharp’s next Android phone codenamed SH8188U. The device is without a QWERTY keyboard, hardware buttons, and is reported to be running Android 2.2.  From the back we can conclude that the device will have a 5-megapixel, and does not appear to have a front-facing camera. Other features include HD video recording, WVGA display, Wi-Fi, and 3G. According to a filing with Bluetooth SIG, this sleek little device will be on its way to North America, Europe and Asia very soon. No pricing or date has been announced, but you bet we’ll keep you updated. expand full story

QWERTY Stories June 17, 2011

PocketLint today published pictures of an Android device slider from LG which houses a small screen between keys on the keyboard below the full screen keyboard.  It reminds of the  Kyocera Echo meets Nintendo DS a bit with its extra screen but  that big screen on top isn’t really hitting the edges –  which is where they should be pushing the screens.

When this hits the streets, it ill be interesting to see what, if any, applications have been modified for this screen.

T-Mobile USA has an event/Android launch next week btw.  We’ll soon find out if this is the device on tap.  Another shot after the break. expand full story

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