April Fools Day Stories March 31, 2018

Google takes April Fools’ very, very seriously. While other companies might do one or two announcements, multiple teams at Google step up and add an Easter Egg (some golden) to their products and services.

In 2018, April Fools’ again falls on a weekend and while other companies announced on Friday, Google is being a traditionalist and unveiling their jokes beginning the day before and going into Sunday. Be sure to join us for live breaking coverage of all the shenanigans from Google, Alphabet, and the rest of the tech industry.

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April Fools Day Stories April 1, 2016

Google has acknowledged that one of its April Fools jokes backfired when it started causing real embarrassment to some Gmail users. It has now pulled the joke feature.

Google added a ‘send + mic drop’ button last night, that added a GIF of a Minion dropping a microphone to an email reply, before archiving the thread. It was intended as a fun way for users to express their desire to exit an email conversation, but the company made one schoolboy UI error: it put the joke button right where the usual ‘send and archive’ one sits …

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Deal: Get Pixelbook at 25% off: $750!

April Fools Day Stories March 31, 2016

Nobody loves April Fools’ more than the technology industry. But out of all the companies, Google spends the most time cranking out day-long features, elaborate product videos, and jokey press releases. We’ll be covering the best pranks in our updating roundup. Be sure to leave a comment if you come across a particularly funny one.

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April Fools Day Stories March 31, 2015

April Fools’ Day is often one of the more eventual days of the year for Google and other tech companies. This year appears to be no different as a variety of pranks have already appeared around the web. We’ve been analyzing them all, right as they come in, and have listed some of our favorites below. We’ll keep this list updated as more April Fools’ Day gags continue to roll in. We have feeling there will be no shortage of them either…

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Google’s April Fools’ gag encourages you to take reaction selfies while browsing the web

After adding an April Fools’ Easter egg to Maps this morning, Google has since added another gem to its mobile version of Chrome. First noticed by the Google Operating System blog, there’s now a menu in Chrome mobile that lets you “share a reaction” from any webpage you visit.

April Fools Day Stories June 16, 2014

As an April Fools Day prank, Google used Google Maps to place pretend Pokemon all over the world. The company later revealed that it was rewarding people who managed to find all 150 (or 151, don’t forget Mew) pocket monsters with a special gift. A tech superpower with endless resources, what might Google be sending this skilled group of individuals? Google Play credit? A free Nexus phone or tablet? Tickets to I/O? What could it be? To congratulate people who managed to wrangle the digital beasts, Mountain View has issued a letter certifying their success, along with a set of business cards labeling them as a “Pokemon Master” at Google Inc.

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