Normally available for around $600 unsubsidized, Republic Wireless announced today that it will soon begin offering the Moto for just $299. That’s the carrier’s no contract price and just $100 more than most carriers are charging for the device on the usual two-year contract:

The Moto X will retail at $299 (plus taxes and surcharges) from the Republic Wireless store. That’s right – we took the hot, new Moto X, added Republic’s great Hybrid service and priced it at $299 with no contract required. That’s a price that’s, like, impossible to match anywhere in the industry. How did we do it? The phone is $299 because we are footing the bill.  Period.  This is NOT a $299 phone.   Take a quick look around the web and look at “no contract” pricing for the Moto X.

The device will be available on two of the carrier unlimited plans that start at just $5 a month, but customers will have the following plans to choose from:

  • Unlimited talk, text, and data, on Wi-Fi only – $5/month
  • Unlimited talk and text on Wi-Fi and cellular, and unlimited data on Wi-Fi – $10/month
  • Unlimited talk, text and data on Wi-Fi, plus 3G cellular – $25/month
  • Unlimited talk, text and data on Wi-Fi, plus 4G cellular – $40/month

Moto X will become available on Republic Wireless in November and the carrier has as a sign-up page on its website here.

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One Response to “Republic Wireless launching Moto X for $299 off contract in November”

  1. If only you werent CDMA….