While it was rumored that LG would be the first to launch a current-generation smartphone with a fingerprint sensor, with the forthcoming iPhone 5S widely expected to be second in line, it appears Korean company Pantech has beaten both of them to it with the new Vega LTE-A.

As the name suggests, the handset also supports the new faster-than-4G LTE-Advanced standard, the second one to do so after Samsung’s S4 LTE-A …

There had been rumors that the LG G2, due for launch tomorrow, would have a fingerprint sensor based on photos of the rear shell … 


However, the word on the street is that what is shown here is merely rear volume controls and power switch. I have to say it still looks like a fingerprint sensor to me – I guess we’ll find out for sure tomorrow.

Over on the Apple side, the forthcoming iPhone 5S, expected to be launched next month, is strongly rumored to have a fingerprint sensor as its key differentiating feature from the existing iPhone 5. Whether the specific rumors are true or not, fingerprint sensors are starting to look like the new must-have smartphone feature.

A fingerprint sensor first appeared in early models of the Motorola Atrix 2 back in 2011, but was later removed by Motorola.

If you’ve never heard of Pantech, by the way, that’s because it makes phones almost exclusively for its domestic Korean market, where it’s actually second only to Samsung (ahead of LG). The full specs of the phone put it well up there with other flagship handsets: 5.5-inch 1080p display, 2.3.GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, 13-MP camera and 16GB or 32GB of internal storage.

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8 Responses to “Smartphone fingerprint sensors are the new black as Pantech beats the big boys”

  1. Looks like the writer inserted ‘current’ into his article to address his mistake in research :-)

  2. What’s all this talk about who’s going to be first to market with a fingerprint scanner? The Motorola Atrix 4G had it last year.

  3. Ummm pretty sure the first android phone with a finger print reader on it was the Motorola atrix guys!

    • Ben Lovejoy says:

      It was, but only in the pre-production models: Motorola decided to remove it from the production ones. However, it’s worth noting, thanks, so I’ve updated the piece.

      • coolwrld says:

        I applaud your update to the article but the fingerprint reader was not on just pre-production models. I know the Atrix 2 did not have the reader but I believe all of the original Atrix 4Gs had fingerprint readers. I bought mine from Walmart which was definitely post production and it has one.

        I love the thing as I can unlock the phone without even looking at the device. The only drawback is that the power button is also the reader so when you press in on the reader to turn it on sometimes it tries to register it as a finger print swipe which of course fails.

      • imaxuout says:

        that’s not true, i bought a “Motorola atrix” with the fingerprint scanner directly from an at&t corporate store, and it was a production model!

      • level380 says:

        Ummm Ben you better do some more fact checking. Even when pointed out that this article is wrong by multple people, you failed to research on the topic. Here is a link,en_US,pd.html

        The FIRST atrix phone called the Atrix 4G had a finger print reader/power button combo, it was sold in the USA by AT&T and sold globally as the Atrix 4G. It was never a pre production phone, and yes I owned one so I should know!

        So this LG phone isn’t the first android phone with a finger print reader.

    • Ben Lovejoy says:

      Thanks for the correction – appreciated